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The Celtics punch back Game 2 open thread


How will the Celtics respond to the beating bestowed upon them by the Lakers in Game 1? 

The Game 2 redemption tour is about to begin…

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  • CoachBombay

    Big Game from Ray Allen tonight.

  • Zauer

    As we all know KG, he doesn’t want to score 30 to prove Gasol is wrong, he’s not that type of player. He wouldn’t risk a team result in case he fails. But we all know about his pride, so he won’t leave it like that. Outcome – KG will destroy Gasoft with defence!

  • wow a lane violation, they remembered those exist…I’m so ecited I don’t even care it was on Perk

  • WOO the circus is in town tonight

  • hard to believe we are up to at the moment.. Lakers getting much better shots.

  • “up two”

  • DRJ

    Rondo woke up, FINALLY…. Ray’s super hot… Sheed’s great…. but KG is out to lunch, almost completely useless out there. Big problem, going forward….we might have to win this series with Sheed, not KG……….

  • Ray is approaching NBA Jam hot

  • Celtics Girl

    Keep it goin’, Cs.

  • Scallie should be dressed in stead of williams Doc is so dumb sometimes

  • Sheldon sucks Scal at least tries

  • awww…Ray almost tied the Vince Carter record for 3’s in a half in a playoff game without a miss…

  • I blame that all on sheldon williams he is so lazy

  • Mollysdaddy

    Screw you Sheldon!!!

  • T Stille

    How does Gasol only have one foul and i dont even no how much bynum has maybe one or two at the most when all of our big men Kg Sheed Big Baby Perkins all have at least 2 or 3 fouls its just complete B S how refs can chnag a game I mean if thy’re going to call ticky tack fouls on are big men they need to do it on their big men too i just on’t undrsatnd it

  • I hope they have learned their lesson about staying awake and not making lazy passes. Burning guys for lazy passes is Kobe taking a page out of OUR book…it’s just good basketball…can’t fault him for a thing there. No sleep walking in the finals please.

  • Mauritz

    On the other hand, Kobe has three. Look for him to get none in the second half…

  • DRJ

    Shelden is NOT READY for the Finals. It’s not really his fault. It’s KG’s FAULT! For not being able to stay in the game, for sucking so bad that I was GLAD he picked up his 3rd foul.
    Maybe this really is the end of KG. It looks like it. No injury to blame this one……

  • SorryMan


  • SorryMan

    A Terrible First half by our best player and a Tie for the nba record for 3 pointers made by Ray Allen
    Only Down 6 🙂

  • Mollysdaddy

    Where are all those folks who kept calling for more Shelden this year? Are we paying his ass next year too?

  • The Jakester

    Please not yet.


  • Well, Shelden might not be doing so poorly if he’d gotten more time earlier in the playoffs, instead of just now when we’ve got soooo many fouls on our front court guys…although I agree, Scal should be out there.

    Like, we get clean blocks taken away, and Pau goes over the back on Glen and no call…and Ray saves us again woooot!

  • ABC trying to make soccer look exciting….. give it up.

  • Celtics Girl

    What’s with Pierce front-rimming all those shots?

  • I’ll take either Gasol OR Bynum over Dwight Howard.

  • frank

    looks to me like there’s nothing left in the tank. Where do we go for offense besides Ray?

  • Yeah We need Rondo to run the offense in teh fourth. KG stay on the cour pls… Paul stop shooting bricks. the refs are calling things really tight now. shit foul trouble and rondo’s exhaustion don’t bid well for us….

  • T Stille

    Just look at refs when the lakers attack the hoop theyre blwoing theyre whistle in a milisecond even before the play is done where as the celtics they are hesitant to make calls even when its anobvious foul when there is a whistle it comes late almsot a second after the foul is commmtied pau’s been in the whole game but only has two fouls

  • It’s a one quarter, 4th quarter game…yeah ok I’m fine with that. Ok here’s Nate…I wonder why he didn’t get any time in the 2nd or 3rd?

  • it looks like they handed out those yellow shirts again that nobody is uncool enough to actually wear…

  • a complete phantom foul called for kobe

  • frank

    KG has 2 pts and 2 boards – why is he still in?

  • The Jakester

    Maybe it’s better if KG fouls out.

  • the clock stopped late and it wasn’t really under 2 min

  • T Stille


  • Tommy Point…for DOC!!!!

    fellas we are gonna get this one~!!! GO RONDO!!!!

  • T Stille


  • frank


  • Dominick

    Even with the freebie disparity- Celtics are gonna win! F U PHIL!!!

