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Enemy Chatter: The Lakers were a hot, nasty mess

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

The final period was neck-and-neck until those fateful last few minutes.
That's when the Laker offense bogged down in Kobe isolation play – what
happened to those beautiful pick and rolls? – while Rondo cranked his
game up a few notches. Over the final nine possessions he came up with a
block, a steal, six points and a crucial offensive rebound. Down the
stretch, he was the best player on the floor.

What's a bit more hard to stomach was an out-of-bounds call that awarded
possession to Boston with 1:59 to play and the Lakers down three.
Replays showed unambiguously that Garnett last touched the ball, but the
refs failed to reverse the initial call despite consulting those
exact replays.

I honestly have no idea what they thought they were
seeing. Would getting that call right have changed the outcome of the
game? Maybe, maybe not. Rondo finished that possession with a made
20-foot jumper that stretched the lead to five. That's a significant
difference with so little time on the clock. On the other hand, the
Laker offense was truly a hot, nasty mess in those final minutes. It's
very possible they'd have botched things anyway.

Silver Screen and Roll

Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum combined for 46 of the Lakers 94 points and
were just having their way on the inside.  Doing their damage on only 20
FGA’s (and a combined 20-25 from the FT line), the Lakers bigs were the
rock that needed to be leaned on more in this contest than they were,
but instead were relatively forgotten men in the closing minutes where
their presence and production really could have made a difference.  I
wish I had an answer on why this occurred, but alas I do not.

Forum Blue and Gold

Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant, historically most effective against Allen,
received the brunt of the calls guarding the the Celtics guard. Shannon
Brown, left to take over with Fisher and Bryant in foul trouble,
continuously left Allen all the space he needed to hit those quick
shots. As much energy as Brown provides for the Lakers when he enters
the game, his lack of decision-making acumen on both sides of the court
leave much to be desired.

The Lakers Nation

After watching the replay of the Gasol/KG out-of-bounds play, I thought for sure LA was gaining possession. The decision only makes sense if the replay was deemed inconclusive.

Coming off a game with questionable officiating, I expected a ton of excuses and bitching from the Lakers bloggers. Not the case, at all. They did a great job analyzing the game.

For those interested in idiotic and immature commentary, we turn to LA Times columnist TJ Simers.

The Celtics stink, and their fans pretty much know it.

They waited until after Game 2 before e-mailing their obscenities and
asking, "What do you have to say about Boston now?"

A more confident lot would have e-mailed before the game, but no doubt
they didn't think this was possible.

Goes to show you Celtics fans aren't all that swift either, forgetting
the NBA motto "where amazing happens," as if there was any way the NBA
wasn't going to fix things and stretch this dream matchup out as long as


Now Boston probably thinks it has a chance, forgetting for a moment that
Kevin Garnett is averaging four rebounds a game and will be two
days older the next time the Celtics play the Lakers.

LA Times – Celtics fans are delusional

I'd expect to find this type of nonsense in a Lakers forum, authored by some teenage fan, not by a professional who is PAID for his opinion.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    OH NO, they’re whining like little girls out here.

  • Adam Goodman

    That out of bounds play could have been a make up call for letting go
    Kobe’s obvious sixth foul to keep him in the game.

  • The out of bounds play was a foul on Gasol. If the refs would have got it right Laker fan would still be whining.

  • CFH

    There were also those very clean blocks by Celtic players that were called, wrongly, as fouls.
    I’m genuinely sad that the LA Times’ standards aren’t higher.

  • thetitleisours

    This explains Laker’s rationale after each game

  • jared

    Wow, LA Times where the hell did you get this guy? Lakers fans should be totally embarrassed by this joker. What a tool.

  • celtified

    thought the out of bounds play was inconclusive…gasoft may have touched it last with his finger(s) poking through where KG’s hand was. i thought they made the right call :)))

  • Champ

    If you haven’t heard about T.J Simers yet, this is basically all he does.
    A professional pot-stirrer (who no one takes seriously).
    Most often doing it with the Lakers and Dodgers.

  • ferdinand

    he said that while playing, his adrenaline is off the charts. you tend to say things you dont mean in the heat of the battle. of course he wants to finish them off. the media will now blow this up hollywood style.

  • Don’t forget the network calling these games has a huge stake in LA winning. They don’t film Sportscenter outside the Staples center hoping for an empty crowd. And there’s a reason they have Magic and Byron Scott breaking down the highlights. They are going do whatever it takes to get their Lakers going.

  • him

    If I am not mistaken, the Celts were awarded the ball on the kg-gasol play based on the hand is part of the ball rule. That is, kg touched the ball while gasol hit kg’s hand (while on the ball). Thus, gasol hit the ball out since kg’s hand at the time was part of the ball.

  • Finn

    Kobe didn’t get called for his 6th foul, got phantom calls where nobody touched him (ie. the “amazing” and 1 they put on espn every highlight repeat), the Celtics got 2 blocks with no body contact on key possessions (1 pierce and 1 big baby). And despite all that the Lakers are still complaining about calls…..You have got to be kidding me.

  • DRJ

    That LA Times guy… that can’t be SERIOUS, can it? Must be some kind of comedy piece. No? Gotta be……?

  • Showtimelakes

    Officiating was bad on both sides! As a real laker fan, please other laker fans watch the game! Kobe’s and 1 to puts up 3 was not a foul, and replay clearly shows! La made some crucial mistakes with the lead and Boston capitalize(2 consecutive TOs). Kobe did get some questionable fouls but he got a few calls his away (the aforementioned and1) it all plays its self out! Also, I’m a firm believer that you make your own lucks, and well the Celts did! At the end of the day we still had a chance and could not close the deal part was mental lapses and celts D. I think both teams are evenly matched and after both teams make all adjustments it will ultimately come down to who wants it more IMO. As a long time Laker of course I want us to but it will be No easy task. May the best team win, about 99% of the in a 7 game series the best team usually does! I’m out!

  • Showtimelakes

    Please excuse my errors I’m posting from cell…..not an easy task.

  • Shawn-cvd

    No Dr J that joker is on the second page most every day in the sports page for the Times and he’s a grade a blow hard douche nozzle.

  • DRJ

    LA’s a good team. A great team, even. But I don’t think these two teams are evenly matched. Once KG shows up… given that Rondo, Paul and Ray are already all-in, and the bench is cooking… I think the Celtics are on a separate plane, even from the Lakers. We’ll soon see… if that’s right, we’ll all soon see.