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Doc can motivate using cash too

The Celtics were walking off the floor at Staples Center after
outlasting the Lakers, 87-86, Feb. 18 and Rivers turned to his
administrative right hand man, Jeff Twiss.

“Do you have an envelope?” Rivers asked.
Twiss was puzzled.

The game was over. There was no need for tickets.
But Rivers wanted an envelope. So he got Rivers an envelope.

They walked into the Celtics locker room, which was booming after
breaking up the Lakers’ four-game winning streak. Rivers got their
attention. He told everyone in the room to give him $100.

The people in the room were more puzzled than Twiss was.

Rivers took $100 from everyone in the room – players, coaches,
managers – to the tune of $2,600 and put it all in the envelope. He then
hid the envelope in the locker room.

“The only way you’ll get it back,” he told them, “is if you come back
here and get it.”

Globe: Hidden motivation

Goddammit… I want to play for this guy.

(Of Course MrTrpleDouble10 got us the vid… cuz that’s how he rolls)

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  • Jason

    Not like $100 means anything to these guys, but that’s still a slick freaking move.

  • Jason

    Of course, some Staples Center custodian probably had himself a GREAT day sometime in the last 4 months.

  • Jason

    Never mind. Just read the full story. Apparently, Doc recovered it today.


    good move by doc, here is another one showing doc’s great mind –
    and this video of fking awesome..about the best player in the nba the truth!

  • I was thinking now we know where the Lakers got the $50 a player to give out for charges but that would mean the Lakers had to take 52 charges this year.

  • Rodger

    Not bad doc right along the bill parcels way of thinkig i like.

  • SydneyCeltic

    It was the last line of the original article that got me… $100 waiting on Eddie House. Man, I wish he’d come back to us.

  • jared

    Id like to officially announce the introduction of the “Stay Doc, Stay” Act of 2010.


    I’d sign up for that…..

  • DRJ

    There were two risks he’d have to take if he did this… the other is the gamble that the Lakers would reach the Finals. I’m gonna file this one away in the “apocryphal” folder…

  • Sean

    so according to the theory that lakers need to be rewarded to take charges which shows there supposed softness, then i guess this move by doc river means that celtics need to be rewarded to make/win the finals which shows they arent motivated enough and arent good enough to do so without being rewarded?
    i hope this question clears alot of disillusions among celtic fans that lakers are soft and need to be rewarded to take charges because in my opinion celtics are good enough to not be rewarded a $100 to make or win the finals.
    Again i have respect for the celtics and i think realistically and logically, unlike 99% of people who comment or post on this forum, they just type utter rubbish.
    Neither do the lakers need money to play tough and take charges nor do the celtics need money to make or win the finals PERIOD.
    Lakers are one of the best defensive teams for the pas two seasons, a lesson well learned from the celtics, and celtics are the definition of defense themselves.
    i would say again, may the best team wins whether the lakers or the celtics, but most importantly respect your opponent and give the credit where its due, love your team from your heart but realise and speak the truth by creating an unbiased opionion about YOUR team and your OPPONENTS team, this way once you pin point your weaknesses only that is when you will be able to improve. Never live in a state of denial my friends.
    Celtics are a great team so are the Lakers, both have made it this far because of a reason, and that is by playing great basketball.
    Money or no money, that wont matter to the celtics or the lakers. simply because they are professional players and they dont need those kind of motivations, these are tactics/strategies/mind games by the coaches to create a certain mindset and an ideology among players, i think of it as symbolic and straight out of a psychology book.
    because if i was soft and didnt want to play tough defense and was getting paid millions then believe me i would never play tough for $50.
    Make fun of others till the point you yourself dont become a laughing stock. be logical and more people would like to read different articles, and comments on this website, i am assuring you that i visit this website often and i fing it interesting just to read an alternate opinion or a negative opinion about my lakers (and i appreciate constructive criticism of lakers from some of you), but sometimes it just gets to a point where i laugh at the comments and articles.
    Lakers obviously arent flawless, they have their weaknesses but remember so do the celtics.
    And by the way if a lakers fan talks so stupidly and with this mentality on a lakers forum or for that matter any forum then i have this same opinion for him/her as well.
    I can type paragraphs after paragraphs on how lakers defense is superb and it will be backed with logics and facts, but i wont since it will only stretch the argument.
    May the best team win and i hope for this series lakers are the best team and they win.
    Show respect in defeat and magnanimity in victory.
    Lakers Fan

