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3 hours till game time… The C’s are the best of the best


WhatIfSports.com got the kinks out of its simulation machine in time to take the top 8 Lakers title teams and the top 8 Celtics title teams and pit them up against one another… bracket style.

The result?

The '85-'86 Celtics are the best of the best.

Boston may have won 59-percent of the time in the Tournament of
Champions title game, but the Celtics' average margin of victory was
less than one point if you take into account all the simulations.
Though morale victories, simulated or not, are look down upon in the
sporting world, it is yet something Lakers' fans can hang their hat on.

Hang your hat on nothin…

We C's fans will argue that the '86 championship team is the best NBA team of all time.  That team was LOADED.  Just look at that roster.  You can match that team up against any other NBA team ever… I don't care who… and they'd win a series.

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  • DRJ

    Wow… what a great video that was at the 4-hour mark. Thank you.
    I forget, sometimes, how much this really means. It’s not just a game…
    …it’s Good vs. Bad,
    …Trust vs. Fear,
    …Passion vs. Greed,
    …the stuff of dreams vs. la-la-land,
    …Juliette Binoche vs. Pamela Anderson,
    …a real Team vs. a team built around one superstar,
    …the best vs. second-best,
    …a thing done right vs. that same thing done wrong.
    It’s the struggle of life, boiled down to a basketball game.
    We will win this series. We must. The world will not be right until we do.