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1 hour till game time… Kobe WILL check Rondo

The other thing Lakers fans can expect to see at the start of the game
is Kobe
matched up against Rajon

[It will] probably [be] Kobe, but if we get cross-matched, Fish [Derek
] will be on him a lot," Jackson said.

ESPN Los Angeles

Ray will eat Derek Fisher alive.  They're going let Ray run the oldest guy on the team off a million picks?  That will not only make it insanely difficult to guard Ray… it will take his legs away and render him ineffective in his ONE  offensive role:  hit the open jumpers as guys chase Kobe around.

So you've got the least effective defender on Ray… and you risk losing him on offense too.

This is going to backfire on LA.  I'll bet it doesn't last long.

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  • So did the lakers opening video thing say something about history? Pretty sure the celts know a thing or two about that…


    What happened to that Game 1 and 2 “celtic” victories?

  • wheelchair

    so i thought ray was gonna eat derek fisher alive? looks like ray allen wasn’t even in the dinner table bcuz of foul trouble LMFAO!!!!!!!!