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Enemy Chatter: Exorcising the green demons

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

Especially impressive to these eyes was Ron Artest – especially on
defense.  Sure, Paul Pierce ended the night with 24 points on only 13
shots (making 12 of 13 from the FT line).  But he never found a rhythm
on offense and never really threatened to change the tenor of the game
with his ability to score the ball.  Ron just did an excellent job of
deny Pierce his sweet spots and making him work to even catch the ball.
 But Ron was also solid on offense, going 5-10 from the field for 15
points and making 3 of his 5 three pointers.

Over the course of the evening the Lakers proved that they’re ready
for this match up.  Ready to exorcise their green demons.  Ready to
compete from the opening tip of the opening game and land the first

Forum Blue and Gold – 1 down, 3 to go

Eschewing the quick outside shot, they combined zippy inside passing
with decisive dribble-drive penetration. As a result, their looks at the
hoop were solid, and when those looks didn't fall, players were in good
position to recover the caroms. The Lakers tonight rebounded an awesome
36% of their own misses, leading to 16 second-chance points. Boston
looked almost nothing like the defensive menace that throttled both the Cleveland
and Orlando

Silver Screen and Roll – Who's Soft Now?

The Lakers rebounded 36% of their own misses? That has to be some sort of league record, right?

On Page 2, the LA Times Bill Plaschke talks smack.

Hey Boston? Great Celtics? Famed smackdown artists?

Shhh, it's OK, the coast is clear. You can come out now. Those bullies
in gold shorts and grimaces are gone. I promise.

Nobody is waiting to wrestle you back to the floor. Nobody is going to
bump you back into the marina. Those guys who tossed you around like
vacant headbands have the left the building.

It's OK, Celtics, you went into hiding early, but it's fine now, you can
come on out from underneath your frayed reputation and dented mystique,
it's only one game.

LA Times – Lakers push Celtics into submission

We'll have to tolerate garbage like this until the Celtics stop playing like children.

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  • Atlas Shrugged

    The Lakers were +26 with Artest on the floor. Gasol was a distant 2nd at +14. Kobe +6. I am no math wiz, but that means the Celtics were up 13 points with Artest on the bench.
    Rondo -17, worst on the Celtics. Clearly, he is the MVP of the team. The Celtics have won games when Pierce plays poorly. They won an entire series with Pierce limited offensively, v. Cleveland. But they almost never win when Rondo plays poor.

  • Alex

    The Celtics played terribly that game and only lost by 13, which is miraculous.
    If the C’s play at least 90% of what they really are, they can win Game 2. Other than that, I am sort of panicking. Yes, I do realize we lost Game 1 verse the Cavaliers and came back to win the series BUT the thing is, the Lakers just looked like the overall better team. I just hope it’s just the jitters for the C’s and they redeem themselves in Game 2. Honestly, I think Game 2 is a must-win just because we can’t be down 2-0 against the LA Lakers in the Finals…

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I know we fans love to over emphasize each game and when our team plays poor for 1 game we think the sky is falling but just wait until Sunday people. The celtics know what they didn’t do and how they lost that game. It’s not like the Lakers are instantly the better team and aren’t capable of playing a poor game as well. The lakers were at home, playing like they had the world to prove wrong about their toughness and things were flowing and we were in foul trouble playing behind the 8 ball all night. and yet we were still within striking distance for most of the game. Just wait until Sunday night

  • Atlas Shrugged

    Just dont expect the Lakers to play worse. I thought they played last night like they have been playing for over a month. Arguably only one player over-achieved, Artest. And his play was offset by Odom’s off-game. Gasol has been getting 24-14 regularly in the playoffs. And we know Kobe is going to get 30 most games. He did not explode last night, by any means.
    Since Game 4 in Oklahoma, the Lakers have been consistently good. Even their losses in Phoenix were decent performances.

  • The Lakers definitely impressed me, especially Artest and Gasol. I absolutely will grant that, they beat the C’s starting 5.
    The hard parts came when the Lakers subs didn’t really drop off. We let them play far too well, and credit Phil he called a timeout the minute we seemed close.
    All this said, I agree with Double P that Sunday should be a very different game. And yes Red’s, we deserve all the smack talk until they step up.

  • mollysdaddy

    Again, is KG hurt again?

  • Skeld

    I don’t think he’s any more hurt than he has been. The only really alarming thing was when he missed that dunk/lay-up thing from under the basket. At 7′ it’s not like he as to jump far straight up to put it in and he somehow screwed it up. Which ended a chance for a run that seemed to be starting at that time.

  • thelakersnation

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepp we gots u fags in 4

  • BrickJames

    Yes, Rondo didn’t have his best game, but I wouldn’t read too much into those +/- numbers. First off, we lost by 13, so everyone’s plus minus is going to be bad, especially those who were on the floor more. Second, Rondo played most of the game, including the time when a lot of the bench was in (e.g. Farmar blowing by the corpse of Michael Finley, twice).
    I wouldn’t say Rondo played “poor” necessarily, especially relative to the rest of the squad. The numbers nicely back up your story, but I don’t think they paint the full picture.
    We got beat up inside, and our perimeter threat was taken away by the whistle of Joey Crawford. 2 days off to rest, and adjust. I’m pretty confident we take game 2 Sunday night.

  • BrickJames

    You’re an idiot if you honestly think this series doesn’t go at least 6 games.

  • Shawn-cvd

    No…KG had a pedestrian game. Gasol is a handful for any one in the league.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Careful what you call us cause should the C’s win you will have lost to some fags…

  • Sean

    Bill Plaschke’s bit was terrible, unwarranted. Celtics are a championship caliber team, equally as good as the lakers, although after game 1 victory lakers have a tiny bit of an advantage to take the series but still celtics can come back and beat the lakers. talking smack right now and for that matter anytime againt a finals opponent is disrespectful and stupid.
    I know celtics will come back and play better, but hopefully lakers will maintain their good play and win the series.
    Lakers Fan

  • lainok

    I love the lakers, but bill plaschke is a douche. I don’t know how any of these people end up being professional sports writers. Even worse for the l.a. times is T.J. Simners. He is a sports writer in L.A. and takes any opportunity to rip kobe, phil and the lakers that he can get. Usually with nothing to back it up. And it’s not just trash he talks. It’s really venemous mean stuff. And that shit needs to stop on both ends. Both teams deserve to be here. One will play better than the other. I doesn’t give anyone the right on either side to go over the line and not at least show some dignity and respect.

  • As someone from the enemy camp who came to this site to hear Celtics chatter, I have to say that I’m not expecting a Lakers sweep. Game 2 will be a lot closer…and even if it isn’t, there’s still Game 3. Both the Western Conference and Eastern Conference finals showed that you can’t use a single game to extrapolate how a series will end up. As for Plaschke, you have to remember that all of us in Los Angeles still recall the lopsided blowout of the last game in the 2008 Finals; it still haunts us.

  • inverse

    I think u guys are so set on the fact that Lakers are SUCH a “soft” team that u guys cannot comprehend the fact that were actually more physical than u guys are. I’m not here to start “trolling” im just saying that this is not the same laker team 2 years ago where the Celtics wiped the floor with them. KG is 2 years older and its showing, when he missed the 2 point blank lay ups i had horrible flasbacks to kwame brown. This laker team is aggressive, and if u guys keep thinking that was a lucky game by the lakers, you are in for a rude awakening, because ive been watching them all season, and they did not impress me yesterday, nor did the Celtics obviously

  • mikey

    so what