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The Lakers game plan for Rondo

Jackson said that the Lakers have four players they will put on Rondo
at times: Bryant, Derek
, Shannon
and Jordan

Even though Boston's "Big Three" have been
transformed to the "Big Four" thanks to Rondo's emergence, Jackson
believes that Rondo still falls further down in the pecking order in a
controlled game and only feeds individually when there is a little chaos

"If we turn the ball over, or if he gets
rebounds, he's going to score in transition," Jackson said. "That's what
he does. He's great at that. If we make a lot of mistakes, he's going
to score more. Or if he gets a lot rebounds … If they're in a set
offense and they're playing half court, then it's going to be Allen and
Garnett and Pierce, etc. [Game 6 in 2008] particularly was a ragged game
and there were a lot of things happening that fed into what he can do
really well and he did it. That's the kind of things that happen in
these ballgames. It's not about an individual that we're going to try
and stop."

Bryant, who did not have great success guarding Rondo on Jan. 31 in
Boston when the Lakers eked out a one-point victory on a Bryant
game-winner that barely silenced Rondo's 21 points, 12 assists and five
rebounds wouldn't talk about the Lakers defensive plans for the dynamic

ESPN Boston – Lakers recognize Rondo's abilities

Jackson is right, Rondo thrives in transition. But he'll also burn the Lakers off made baskets if they get lax setting their defense.

A priority for whomever guards Rondo is boxing out, especially late in games where Rajon has shown a knack for grabbing key offensive rebounds.

One troubling statistic, Rondo's free throw shooting percentage has decreased in each playoff series. 83% vs Miami, 66% vs Cleveland and 58% vs Orlando.

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  • larry

    wow.!!it seems that laker nation can relax, now that they have the rondo situation all figured out.!!i guess all thats left now is to figure out who’s going to pay for the parade.!!NOT.!!

  • Abe

    I’m sure fatigue was a factor in Rondo’s decreasing FT%. He’s had time to recover and secondly the Lakers are also less physical than Orlando.. he’s not going to get beat up so much. I’m looking at his chances against this matchup quite favorably.

  • Lorilei

    I did notice that Rondo’s free throw percentage has gone down. That worries me. I was impressed with his free throws during the Miami series, but by the time the Orlando series was underway, I was disappointed that he’s gotten worse. Hopefully have a better percentage than against Orlando.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Please Phil don’t tease..let fish guard him..I dare you.

  • Rondos gotten much better in the half court, much improvement from 2 seasons ago, but Jackson is right, he plays like a superstar in transition and has the ability to control the entire tempo of a game, its hard to stop, it really depends on rondos mindset, if hes on, theres really nothing u can do..and hes gonna have to be “on” this series for us to win..the multiple defenders he will see is nothing different then any other game/series

  • If Rondo is well rested and healthy, it really won’t matter who they put on him. I sincerely hope they put Kobe on him so Ray Ray can have a field day.

  • Jason

    Howard is more a beast inside than any two of the Fakers bigs. Rondo’s going to have a field day in the paint this series regardless of who is guarding him or who is protecting the rim. He’s going to be scoring or dishing at will. Finals MVP.