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Your Morning Dump… The Celtics relive the Game 1 pain

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“Well, they had a clip — we had a film clip with all the 50/50 [loose
balls, long rebound] plays, and I don’t think we won none of them,’’
Celtics guard Rajon Rondo said, shaking his head at the podium. “They
got all the loose balls. They dove on the floor first. They were the
more aggressive team. Winning none of those categories, it’s hard to win
a game.’’

The Celtics were burned by dribble
penetration, which forced their big men, mostly Perkins and Garnett, to
help on defense, which opened up lanes for Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.
Of Gasol’s 14 shots, 10 came inside the paint, including four layups and
a dunk.

Three of Bynum’s
six shots were dunks and five were in the paint. The Celtics’ defense
did little to push LA’s two big men away from the basket, and it
resulted in easy hoops and a nonexistent Boston transition game.

Globe – Loud and Clear

We've been down this road before; Game 3 vs the Cavaliers (124 – 95) and Game 5 vs the Magic (113-92).

The Cleveland loss was even more demoralizing because it happened on the Celtics home court and gave the Cavs a 2-1 series lead.

Those losses and the Game 1 debacle spurred talk of old age. Garbage. The Celtics will bounce back and play with more aggression and intensity in Game 2. Why? Because that's what they do. Can you tell I'm annoyed with the media coverage?

“It’s not my job to figure out what they’re going to do. It is my job to
make amends for the physical aggression that we lacked,” said Ray
Allen. “I think we, tendency wise, got early fouls, and it put us on our
heels a little bit more than we would like. But those fouls, we just
play through it, but we’ve got to keep our aggressive nature.

Herald – Celtics looking to bounce back

While the case can be made that a tightly called game hurts the Celtics, Ray is right. The Lakers also had early foul trouble, yet they managed to play through it.

On Page 2, Doc gives us a great reason to ignore that 47-0 stat.

Doc Rivers wasn’t in the mood to hear about the big Phil Jackson stat
of the moment – the Lakers coach’s 47-0 record in playoff series when
his team wins Game 1.

But Rivers came prepared with a little numerology of his own
yesterday. He pointed to the Celtics’ comeback from a 24-point
second-half deficit to win Game 4 of the 2008 Finals as an example of
what is possible. No team had ever recovered from that kind of deficit
in the history of the Finals to win a game prior to that night.

“Well, you know, it’s like I told our guys, because I assumed that this
would come up,” said the Celtics coach. “I don’t know the record. I said
also the last time we were in the Finals no team had ever come down
from 24 in the second half. At some point, it happened.”

Herald – Rondo has a plan (Celtics notebook)

Ahh… that Game 4 comeback. One of my all-time favorite Celtics victories.

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  • DRJ

    That 47-0 “stat” is meaningless. Barely qualifies as a “stat”. Because you’re talking about Phil Jackson’s career… different teams, different eras, different Phil. It’s all total BS… Phil doesn’t win games. His teams do. The “stat” about Phil is garbage.