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11 hours till game time…. Papi: KG pumps me up

Kg papi“KG is the monster down there. KG, he puts everybody in the mood. When
he’s [trash talking] people out there and getting mad, that pumps me up.
That even gets me ready to play baseball. I love it. I love it. I’m
telling you, when I see KG doing that, I want to jump on the court and
[kick butt] with him. It’s not a secret that his game is something

Jessica Camerato:  Papi breas down the NBA Finals

That, my friends, is the KG effect.  That is why the Celtics are better with him out on the floor.  That's why KG can lose a half step and still be the most important defender on the floor.

He inspires guys in different sports to play THEIR sport better. 

What's he doing to the C's back there?

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  • Rodger

    Theres only 3 things that could slow kg or the cetics down here they are.
    Joe Crawford Joe DeRosa Derrick Stafford
    Tonight zebras.
    Go celtics

  • evan

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  • Garpauray

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