  • mikey

    Great move by Doc.
    Celtics will get their $100 bills back very soon.
    Boston Celtics will be World Champions in just a few more games.
    Here is my preview of the 2010 Finals.
    The Celtics are going to win because of the diversity and talent level they have 1-10.
    The Lakers are the best team in the league, besides the Celtics by a good margin.
    So while the Celtics are ridiculously stacked and the Lakers have many big time superstars, there are too many other teams in the league for any 1 team to give these two heavyweights a challenge. You need like Wade & Bosh going to Dallas, Boozer & Turkoglu going to Denver, something crazy like that to get another team on Bos or LA level.
    With 16 teams in the playoffs, there were about another 12 great teams in this league with similiar talent level, while Bos & LA are an upgrade of those teams. So it really isn’t as competitive as it could have been this year. It comes down to Lakers & Celtics.
    The Lakers did the same thing the 2009 Celtics did by going with the guys who won them the title the year before + Artest – Ariza. While this is not a mistake for the Lakers to win over the rest of the league it is a mistake for when they matchup with the Celtics.
    Garnett, Wallace, Davis & Perkins are 4 totally diverse big men who all play completely different games. Their styles contrast and they take different positions on the floor with a variety of different moves. Rondo & Nate are very complimentary players. Ray & Paul have different styles. Tony & Finley have different styles.
    So the Celtics have 10 very diverse talents. The only two players I would say who play similiar to each other are maybe Ray & Finley. 10 of the most unique players in the league all on one team.
    The Lakers have the big 6. Kobe is unstoppable, Fisher is big in the playoffs, Pau is dominating, Artest with hard D, Odom steps up and Bynum in the post. The Lakers 7-10 have good players, but they are average for championship competition. Pau, Odom & Bynum are monster post players, but their play is a little similiar to each other, only with Odom showing an outside touch. The Celtics big men are much more diverse to each other and cover more space on the court than the Lakers big men.
    What the Lakers needed to do to beat the Celtics was pick up an Eastern Conference player who has stepped up against the Celtics. They need to trade a combination of their 7-10 for one of the following players:Caron Butler, Ben Gordon, Rip Hamilton, John Salmons, Joe Johnson. Or if they would have kept Ariza while adding Artest that could have been the difference. That would make things more interesting. Not taking anything away from Farmar, Shannon, Vujacic & Walton, but I just don’t think a guy like Pau or Odom is going to look at those guys and feel confident that if they can’t get it done, Shannon or Farmer or Vujacic will step up and get it done against the Celtics defense. Whereas on the Celtics I’m sure Ray or Paul look over at Tony and Nate and feel confident. So what the Celtics are dealing with is really just the big 6 of the Lakers and this is why they will win the series.
    After the teams get accustomed to each other and get into the rhythym of the series the Celtics players will key on the Lakers big 6 and get used to what they are going to do on the court. The Lakers will get confused knowing who exactly they have to match up against. Is it Sheed, or KG? Perk or Davis? Ray or Paul? Tony or Mike? Rondo or Nate?
    The Lakers players don’t have enough experience playing an Eastern Conference style of play and this is why they will not win the series. So while the Lakers could sytmie the Celtics starting 5, or key in on Wallace or Big Davis, someobody like Nate, TA, will explode and give the Celtics the added dimension that the Lakers don’t have. The Celtics on the otherhand, if they contain the Big 6, I just don’t see Shannon or Farmer getting hot and taking over the game. It could happen. I’m sure the Lakers have a chance to win the series. Barring injuries or something else stupid happening in my opinion the Celtics win this series 8 or 9 times out of 10.
    Here is my prediction.
    Celtics:Shortly after tipoff.
    Celtics win 1 or both in Los Angeles, then close out in Game 5. They may sweep the Lakers believe it or not. In Game 5, Big Mike Finley will knock down a 3 with less than a minute left as the Celtics go 14-26 from 3 point range and defeat the Lakers 128-88.
    Then to cap it all off Glen Davis will make a really stupid face that will be replayed on youtube 10 billion times.

