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Your Morning Dump… Where Paul Pierce isn’t worried about his offense

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“I think I struggled offensively, I think I rushed a lot,” Pierce
said following the Celtics Game 2 win over the Lakers. “I don’t think it
was too much about what Ron (Artest) did (defensively). I had about
three or four open shots off the pick-and-roll that guys got me open
that I missed. I loved the looks I got tonight. I’m happy with that, but
at the same time I’m not going to force the issue on my offense.”

Pierce finished the game with 10 points, 14 less than in Game 1. But
it’s how he made up for it that matters. He grabbed four rebounds and
held Artest to just six points off of 1-for-10 shooting. Pierce
considers himself
to be a versatile player, not just a scorer, and
he utilized those skills to help the Celtics get the win.

“I don’t have a big burden for me offensively on my team as Kobe
(Bryant) does,” he said. “So when I’m not out here making buckets I’m
out there trying to rebound, defend, make plays for other guys.
Obviously Ray was the catalyst tonight along with Rajon (Rondo), so I
tried to do other things."

WEEI: Pierce not concerned with offensive struggles

Pierce did not have great game offensively, but what he did on the other end of the floor shouldn't be overlooked.  He played well defensively, got rebounds when he could, and he moved the ball around.

That's the big thing with Paul Pierce, or even KG, right now.  When both of those guys are struggling offensively, they can shift their mindset and do other things.  Paul willingly sacrificing his offense for a blazing hot Ray Allen is just as important as Paul getting hot himself. 

Look at this say, if we said that at halftime, Pierce and Ray would combine for about 30 points… you'd be happy, right?  So if there are cases where Pierce is setting picks to spring Ray and it just so happens that Ray has scored all but about about 4 of those "combined" 30… so be it. 

The Celtics have options.  The Celtics STILL have not had the same guy lead them in scoring in back to back games during these playoffs.  So last night it was Rondo and Ray carrying the burden. Who knows who can be next.

So we'll need Pierce to carry the team eventually.  And he will… because at some point the Lakers are going to have to figure out a way to slow other guys down… and Pierce will get the opening he needs to get going.

On Page 2:  The best timeout ever

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With 1:26 left in the game and the C’s two seconds away from a
half-court violation, Doc
ran onto the court to get the officiating crew’s
attention for a timeout.

The coach’s move triggered a breakout of laughter on his own bench.

“He claims that he’s in shape, and when he ran out there we told him
he wasn’t in shape,” Allen said. “You guys have got to give him a hard
time about that. But he made it out there, so it definitely got us an
extra possession.”

Herald: Celtics notebook

“We had
one second left,’’ Rivers said. “I’m glad they saw me. I don’t think
they had a choice but to see me. I was past them.’’

…Rivers saved the Celtics a possession and
possibly the game, and on the way back to the bench his team greeted him
as if he had taken a charge. Brian Scalabrine rubbed his shoulders and
Kevin Garnett threw a couple elbows as if Rivers were Perkins.

…“The guys got a kick out of that,’’
Rivers said. “You know, it was funny, as big as that little moment was, I
actually thought that the bigger moment was all the players were
laughing at me and it allowed them to breathe a little bit, and I
thought that helped us.’’

the floor general, praised Rivers’s smarts.

“Doc is a pretty intelligent coach,’’
Rondo said after posting his second triple-double of the postseason (19
points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists). “He knew the time and score. He knew
we needed the possession.’’

Globe: Triple Threat

Look closely, and you can see Doc laughing as KG assaults him… Nate Robinson is all fired up… everyone is getting a kick out of it.

It's just a great little moment… and proof that the little things matter in basketball. 

And I honestly have never seen that kind of reaction to a coach before.  How many players would go rush a coach because of him calling a time out (albeit the most emphatic time out I've ever seen)? 

Little moment… but is says a lot about the game and this team.

(My apologize for a slight scaled back posting schedule over the past few days.  Chuck and I have been in Chicago, but we should be getting back to normal today)

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  • Rodger

    Bostons owned the 4th quarter in both games 25-18 31-22.

  • cfanintx

    I think Pierce stopped that record about a celtic being a leading scorer in back to back games because he was the highest scoring celtic in game 6 vs the magic and game one of the finals

  • The Jakester

    Rondo’s 5th triple-double of the post-season ties him at 5th all-time in playoffs history (Led by none other than Magic himself at… 30.) As a fan of the Celtics, I feel both privileged and grateful to be a spectator of Rondo’s mesmerizing game. May we all witness years of his ball-fakes, dream-shakes and any other fake or shake that he is bound to invent.

  • Eh Pierces offense is hit or miss….its a good thing hes matured (on the floor at least) to the point he makes an impact either way

  • andy

    something i have been thinking about since before the series started is the tech count on perkins…(just getting around to posting it now…)
    he has 6 techs, right?
    if he gets a 7th, he is out for a) the rest of that game and b) the entire next game.
    seems like a steep consequence for making it this far…which everyone talks about.
    but…the consequences are even steeper than that.
    perkins already received his 7th in game5 vs. orlando…which was rescinded later, thus resetting his tech-count back to 6.
    however, not until AFTER he had been ejected and ALREADY MISSED HALF OF GAME 5, was the tech rescinded.
    So, if he does get a 7th T, lets say it comes 3 minutes into game 4 (please, no), that means he will miss all of game 4, and all of game 5, after already missing almost all of game5 v.orlando. That’s more than 2 full games, almost 3.
    let’s say the tech he theoretically received in game4 vs. LAL gets rescinded. good news, yes? well, not if he already missed most of game4…and then, theoretically, gets another T in game 5, causing him to miss the rest of game 5, and all of game 6.
    do you see what i’m saying here? rescinding his 7th tech in orlando was good at the time, because it allowed him to play game6. however, he was still penalized for a stupid call and had to miss nearly a whole game, and will therefore punished beyond the intended guidelines if he does get the 7th tech in this series.
    just further evidence that this technical rule is all messed up…not only do the players increase their chances of being ejected/suspended simply for playing further into the playoffs, but with the retro-active tech rescinding, the punishment can actually be made even worse! that sucks.

  • andy

    I just realized he was ejected from game5 because it was his 2nd tech in the game, not necessarily because it was his 7th of the playoffs….
    so if he gets his 7th, does he get to play the rest of that game, and then miss the next?
    kind of negates my whole perspective if so…but still doesn’t change the fact he already missed nearly a full game because of a stupid tech foul call

  • the-facts

    I have been a celtics fans for more than 20 years now, and i’m a big paul pierce fan. but he needs to shut the hell up. all he does is talk trash. he did it in the last series against the magic. now his doing it in the final. he didn’t have to yell out we ain’t coming back to LA. you would never see ray allen say something stupid like that. why can’t this guy keep his mouth shut. just be humble, and play the game. there is no need for all that trash talk. you don’t want to get kobe and the lakers fire up.