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Done deal: Thibs to Bulls

Via the Chicago Tribune

Tom Thibodeau has accepted the Bulls' 3-year offer to become the team's
18th head coach in franchise history, according to sources. No formal
announcement can be made until the conclusion of the NBA Finals between
the Lakers and Thibodeau's Celtics.

Congrats, Thibs.

Big loss for the Celtics.  Should be interesting to see how this affects the C's next year… and whether the C's pull a "Let's do it for Thibs".

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  • mikey

    Congrats Thibs.
    Deserves a head coaching job, great coach.

  • greenbeand

    hopefully doc resigns

  • Alex

    Eh, now our defense will majorly decrease next year.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    The NBA will not allow for player free agents until July. They should do the same with coaches. Or at least until the end of the Playoffs. Thibs now has a conflict of interest. Study tapes of the Lakers, or study tapes of players in the draft. I am sure he will study Lakers, but it is still a conflict.
    I think we can now also say Phil Jackson is either Lakers or retirement, if there was ever a doubt he may leave.
    My Celtics prediction is Doc takes a year off or hooks up with LeBron. McHale next coach of Boston

  • Atlas Shrugged

    By the way, anyone know LeBron’s relationship with Thibs? The more I think about it, the more surprised I am. Nothing against Thibs at all. Either I underestimate LeBron’s deire to bring his own hand picked coach, or I dont know shit. Could be either, I admit.

  • Hes been loyal to the 3 year window this team had, and has deserved a head coaching job for years now…congrats

  • t Stille

    we should offer lebron james a one year 850 ,000 thousdandd dollar contract with the promise of winning an nba chmapionchip hed still be making as much money as he wanted from endorsemetns hed get his ring and hed get payed the next year