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Your Morning Dump… The Celtics are healthy and ready

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

Wallace, who originally tweaked his back during Game 5 of the Eastern
Conference finals against Orlando then left in the fourth quarter of
Game 6, had been held out of contact drills earlier in the week, but
moved fluidly in the portion of practice open to the media, which
included stretching and shooting drills.

Rondo said he'll be near
full health by Thursday.

"My body is fine," said Rondo. "These five days have definitely been
great for me personally. I know it's great for the team, but for me I've
been getting a lot of massages, a lot of treatment. I'm feeling better
and better each day. The more time I get, the better I am. [Thursday],
I'm sure I'll be back almost at 100 percent."

ESPN Boston – Rondo, Wallace Practice

Great news. I was more worried about Sheed (brittle old guy) than Rondo (rubbery young guy).

As for the Lakers Andrew Bynum:

"It didn't really help," Bynum said of the action, which is designed to
alleviate the pain of a torn meniscus. "As soon as I drained it, about
12 hours later, all the fluid came back. … It wasn't really a good

"It's about the same," Bynum said. "It's going to be there, when I come
down from jumping, and push off laterally, but I'll be all right.
Muscles kind of shutting down due to the swelling. It's tough to jump
and tough to do everything up to your maximum level."

ESPN Boston – Bynum says fluid has returned

Bynum has been able to play through this injury so far, but he hasn't faced a front line like the Celtics in the Western Conference playoffs. Bynum is talking an awful lot about this injury, which makes me think he's prepping the media and fans for a subpar performance – "Don't blame me, I was injured."

On Page 2, Thibs turns down the Hornets for the Bulls, allegedly.

The Post has learned Thibodeau yesterday rejected a Hornets offer
that has been on the table for almost a week.

Sources also said
Thibodeau, credited as Boston's defensive mastermind, is almost
guaranteed to wind up with the Bulls, whom he met with two summers ago
but lost out to Vinny Del Negro.

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