  • mikey

    Great post and good luck Lakers fan.
    Most Celtics fans have respect for the Lakers. Some do not, but those are most likely idiots. So don’t feel disrespected or anything, there are many different types of Celtics fans. Me personally, I don’t know 1 person in Boston.
    The $50 for a charge and $100 for a win in LA, are sentimental motivational pieces that should not really be taken seriously. It is all in good fun.
    What this year has shown us 2009-10 is that NOBODY really knows what they are talking about in the nba. NOBODY.
    The Celtics took last year’s team that went 7 vs Orlando, and could have went to the Finals. They moved Eddie House, Stephon Starbury, & Mikki Moore for Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, Michael Finley, Nate Robinson, Marquis Daniels & Shelden Williams. Anybody who at any point of the 2009-10 season though that anybody besides the Celtics would be representing the East is completely off their rocker. Which means that 99% of nba fans are totally lost.
    The Lakers never got disrespected. They were picked to win the Finals in 2008, picked for 2009 and again for 2010. They never got knocked off their pedastal, they never got embarrased by the media. They were critiqued fairly and given their due.
    The Celtics were not. This year has been a media joke. And for that reason I think people are extremely pessimistinc when analyzing the Celtics and they do not want to admit that this is the greatest roster to ever play the game, 2nd only to the 1992 USA Dream Team.
    So knowing that all along, me personally as a Celtics fan I believe I can say anything about the games. Take 2008 for example. I thought the Celtics would win Game 6 by 50 points. Now if I posted that on a Lakers site I would get criticized, however that is what almost happened.
    So while I do respect Lakers fans, I do not respect people’s opinions for the most part on the Celtics team, so prediciting a 128-88 Finals win is normal for me and I do not think it is disrespectful to the Lakers. Those are the kind of things that happen when two teams that are quite equal are looked at as night and day by observers of the game. The Lakers were always given credit by EVERYBODY. The Celtics were not given credit by ANYBODY this year except for me DRJ1 and a few other posters. So while people look foward to 2 amazing and evenly matched teams. In reality the 2010 Celtics have a strong advantage over the 2010 Lakers. People just don’t want to admit it.
    And if you take this year especially you will see that people all over the world have no problem realizing the Lakers accomplishments, but for some reason many many many many people have taken way way way too long to realize what this Celtics team is really about.

  • I can type paragraphs after paragraphs

  • who da guy

    i didnt read any of those paragraphs….but its funny to me how many people used to want doc fired. I think he would even say himself that he coached the same way back when he was losing as when he is winning.

  • Alex

    I stopped reading your message after you said the Lakers have one of the best defensive teams in the league.
    So far, in this postseason, the Lakers have shown barely any defense.

  • mollysdaddy

    I just want to have a hundred bucks in my wallet at any given moment. Or maybe I just want to be rich enough that someone else assumes I have a hundred at any given time.
    Fun story at the least. The Lakers one too.

  • Celtics Girl

    I’m sorry, but half the fun of the Cs vs. Lakers or any good rivalry is all the trash talking between the players, fan bases, and cities. So just enjoy it for what it is. And of course both are good teams and both have a good chance of winning. That goes without saying. Go Cs!!

  • Josh

    no shit…comments longer than the article are a waste of time. consolidate your opinions already.

  • Garpauray

    Hey guys I’m a Boston Celtic fan,checkout this video it really is true in every aspect! The end of the video really details what will happen to us in this series! I mean its only inevitable we cant even fight it! THis is our fate as Celtics! You’ll thank me guys for this, One! Just copy and paste into your url

  • mikey

    Consolidate your opinions?
    Do you know how easy and fast you can read a post that is only a few paragraphs?
    People can speed read and read 10 times that amount in just 1 minute.
    Stop being so ignorant.
    You act like you’re reading a book.
    People learn through information, not 1 word answers.
    Josh if you don’t like posts you consider “long” grow up. Do you know what your post says?
    Your post says absolutely nothing, a garbage 1 word answer.

  • mikey

    Consolidate your opinons.
    What trash.
    You sound like a complete idiot.
    If you don’t like posts that long there would be a limit on how the amount of characters you can post.
    Too bad the posts aren’t even long in the first place, you’re just extremely ignorant.
    And your post is worthless because you didn’t even say anything. Its too short and too stupid.

  • mikey

    Josh you sound like stupid hitler burning books bro get a life.
    You sound like a complete idiot.
    Let people post, they are sharing their ideas.
    The posts are at most 4x or 5x longer than a regular post anyway. You’re just too stupid to read the full 15 seconds.