  • The Jakester

    We did it.

  • truthfully, the lakers are bigger, stronger and faster than we are and even have more (in number at least) skilled players. The only way we win this series is we play smarter, with better teamwork and perform under pressure.

  • mikey

    WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!
    ITS ALL OVER!!!!!!

  • What’s that smell? Laker fear? Smells like…cigar smoke!!!

  • oh and congrats to BBD for his part in the lakers setting the single game blocks record…

  • mikey

    We won a rigged game.
    Very difficult to do.

  • mikey

    Ray for the record!!!

  • almost as much fun as watching Brazil beat France 1-0 in a WC soccer match!

  • T Stille

    The nba refs tried to give this game to the lakers and we pulled through good win celtics

  • DRJ

    Great, great win…. Ray and Rondo were awesome… Paul was terrific on D… KG woke up A LITTLE (at least) in the end there…. so there’s hope. We win, and other than Ray and Rondo, we didn’t even play all that well…. great win

  • With Stallone in the building, the C’s got ‘over the top’ yesss!!!

    Uh where is the post game supposed to be? Anybody know?

  • mikey

    Celtics take it all.
    Lakers take the fall.
    Rondo goin OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!

  • Sal

    About the ref talk: stop it. Please, stop it. The refs called a terrible game. It felt like a Sixers/Grizzlies game in November the way the refs were determined to take it over. But, stop it. Take a wider view.
    Two years ago, Game 2, FTs:
    Boston: 38
    Los Angeles: 10
    I still hear about that from Lakers fans.
    Well, now we’re in that same spot those fans were in. We have reason to be worried about that team’s size and aggressiveness. At times, our team has just looked overwhelmed out there. And now, just as they did, we went through a game 2 where it seemed like L.A. got every call and took a ton more free throws than our team did.
    But our team? They WON this game.
    I’ll believe anything at this point.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Ray deserves an extention for this game alone. He is a Faker Killer, and was money last year in the playoffs too. He’s earned it.

  • T Stille

    and im sorry about complaining about the refs but when it’s so obvius and just so biased i just dotn see how all of our big men Perk Sheed big baby and garnett can have 3 fouls at halftime (even shelden williams had 2) when gasol had 1 and bynum only had 2 plus the lakers had a record tonight for blocking shots ( and incase you didnt no when a player contest shots and get block shots he is much more likely as player to commit a foul ) then the no call on kobe bryant on that breakwawy was just plain out crazy we really need a sportswriter or some in the media to point these problems so people start talking about them and refs can’t be allowed to change the outcomes of the game i have no problem with the better team winning but they shouldnt win because of refs

  • mikey

    I’ve been doing it all year.

  • mikey

    Wow. How bout a record breaker.
    How did you know?

  • ShawnCVD

    Not true. Our big four plus Sheed plus Nate plus TA is equal if not better than Kobe, Gasol, Bynum Artest, Fish and Odem.
    Odom WILL Jamison this series. He’s been aweful so far and will continue to his Rashoid act.
    We consistantly win with different contributors each night…the Lakers can only count on Odom as a different contributer not named Kobe, Gasol or Bynum. And Odom is not doing it this series…C’s in six…

  • ShawnCVD

    Thank the refs as well for not whistling a few of those…

  • ShawnCVD


  • ShawnCVD

    The guy turns Lakers into Fakers…Clutch Jesus saves the day!

  • Mike-Return to the Rafters DVD

    After this game David Stern is PISSED!!! He had his boys do everything possible to hand this game to the Lakers and LA still couldn’t win a rigged game. The fouls and free throws in this game were so one sided it wasn’t even funny. If it wasn’t for the intentional fouls at the end we would’ve had about 6 more than LA. Take away the refs from LA and they DO NOT STAND A CHANCE!!!

  • Typical Celtics fans. If you lose, you complain about the refs. If you win, you complain about the refs. How can you enjoy the game if you honestly believe the refs decide the outcome of the game? The Lakers got more fouls called on them and the Celtics shot more FTs in game 1 so it’s all even now. The scary thing for Boston is that Odom & Artest didn’t contribute anything last night and the Lakers stayed in it until the very end. If Kobe hadn’t gotten his 5th foul early in the fourth, the outcome could have been very different. Rondo played the best I’ve ever seen him, Ray Allen broke a 3-point record, and the Lakers still came close to winning. Pierce & KG need to step it up cuz I don’t expect the Lakers to play so poorly in game 3.