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Your Morning Dump… Where we’ve got a couple of problems


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“It was horrible,” Doc Rivers said of the C’s defense following the
game. “I thought we hugged up on guys all night. That wasn’t our defense
tonight, I can tell you that. Give them credit, they moved the ball,
they spaced the floor very well. But we didn’t shrink the floor at all

The Celtics were outrebounded 42-31, including 30-23 on the offensive
glass. Pau Gasol finished the night with 14 rebounds, while it was Paul
Pierce, not Kendrick Perkins or Kevin Garnett, who led the Celtics with

“In the first half, it made the bigs look bad because they were
getting offensive rebounds. But it wasn’t the bigs’ fault,” said Rivers.
“It was the guards dribbling down the middle of the lane. Our bigs have
to help. They miss a shot and their bigs get an offensive rebound. They
didn’t control the dribble at all. Before the game we told them the key
to the game was rebounding, dribble penetration. We stop those two
things, we’ll be in good shape. But we didn’t do either one.”

WEEI: Doc: Defense was horrible

That picture might highlight the problem as well as any.

Jordan Farmar… JORDAN FARMAR… getting to the rim, KG forced to help, and Lord knows who is lurking in the shadows to grab an offensive rebound.

Doc has talked about dribble penetration all year long.  This is one hell of a time for the C's to revert to the mid-season mess that allowed guards to just prance into the middle and pull the entire defense out of whack.

Doc called it a parade down the lane last night… and that parade just killed the Celtics.  If they don't stop that one, it will lead to another one.

On page 2: Ray was on the outside looking in

“Two in the first [quarter] and I sit down, then three in the
second, so it was like playing from behind the whole time with the foul
trouble. Once I got into foul trouble, the trend of the game took shape,
and once that happened it was like I was on the outside looking in,”
Allen said.

Allen would not say how many of the five fouls were legitimate, but
the fifth foul — coming just 31 seconds after he checked back in with
2:10 left in the third quarter — appeared to be the most egregiously
bad call of any of the ones that went against him.

On that play, Kobe
shot a jumper from the free throw line, Bryant’s hand barely
nicking Allen’s hand at the end of the shot release.

“Ray didn’t have a chance to play tonight,” Boston coach Doc
said. “He was in foul trouble the entire game and it just
took his rhythm off. He actually started out the game like he was going
to have a big game, but then he picked up the fouls.

“We have to make an adjustment there for sure.”

ESPN Boston: Foul Play 

The refs were having a whistle blowing contest for a while there yesterday.  Every trip down the floor, someone was getting whistled for a foul. 

It was terrible.  I understand calling a tight game… but these guys, on both ends, were calling every little thing.  The game had zero flow at all.  The usual crew of hoops heads on twitter were saying things like "I'm going hear whistles in my dreams tonight".

It was egregiously bad.  And that type of game hurts the C's. 

The Celtics need room to work.  They need to get into a rhythm.  Especially Ray Allen.  By the end, he was forcing shots as he tried ANYTHING to get going.  It never happened.

If the refs let 'em play… then the Celtics will be OK.  If they call it tight… the C's will have problems.

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  • AP

    Let’s not panick…just yet. If the C’s adjust the tide may turn. It’s too early to jump to conclusion and become demoralized.
    Go Celtics!

  • The Jakester

    On the bright side, Gasol played to his capacity, and Kobe too had a good game, yet we only lost by 13 – not to mention LA getting every friendly roll possible. As for the C’s, they all played poorly for the majority of the game. What concerned me most was Rondo’s lack of aggressiveness and will to attack. Anyway next will be a totally different ballgame.

  • NineSevenEight

    It looked like every Celtics player, save Sheed, was playing scared. Can’t believe I just said that. SHEED was the best player on the team last night! He had the only 3 pointer!
    No one trusted each other and everything was sooooo passive. No one wanted to shoot the open shot. On top of that, they were missing open layups. KG, I’m looking at YOU. He was terrible, just terrible. He played the most passive; passing down open looks in the paint and putting his teammates in bad positions to take shots.
    Paul didn’t decide to JOIN the finals until the fourth quarter for whatever reason. He took SEVEN shots going into the fourth and I remember most of them being 3’s. I kept checking to see if he was on the bench but he wasn’t.
    Rondo played tentative. Not good.
    TA turned into his usual pumpkin self with ridiculous passes that led to turnovers and stupid fouls. Although I’ll give TA credit for being the only Celtic that played like he was living and breathing with his cuts to the basket on offense.
    Ray couldn’t play because of foul trouble. He gets a pass.
    Perk put up more points than usual but was out of position a lot due to what Doc touched on.
    Nate played some good defense but took terrible shots in the very few transition opportunities that the Celtics had.
    Glen Davis was a non factor.
    Lakers just hustled more to loose balls while the Celtics ran away from them. LA wanted it more and the Celtics were too late to react and just flat in every aspect of the game. They did what they had to do, give them credit.
    I expect a better effort and defensive intensity on Sunday.

