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5 hours till game time… What lost step?

Kg lewis
You hear it all the time.

"KG has lost a step."

And yeah, it might be true.  But take a look at the stats so far these playoffs of the guys he's guarded (Rotowire, via CelticsLife):


'10 reg season: 14.8 ppg, 45% FG, 1.7 TOs, 30 min/game

'10 playoffs Celtics (KG on bench): 19.5 points/30 min, 62% FG, 2.2
TOs/30 min

'10 playoffs Celtics (KG in game): 7.7 points/30 min, 32% FG, 3.2
TOs/30 min


Jamison: '10 reg season: 18.7 ppg, 46% FG, 1.4 TOs, 37 min

Jamison: '10 playoffs (not Boston): 19.4 ppg, 51% FG, 1.8 TOs, 35

Jamison '10 playoffs (Celtics, KG on bench): 26 points/36 min, 56% FG, 0
TOs/36 min

Jamison '10 playoffs (Celtics, KG in game): 11.2 points/36, 38% FG,
1.9 TOs/36


Lewis '10 Reg season: 14.1 ppg, 43.5% FG, 1.5 TOs, 33 min

Lewis '10 playoffs (not Boston): 16.4 ppg, 54% FG, 1.8 TOs, 37 min

Lewis '10 playoffs (Celtics, KG on bench): 17.3 pts/36 min, 48% FG, 1.3

Lewis '10 playoffs (Celtics, KG in game): 5.1 pts/36, 24% FG, 2.0

Let's get the obvious statement out of the way:  None of these guys is Pau Gasol.  OK?  I get it.  But for a guy who has lost a step, he took on a younger guy and a couple of experienced guy and held them WELL below their averages for an entire series. 

This may well mean nothing since it's a new series and a different player…

But this may well mean KG knows damn well how to play defense and lost step or not, he can get the job done quite nicely, thank you very much.

KG on Gasol may well be the matchup of the series.  Winne of that matchup could very well be holding a trophy in a week or so.  All things considered… I'm comfortable with our guy.

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  • MiddleFingerExtended

    im glad you guys finally caught on to this… ive been hearing every1 say he had a terrible series against orlando… K.G doesn’t care about his offense anymore there’s plenty of guys on the roster that go off offensively… he had a good offensive burst against cleveland because he had a match up that needed to be exploited… KG is all about rebounds, emotional inspiration, help defense and holding everyone accountable on the defensive end… he’s embraced his role and is executing it to perfection

  • Jason

    Report of his demise indeed have been greatly exaggerated.
    “Somebody once blew by him when he was injured. Six months later he’s still cooked. It must be. I say so. And I will use that one play forever and forever to make my point and prove I am right.”
    Just the latest example of why I hate “experts.”

  • DRJ

    Yep… KG’s been steadily improving through this whole season, and is now at just about the place he was at 2 years ago. No problem with KG.