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“I’m gonna be riding Kobe like a pony”

TylerThis dude is great.  He just walked from Boston to New York for courtside seats to all 3 Finals home games.  And now… he's going to become LA's worst nightmare.

“Come on dude, what would you do for Celts tickets? I would have
walked even further,” McGill said.

Now that he’s won his chance to see the game, expect McGill to make
the most of it.

“I’m going to be in Shannon Brown’s head all day. I’m going to be
riding Kobe [Bryant] like a pony out there,” McGill said.

“The Celts are
going to have an extra man on the court with them at all times.”

Dude… I'd make that walk too. 

They should mic this guy up.  I'd love to hear what he has to say.

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    Needless to say I’d do a lot for C’s tickets….Walking from New Zealand isn’t an option but I’d do a lot…..

  • BRADinLA

    Love this guy. He’s an instigator, like me out here in LA 🙂

  • jared

    Good on him. We have real fans in New England. Unlike other places that have more actors than supporters.
    Destroy LA! Do It!!

  • Celtics Girl

    “I’m gonna be riding Kobe like a pony.”
    I’m sorry, but that’s just funny.

  • stille t

    he should start a rapeist chant that would get in his im pretty sure

  • Champ

    Sweet! Great Idea! First, what is a rapeist? and why would someone IM him?

  • GlassNotFull

    Does anyone know a Celtic-friendly bar in New Orleans? Wayyyyy to many Laker fans the last place I was in on Sunday. This boring conference can’t end soon enough!

  • lol

    lmao the dude looks like zach gilafanak from The Hangover.. i see potential in this dude going nuts.. i mean he walked from new york dangit
    i mean he had to go on a highway pass udig’
    anyways, Im gonna laugh my ass off when i see him courtside