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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is pissed at KG

Kg and thibs Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“He’s beating himself up, but that’s cool,” Doc
said of the big forward’s state of mind. “That’s who he
is. That’s what makes him great. We’ve watched film twice now as a
group. He’s probably watched it on his own three or four times today.

“He already knew the play before he even started. That’s fine. That’s
what Kevin does. That’s what Kobe (Bryant) does. That’s what all the
great players do. They’re students. They watch the game. They understand
their mistakes. They own up to them. And they try to learn from them
and move on.”

Herald: Kevin Garnett on a mission

Remember when I said KG knows?

This is what I was talking about.  But the beauty of it is he's not just watching film to wallow in his own crappiness.  He's watching for any little tendency… out of him or the Lakers… to prevent it from happening again.

I feel pretty confident in saying that KG will be ready to go tonight.

On page 2, The Celtics a pain in the ass

we were kind of in no man’s land so many times where we didn’t contest a
shot or left the basket open. It looked like there was more
indecisiveness, I thought that the natural, just effort. There was no
rhythm in the game, there was a lot of fouls being called … I’m not
making excuses, I just felt that our guy’s were ready to play, and
played hard. I think [Rajon] Rondo got hurt half way through the game
and kind of re-injured his back a little bit.

WEEI: Ainge on the Big Show

Coach Doc Rivers said before practice here yesterday at the Toyota
Sports Center that it’s not Rondo’s back that hurts, but his rear end.

“His glutes are tight,” Rivers said.

“It’s fine,” Rondo insisted as he prepared for Game 2 at 8
tonight at the Staples Center. “I mean, I won’t know until contact,
really. I’m fine, though — no excuses. Nobody’s 100 percent in the
league right now. It’s the finals, so I don’t have any issues. I’m

Does the soreness affect him?

“I don’t know,” Rondo said. “I’ll let you guys tell me. I don’t
think it’s affected me.”

Telegram: Rondo not making any excuses

The Celtics can survive a slightly slower Rondo… but I don't like the
thought of them having to try.

Rondo's bigger problem is the trees sitting the lane as he tries to get to the hoop… but I don't like the idea of anything potentially slowing this kid down.

I think some better spacing and execution will make Rondo look a lot healthier out there.  He seemed to be moving well.  He was torching Kobe without the ball.  He was trying to run.  So this might just be a little nagging thing an no big deal

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  • mollysdaddy

    The only part of Rondo’s game that really bothered me on Thursday was how nonchalant (for lack of a better word) he seemed taking shots at the rim. I know he’s got that air about him, like “watch me flip this up while everyone is amazed” at times, but several times to me it seemed like he just tossed the ball towards the rim. I don’t know if he cornered himself into a pass/shoot/turnover position and didn’t see a pass so he figured he’d better just get the ball moving towards the rim or what, but hopefully he picks his spots a little better at the rim.
    I think I’m more excited for this game than the last. Celts got beat, they are smart and proud, should be a hard fought game two!!!! I still see Boston in 5, but I’ve been drinking heavily already today…

  • Rodger

    Totaly agree with the rondo cooments when he got the ball stole from him i was like come on.
    I know we sucked but so did look at me not the players joey crawford.
    56 personal fouls in 48 minutes and 3 techs all techs called by good old joey ill challange you to a fight if you dont like it and why am i still a referee beats me.
    Picking 2 of the worst refs for the first game of the nba finals the other one throws balls at fans hey lets get these guys to ref the first game terrible decision to officiate the first game of the nba finals hope thats the last we see of them but i doubt it.
    Anyway here’s tonights good news i hope.
    Monty McCutchen Mike Callahan Ken Mauer
    I’m not blaming the refs for the lose in game 1 but they didnt help i knew it was over before it started and the double tech was the seal on the deal.
    How joey crawford is still in the leauge is a mystery to me and how he’s allowed to even ref a playoff game let alone the finals is a joke and a insult to everyone involved.
    Look for the sequel coming to a nba final game near you joey does it again.I’m sure we will see him again once maybe twice ouch that hurts.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    If the Boston guards plays better defense, KG will be fine. Gasol had 8 offenisve rebounds, probably 4 of which should have been KG defensive rebounds if he was not contending with a guard’s penetration and losing his rebound positioning. On offense, he was fine, 15 points his playoff average and fairly commendable against a stout Laker frontcourt. His bunny misses are memorable but not indicitive of his overall decent effort on offense.
    Allen and Rondo should be thankfull the primary focus has been on KG these past 2 days.

  • Why is so much being made of this? KG isnt going to turn into 2004 KG over truthful comments from Pau Gasol.
    And KG pretty much played like the KG we saw all season long, minus the cleveland series