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The obligatory KG post

Kg finals

KG knows what happened.

We know what happened too.  We know because we all have eyes.

But we don't know why.

cue the smug: "cuz he's old" comments

But we don't know if its age, or injury or Pau Gasol just being damn good (there, I said it… now let us never speak of it again). 

I do know everyone is talking about it.  And I do know that no one, despite their confident tone, has the answer except for ol' #5 over there.  Maybe Doc.  But mostly KG.  And he knows he needs to be better.

“I’m better than I was tonight,’’ Garnett said afterward in the glum
visitors locker room. “I played like horse[expletive].’’

Yes you did KG.  There's really no other way to say it except to remove the brackets.  You played like horse shit.

But that's ok.  Sometimes guys play like horse shit.  Good players even. 

But I'm not going to sit here and pretend to know what's happening inside his head… or his knees.  We can go ahead and speculate.  But KG knows he needs to be better.  And I assume he will be.

The KG story line will get played out in… oh… 5 minutes ago.  But it's a story line so we're gonna talk about it. 

But don't dive too deep into it.  Save your mental energy for other things.

Because KG knows.

He knows.

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    I must be in the minority here but many aspects of KGs game were fine last night. His post defense is stellar and I am begging someone to show me where Pau continually burnt him on the low post because he simply didnt. Pau scored on bascially all either jumpshots or put backs from dribble penetration.
    KGs performance was bad in his passing, he caused some really careless turnovers and his rebounding. That missed layup people wanna focus on and how he looks “old” but he simply didn’t have a handle on the ball, how old did he look when he was puttin down the alley oop on the break from Rondo? He will play better but Pau Gasol will be shut down as soon as the guards keep the laker guards out of the paint. That is where this series will be won. You keep the guards out of the paint you give yourself a chance to box out for rebounds and defend the post which is our bigs strong suit.
    Ray Tony Paul and Rondo need to keep Kobe and company in front of them and this series will turn around quicker than you think.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I’m not as concerned with KG as I am Rondo. Pierce will bring it every game this series, and Ray needs to stay on the court and he’ll be fine. But Rondo needs to relax and do his thing for us to have a chance.
    The team/help defense will be better in game 2 I’m sure. But we really need to rebound the ball. KG, Perk and Pierce need to stay down low, box out and grab boards. We really don’t need to be fast breaking anyway, so Paul and even Rondo should crash the board this next game.

  • That’s twice today I agree with you Double P, I am with you 100%.
    When he was setting picks early, there was a wide open shot. Rondo hit one of the easiest pick and roll jumpers I’ve seen all season in the first qtr of a Finals game.
    Then, if the guards can’t hold Kobe/Artest/Fisher out of the lane, one of the bigs has to come off their man which leads to an easy dish or offensive board.
    He needs to be sharper, shoot better, pass better, no question. He was missing bread n’ butter shots, and those will fall for the rest of the series. I’m with Red’s, I don’t think it’s a needle mover on the ‘worry’ scale. I’m more worried about how Perk let Bynum look so good, or how easily their guards, (both starters and subs), ran around, and staying out of friggin foul trouble all post season.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Rondo had 6 boards, KG and Perk combined had 7? WTF!?

  • KG was great in the cleveland series, since then hes been a little below average to say the least…I think he def tweaked his knee at some point in time in the Magic series, but credit for him to be out there, but Pau Gasol is simply twice the player he is at this point

  • Mollysdaddy

    The thing about the missed bunnies (and there were at least two, if not three) is that it has to make everyone wonder what the hell is going on with him. One of them he was all alone and he blew it. Those things are run killers and possibly morale killers as well.
    I’m not suggesting he’s hurting the team or he’s the reason for the loss, just 4 or 5 times last night he looked, well injured again.
    His defense was solid most of the night, and his jumper looked pretty good too. I’m just spoiled, I guess, I want Cavs-series KG back!!