  • booyaka

    the scary part…LA didn’t even seem satisfied with their win after the horn sounded. No one looked happy. Lakers are not stupid, they know Boston didn’t bring it and will be expect a spurt. Kobe even punked Chris Rock when they were up by 20 points. His killer instinct is definitely showing.

  • Lorilei

    I guess one positive for Pierce is that Kobe was 0-for-6 when Pierce was defending him. And most of Kobe’s shots came when Ray was defending him.
    And yes, I felt so much better when Wallace was playing.

  • John

    The Lakers are the better team and will win the series. It’s as simple as that. The Celtics are like little children out there allowing average players to do whatever they want. The Celtics collapsed and now Lakers smell blood in the water. I don’t think I’m even watching the rest of the series to save myself the shame.

  • booyaka

    quote bob ryan:
    “Anyway, the Celtics as a whole can certainly play better. The problem is, so can the Lakers.”


    wow dude
    don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • GranTur

    The Celtics played a 2.5 out of 10.
    The Lakers played a 8 out of 10.
    It was a 13 point game.

  • Wallace played well and we need that. Just a tough game to watch for a lot of reasons, zero flow, too many whistles, and the C’s just weren’t sharp. Frustrating, loooong game.

  • Alex

    Hey, be careful John. Hopefully you don’t hurt yourself when you jump off the bandwagon.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I’m frustrated as hell by the loss but I’m not really concerned at all. I know how well this team cna play and I completely 100% expect a win on Sunday night. Pierce said in the postgame how pissed players were. They are coming out with the fire now, we know how cocky this team gets sometimes and often need wake up calls. Well they just got theirs in this series.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    I couldn’t agree more. Usually I would be completely pissed about losing to these douchebags but for some reason I never felt worried about the series last night. Lakers played lights out in game 1 on their home floor. Not surprising, not worriesome not really any big deal. If the C’s come out and take game 2, lakers will fold in Boston. I knew what would be posted today – Trolls claiming its over, bandwagon fans freaking out, ESPN morons claiming the celtics should just fold and move to dayton its all very predictable.
    What I also knew and love about this site is the guys who have followed this team for years aren’t that concerned – Double p, Bantam, KWAPT, Jester (When he sobers up) and the list goes on. Its why redsarmy kicks ass and why I rely on this site for all things celtic. Lets enjoy this series and feeding the crow to the trolls when its over.
    Celtics in 6

  • Sean

    Celtics and Lakers!
    Well Lakers played a better game and celtics and won it. Celtics will come back and play better but lakers will also maintain their good/better play. it will be a long series, both the teams have 100% chance of winning every game and eventually the series because this is not 2008 when it was lopsided, this is 2010 when two equally great teams and the greatest rivals are playing in the finals.
    These two teams match each others greatness in every department of the game. They are equally good teams.
    Im looking at a long series, where any team can win.
    No team will fold under any team or any arena. both teams are experienced veteran savvy teams.
    Im saying again Celtics will come back and play upto their level the rest of the series and the lakers will keep the great play and even play better for the remainder of the series. The team that wants more will WIN.
    Hopefully it will be the lakers wanting it more and playing better than Celtics.
    I respect the celtics, a great ball club, any laker fan coming on this website or in any way disrespecting the celtics and talking trash regarding them is utterly foolish to do so and is doing a very stupid act.
    May the best team WIN, hopefully the lakers.
    Laker Fan

  • roze

    celts are gunna be just fine. once we stop the dribble penetration of bryant by putting p on him then our bigs will be in position to rebound. take away the two bunnies kg missed inside and he still had a pretty decent game. The officiating never gave us a chance to catch a rhythm. Game 2 is a big game for us and the boys know that, they usually play best with their back against the wall anyway.

  • booyaka

    it was actually 20 if you think about all the bs points torwards the end……..


    It’s 1-0 – we only need a split – hopefully the Lakers are listening the the 47-0 garb being put out about Jackson’s playoff record…
    I don’t think the Lakers can play much better. Artest shot 3-5 in 3’s, Kobe got better looks than he’ll get all series. He also shot the ball well.
    They got a lot of offensive boards because of the penetration which drew KG, Perk away from their men. Stop the penetration and we can match up with them, get the rebounds…
    I hope this win gets exalted everywhere more and more so the Lakers start reading their own press…

  • mikey

    it was actually 0 if you think about all the bs calls at the end of the 3rd qtr.

  • mikey

    good stuff, good fan

  • booyaka

    there were bs calls on both ends so you can’t even blame it on that…the c’s got to the line MORE…sorry man, but the c’s got owned in the 3rd.

  • mikey

    bs calls on both ends with more calls going to the Lakers, especially in the 3rd.
    1.Pierce fake foul on Artest after Fisher missed shot, Celtics rebound, quick camera cut to Stern.
    2.Tony hit on the hand by Kobe no call.
    3.Paul moving screen on Davis, Davis knocked down no call.
    4.Fake T on Rasheed.
    5.Fake 5th foul on Ray.
    All in the 3rd, with no questionable calls going to the Celtics, all happening the only time the camera shows Stern.
    C’s got owned by the refs in the 3rd, not the Lakers.
    nice try.