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Paul Pierce’s new nickname: The Prognosticator

Paul Pierce is at it again. Last night after Pau Gasol slammed Kendrick Perkins late in the 4th quarter, the Truth turned to the Staples Center crowd (some were just arriving) and screamed, "We ain't coming back to LA!"

Predictably, the media is jumping all over this in the same manner they blew out of proportion his comments about finishing off the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Do you have a problem with Pierce boldly predicting a sweep in Boston? I don't.

If anyone can find a better video clip, please put a link in the comments below.

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  • the-facts

    he needs to keep his damn mouth shut. all he does is talk trash. as a celtics and pierce’s fan, i’m very disappointed in him. ray allen would never say something stupid like that. he did it last series against the magic. now his doing it in the finals. why can’t this guy just shut up and be humble and play the game. i hope doc and ainge talk to him about that. you don’t want to get kobe and the lakers all fired up when they come to boston. go celtics.

  • CelticinSF

    The facts. Get it together. You dont have a problem with his confidence when he fades away vs the heat. You dont have a problem when we win the series vs Orlando. And when he is the only person that decided to show up to game 1 in LA. He is our captain. He may not deliver on this promise. But his belief is that we are going home to win an NBA title. Thats the only way I want him thinking.

  • See Laker fan, Laker media, Laker player talking shit not a story. P.P. Saying something barely audible full blown controversy.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    I wished he wouldn’t but who can blame him, I wouldn’t go to LA to throw up.
    Celtics in 6 (if not sooner)

  • BRADinLA

    I love when Pierce says those things. It’s just the right amount of swagger and confidence. So what if they don’t actually sweep it in Boston. As long as we win it’s all good.

  • Uncle Leo

    Every single game, no matter if it’s at home or on the road, is pretty much a coin flip in this series. Both teams are too good and too experienced for anyone to have a lot of confidence in who is winning the next one. Kobe is really impressive though, that 2 on 1 fast break he stopped was a total flashback of Jordan doing it against the pistons in an important game.

  • mike

    If someone there heard him say this and has made it a known fact, like they actually heard it, fine, this video does not provide anything.
    If I told you he said ‘it was your mama’ he was saying you could hear that, you can hear anything by way of not hearing anything.
    I was crushed when he did all the talking after two games with Orlando and did not sweep them, there can be no doubt that it motivates the other team, though very doubtful the Lakers need any considering they just had their ass handed to them in their own place.
    Pierce (2-11 Game 2) better be there for the next three or Los Angeles is where they will be trying close this series.
    Boston did not lose any home games to the Lakers in 2008, but the game Ray Allen had was beyond anything anyone will most likely do again, they need KG and Pierce to do their jobs. Although Pierce did give Artest 1 FG on 10 attempts, really nice, but 2 of 11 makes it a wash. He’s the first option and needs to deliver on the court.

  • Gaffer It’s a bit clearer in this video. Sounds like he says it twice.

  • KY Celts fan

    I thought he was saying it to Perk, not LA fans. which I think makes a big difference.

  • Agreed 100%
    I dont like this

  • Pierce being Pierce

  • newyorkceltics,246312
    Ball Don’t Lie/Yahoo Sports has pretty clear audio, its indisputable what he said. Whatever, kudos to Paul…that’s always been his style. Obviously people are going to blow this out of proportion.
    I wonder how Reggie Miller’s choke signal would be viewed in todays media frenzy.

  • CFH

    It wasn’t crude, threatening, personal, or otherwise remotely inappropriate. It was just a little trash talk to get his teammates pumped up and/or to tease the fans.
    What should he say? “Realistically, the best we can hope for is 2 out of 3?” Or he could say nothing. But neither of those options would be very good emotional leadership. Also, they would be boring.
    And I don’t think there was ever any chance of Kobe and the Lakers NOT being fired up, regardless of what Pierce did or didn’t say.
    Keep being you, Captain.

  • ncy

    my first impression was that Paul said it to keep Perk cool, so Perk wouldn’t pick-up a tech from Gasol’s pushing him. i agree it was to Perk, not to the crowd. most of the crowd can’t hear him anyway.

  • larry

    wouldn’t you do something to attract attention to yourself.? considering a 6’1 170 lb point guard is stealing all your headlines.!! i don’t even bother watching pierce anymore, i’m mesmerized by rondo.!he’ is not going to let the c’s lose.!!he just keeps getting better and better.!! i’am amazed.

  • I wish he would have said Shit we’re finished.

  • jared

    Hes our captain. We are in the Finals. I back him 100%. He may be from LA, but hes a Boston man. Brash, talented, and willing to do the work that needs to be done to win.


    Haha!!!!!! Quality stuff!!!!

  • I was wrong about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I thought perk fell on that play. I don’t think Gasol busted him. Essentially I think it looked worse than it was. Which is good. Hopefully the refs will let perk play rough as a result. I like that pierce was pumping him up. Perk’s got to stay strong, but smart.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Kudos on the name change…That’s two games now that Nate has come up huge for us this post season.

  • Shawn-cvd

    LOL and Ray Ray too!

  • The Jakester

    Still listening and ain’t hearing anything – and my volume is jacked up. I guess I’m deaf. O well.

  • Yup. I don’t like it one bit. Zero need to light a fire.
    And to CelticinSF, I absolutely want him THINKING this. It’s screaming it to the fans, (i.e. media), that we don’t like.

  • hmm.. I wish. I think he was looking at the crowd though

  • LAL

    Cough Cough…


    paul pierce is right. they might not go back to LA after all. 🙂