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Your Morning Dump, Where Doc responds to Phil

Doc practice Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

Well, we just thank Phil for the compliment,” Rivers said. “That’s
very nice of him to say. Whatever got us here. We’re not hiding from who
we are and we’re going to be that. So that’s never going to change.
We’ve said it from Day 1. We are who we are. If you like us, cheer for
us. If you don’t, complain. But we’re not going to change.”

As for Jackson targeting Garnett, who will have a big matchup with
the softer Pau Gasol, Rivers smiled at that one, too.

“Well, I think it should be a compliment,” Rivers said. “I think he
picks the best player on the other teams or who he thinks is key, so I
think Kevin should put that one right up there with his MVP trophy and
everything else. I think Kevin should be excited about that. I think
Paul (Pierce) and Ray (Allen) and (Rajon) Rondo, they’re going to be pissed about it. They were hoping it would be them.”

Herald:  War of Words wages

I love Doc.  I wish I could find the video of him saying this (which I'm sure exists… I just couldn't find it, so a link in the comments would be great if anyone finds it) because he's laughing and joking about the whole thing.

And yesterday on Twitter, WEEI's Paul Flannery and I went back and forth a little when he asked "why would Phil target KG, and not someone like Perk?"  And Doc answered the question better than I could.

Like Chuck said yesterday morning, Phil goes after the key guy in every series.  And I just get a kick out of Paul, Ray and Rondo sitting there around a TV waiting for who Phil will mention and then letting out a "OOOOOOOHHHHHH" when he brings up KG. 

You think they all put money on something like that?

Good for Doc for waving this off and treating it like it should be treated.  Same for KG:

“I think nothing of it,” he said. “It’s Phil playing mind games. It’s
all good. . . . The West is probably known for a little bit or a lot
more finesse. It’s just what it is.”

KG might as well have said "take off your skirts."  

On Page 2:  Bynum's knee isn't doing so great

AP Photo

"It feels about the same, to be honest," Bynum said about his right knee
that has a slight tear of the meniscus that will require surgery to
repair it in the offseason. "The procedure was good. I think I just need
to fight through it until we get the surgery done. This is the last
hurrah; this is the last show, so I'm ready to give everything."

Bynum said the procedure has alleviated pressure from his hamstring
tendon and his iliotibial band, the muscles that run along the outer
portion of the leg.

"We're concerned but we're not
troubled by it," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said.

ESPN LA – No change to Bynum's drained knee

Concerned, but not troubled, huh?

This ain't the Suns, Phil.  This isn't a team you can just trot out Lamar Odom and sit back and watch him have some fun.  If Odom replaces Bynum early, you just slide Perk over to Gasol and let him break the Spaniard into pieces while KG switches off to Odom.  KG has guarded Antawn Jamison and Rashard Lewis and did a great job on both… so it's not a stretch to think he could at least be effective against Odom.  

The Lakers need Bynum on the floor.  They're at their best when their front court is producing. 

Good luck with that.

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