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10 hours till game time… I talk trash on an LA website

My boy Rey Rey runs a great site called The No Look Pass… and its based out of LA.  He's been asking me series preview questions before each step in these playoffs.  Here's a taste of what I told LA:

There’s no need for predictions. We all know how badly you want to
beat L.A. So any final words to everyone out there. Boston. Los
Angeles. The NBA. Me. Whoever you want.

JOHN: The Lakers are boxing, the Celtics are UFC.
Boxing will win you a few fights… but UFC will break your goddamn neck
if you’re not careful. Gasol and Bynum don’t have that hardcore nature
in them. The Celtics… ALL OF THEM… do. When push comes to shove,
Gasol and Bynum will piss themselves… and piss Kobe off.

So to Boston: we’re winning this thing.

To Los Angeles: Boston’s winning this thing.

To the NBA: Boston’s winning this thing.

To you: Boston’s winning this thing.

To that random guy talking to himself on the back
of the bus while wearing a tattered denim jacked and clutching an 80’s
boombox: Take a fucking shower. You stink. But wait until after
Boston wins this thing.

Because Boston… IS… winning this thing.

There was some actual analysis in that piece besides my trash talking.

But we're 10 hours away from the game… and I'm ready to knock someone's head off.

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    yeah man so do I ! hahahaha! I’m a true Boston Celtic fan,checkout this video it really is true in every aspect! The END of the video really details what will happen to us in this series! I mean its only inevitable we cant even fight it! THis is our fate! You’ll thank me guys for this! Just copy and paste into your url

  • Yep… Chris sent that to us. We’re going to post it in a little bit.

  • celticwantnicecleangame

    Man who put up that video link up man if the lakers are going to do that to us I seriously dont want to play them!

  • Pierceme12189

    Man Kobe! Im a celtic fan but Garnett cant intimidate Kobe! What are we gonna do?

  • Ha. Looks like some people had some time to kill before the school bell rang out west.

  • Generalred

    Please dont put that video up! It will seriously intimidate alot of Celtic fans! If they wanna make intimidating videos like that then lets just take the high road and not respond! I cant lie it does have me wondering.. about how we can actually stop Kobe. I try to be optimistic but i dont see how we can get passed Kobe, for real!

  • Or someone I should say.

  • And now the trolls pretending to be Celtics fans.
    I love the Finals

  • larry

    your not serious are you

  • Double P Reppin the B

    lol masters of disguise…. these trolls are idiots we all know your scared shitless that your team is gonna drop game 1 tonight at home

  • larry

    he had me going for a minute..

  • larry

    true that.!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnyVHF28Qms&feature=player_embedded
    This is another great vid I found while searching around on realgm.com. The person who made it is very talented in After Effects and it shows in this video.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    That video is hilarious – Kobe looks constipated Gasol looks scared too funny. I could watch rambis get clotheslined a thousand times and I still laugh my ass off. Thanks for the memories douchebags.
    Celtics in 6