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What’s the better anthem?

Yesterday we showed you a couple of Lakers wanna-be’s who attempted to rap something about their team.  It was… ummmm… bad.

But Celtics fans are doing a little bit better.

Which one do you like better?  The top video – N.B.S. “Who Are We?”…. the video below -“Banner 18”?

…. or GMC “Bye Lakers”

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  • TD

    They are all good but “Banner 18” is more original and has some better lines. It’s catchy too…

  • G4L

    All pretty good. The first one “Who are we” is very lyrical but the second one is catchy.. & they throw in scal.. so I gotta go with Banner 18.

  • CeltPride13

    I agree, Banner 18 is legit. Funnier lyrics and a more original beat. Scal ain’t gettin minutes but his fists are pumpin!!

  • WB

    All 3 are good, but hands down “Banner 18” has better sound/lyrics and video!

  • Dubb

    I gotta say Banner 18. Its got the whole team and shows the run for the 18th championship. Plus it points out it took a referee fix for us to reach the finals. Always nice to point out. Beat LA.

  • Owen

    Banner 18 all the way it sounds original and a great original beat. Its only of those tunes that just stick with you

  • Tim (FD)

    All are actually pretty good.
    Bye Lakers sounds like its professionally done. That’s my favorite, even though its not original.
    I liked N.B.S. too.

  • Oliver

    BANNER 18 is the Best! Red, Scal & Thibodeau,…. Kid is Clever!

  • Athanacropolis

    the N.B.S. one all the way. The others are good, but that one’s tops.

  • Celtsfan33

    I’ve been singing the Banner 18 tune since I heard it – so I’ll go with that one.

  • mollysdaddy

    Banner 18 is good, but I gotta count it out for being and ABC corporate shell (joke). I’ll vote for N.B.S. though.

  • river

    oh man, tough choice. n.b.s. brings the drama and intensity, which i love, even though “banner 18” is more original and the lyrics are tight. “bye lakers” is the funniest to me, though. great showing by the green nation, i’d say.

  • Green In Cleveland

    I love ’em all. Don’t forget Dy’Nasty “Whenever we like”. And if you need STILL NEED MORE NBA excitement follow the link below.

  • nba101

    they all suck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVu-mxoNKQM
    sounds better. go lakers.

  • those are all awesome. Bye Lakers is funny as hell and I like the tune best, Banner 18 is probably a better anthem though.

  • I love LA

    While the Lakers have Ice Cube spittin’ the mic for the purple and gold. 🙂
    “…Laker purple in the air, come on everybody Paul Pierce need his wheelchair!”

  • mikey

    I have my own song.
    I remixed it to Camron’s Double Up.
    And the Double up is for the Celtics, not the Lakers.
    2 rings each for the Big 5 HOF=KG, Ray, PP, Sheed, RR.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That did not sound better….sounded like a tired club song…and saying purple all the time like they’re royalty? Pass.

  • TD

    Of course a song from a Legend rapper will get all the attention. This isn’t about mainstream, it is about CELTICS FANS!
    The Celtics tracks were probably made on a $10 budget!

  • What do you think of this Celtics Anthem called “Bad Newz”? http://filesocial.com/4k1egzc