  • The Truth is Here

    Great post. I am so on board with everything you’re saying. KG knows how he played, no one needs to tell a great player that he had an off night. Most of the Celtics did not play as well as they can/should last night. They all know that, and I trust they will do whatever they can to fix whatever is wrong. I trust this celtics team to be able to make appropriate adjustments. We looked miserable last night, and only lost by 13. There is something to be said for that. I think we can bounce back and even this series up going back to Boston

  • KG will be ‘aight. No worries. Last night was frustrating but we gotta remain level headed (especially Rondo for my sake).

  • thebleeptruth

    No reason to panic or be worried. The only time I’m calling it is when the Celtics lose both games 2 and 3 as well. Celtics are great in game-to-game adjustments. Lakers just happened to have the step on us in Game 1.

  • Coma

    Agreed. No need to think the sky is falling. I’m fully expecting the C’s to bring it to game 2 and play well.

  • DRJ

    I have a handle on why Rondo was so bad… the SI cover and ALL the RIDICULOUS amount of attention he’s been getting could easily have gone to his head, and the PRESSURE to perform could easily have overwhelmed him. He is, after all, very young. Ok… that makes sense… and we can expect that he’ll get over it… probably by the next game.
    But KG? You know, I’ve had at LEAST a theory about everything that’s happened to the Celtics this season. This is the first time that I have NO friggin idea WHAT the hell is going on. Nothing makes sense. If he was tired… WHY was he so tired? He didn’t look hurt, and Doc assures us he’s not. So what was it???
    Maybe… I suppose…. maybe it’s something simple and stupid… like he just didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Too amped up. And the older he gets, the less easy it is for him to perform with insufficient rest. That does explain the problem, and sets us up for a much better performance coming up.
    But… I don’t know. Sounds too simple. Still… it’s possible.


    So is KG done or not done? Is this team finished? or are u back behind them??

  • Perry

    There is something to that SI jinx.
    At this afternoon’s presser, Doc told the media Kevin had his best practice ever. Too bad it came the day before game one.
    The entire team was out of sync, and played out of character. From the moment Artest pulled down Pierce the officials obliged by calling the game way too tight.
    Let’s face it – the Lakers were hell bent on revenge from two years ago and played with an edge the Celts didn’t have. It’s one game. Kevin is too good, and too proud. He’ll come out of the gates amped and ready to play. Come Sunday, the Celts will convert better than 12 for 27 at the rim, and knock down more than 1 three point shot.

  • For me what killed the Celts momentum was the missed three pointer by Pierce in transition in the first half. I thought that was a horrible shot (what Doc calls hero ball). I think that the celts were down by 5 at that point. I believe that Doc will make proper adjustments. Thibs will watch that game a thousand times. This team is resilient and should be rested. Ray Allen having 5 fouls is like a 4 standard deviation event. It is not supposed to happen. Crawford is a horrible ref. He should not be reffin in the nba. The issue with Gasol (I really like him, very talented basketball player) is that he has more post moves than DH, so he is more difficult to guard, however, he should not get as many offensive rebounds. Rondo will come out more aggresive and attacking.
    Some good takeways from the game:
    1. The celts did not mail it in.
    2. The pick and roll with Paul seems like a viable offensive option.
    3. Wallace played well, do not like the tech though.
    Maybe put Paul on Kobe and Allen on Artest.
    This series is far from over. We will get a better idea after game 2.

  • Celtics fans, you’re all in denial and it’s quite endearing. Both teams, not just the Celtics, can play better than they did in game 1. The Celtics will improve, but so will the Lakers. 102 is below our playoff average, and you got to the line more than we did. KG knows he has to play better for Boston to win, but the “old” KG is gone and the just plain old KG is here… dirty mouth, goat beard, bad knees, and all. Lakers in 4.

  • mikey

    So Game 3 & 4 are in Los Angeles?
    Stuff it clown.
    We takin the series.
    End of story.

  • KG is done being the 2004 MVP Kevin Garnett, but hes still a competitor, as for the celtics being *done* i said all year this was rondos team, and if hes healthy and they play that way for the rest of these finals, i like our chances

  • rondos been bad?
    not quite, he hasnt been quite as explosive as he was in the cleveland series and the beginning of the magic series…but he hasnt been “bad”
    Pretty high standard hes set


    EEERRR!!! I can hear the tyres squeeling!!!!!