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7 hours til game time… Game 1 is really, really important

Here's how the series plays out in my head. Celtics take 1 of the first 2 games in LA, win 2 of 3 at home, and then win 1 of the final 2 in LA. Makes sense, right?

But if you are a believer in statistics and NBA history, the Celtics will NEED to take Game 1. Here's why:

When a Phil Jackson coached team wins Game 1 of a series, they are 47-0.

''Staggering,'' said Kobe Bryant

''Mind-boggling,'' said Luke Walton.

''Huh?'' said Rasheed Wallace. 'That's just media stuff,'' he said. ''That don't mean nothing to me.''

"I know when I go to the free-throw line, the odds of me missing one
grow if I haven't missed one in a while,'' Boston's Ray Allen said with a
grin. ''So I'll think of it like that.''

LA Times – Bill Plaschke

As much as Sheed and Ray want to dismiss Jackson's stat, NBA history shows that Game 1 winners take the series 79% of the time. Not quite 100%, but still a strong number.

For those curious, Jackson is 7-8 when his team loses the opening game.

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  • Alex

    Can we start already! JEEZ!

  • Shuttles

    We have Joey Crawford tonight… What is our post-season record with him in 2010? He is going to love this spotlight.

  • DRJ

    Hope Joey behaves himself.
    You guys are gonna post every hour on the hour, eh? Lol. Well… it’s Game 1… THE most important game of the series (barring a 7th, which I’m barring!)

  • Robby C

    Phil Jackson is 54-8 all time in playoff series? Those are pretty tough odds to beat right there too.

  • That was a mean post Red’s. You just threw my head into a spin. I have no idea what to do with that.

  • When in doubt, reach for a beer

  • DRJ

    Here’s another stat: Celtics have never lost a series with their current starting 5.

  • The number shouldn’t be too surprising considering Jackson has won 10 titles. 4 series wins per title = 40 series wins.


    I just hope KG doesn’t get tooooooooo hyped and get into foul trouble early like he did against the Magic. We need him on the court…….

  • Wootay

    So that means Phil Lost Game 1 in 2008 was so long ago I dont remember!!

  • MiddleFingerExtended

    if we know anything about these Cs its that they can care less about statistics they’ve outplayed all the stats remember they were supposed to be one and done!!!

  • I think that is impressive. 40 series wins in which they won the first game?

  • Dumbass, the Lakers’ starting 5 have never lost a series either. Here’s another stat: Lakers are up 1-0, playing the next game at home. We’re undefeated at home.