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4 hours till game time… time to start getting pumped

People have been sending us so much stuff, it's hard to keep track and impossible to post it all right now.  Keep it coming though.

Here's a great video to really get the juices flowing for tonight.

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  • Jason

    I needed this. Before one of the earlier playoff games, I was super jacked, but for this my highest “priority” isn’t for the Cs to go kick ass (because I think they’ll win handily), but just to shut up the idiot Fakers and their fake fans. Man, they are so awful to endure. Stomp on their throats, take back what rightfully belongs in Boston and get those morons to shut the hell up.

  • 34AtTheBuzzer

    Well said…

  • BlackMamba24lal

    This provides just another reason why the Celtics are going to lose! There’s a difference between having heart (Kobe Bryant and L.A Lakers), and pretending to have it (Kevin Garnett). Boston Absolutely sucks! Pierce is a woman and the Doc pretends to be the greatest coach of all time! Yeah lets talk when you win 10!! Dont cry scrubs when you lose! Oh and the video really put me to sleep! Lakers in 6! Kobe the Black Mamba is coming!

  • DRJ

    Thank you for providing a case in point for Jason’s post.

  • I love the videos! I’m pumped for the series! Go Celtics!