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Your Morning Dump… The Zen master strikes again

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We don’t have a smackdown
mentality,’’ he said. “You might have seen that with [Kevin]
Garnett on [Orlando’s Dwight] Howard
in Game 6 in Boston, where he was smacking Howard’s arm and
was finally called for an offensive foul. That’s not our kind of team.
We don’t go out there to smack people around.

“I call it more resiliency. We’re a more
resilient ball club. We try to stay strong and play hard. But we’re
going to have to withstand some of that. We’re going to have to play
through it. We have some guys who are capable of playing to that style
in [Derek] Fisher and Ron [Artest]
and obviously Kobe [Bryant]. But our
big guys are going to have to stand up because that’s basically what got
the Celtics through Orlando.’’

Globe – Jackson already talking smack

Phil Jackson planted a ‘seed’ like this one before the OKC and Phoenix series. He said Kevin Durant gets all the calls. He said Steve Nash carries the ball. 

I don’t believe this ‘smackdown’ comment is geared towards the referees. Jackson is speaking to his own team. He knows the Celtics will try to bully the Lakers (Rumor has it, Pau Gasol asked the league office to let him wear a helmet), and he doesn’t want them a) respond by playing too physical (you listening Ron?) and b) cower in the corner (you listening Pau?). 

Meanwhile, there are no hidden messages from Doc:

“We’re just going to be us,” Rivers said following Monday’s practice. “I
don’t know if that’s with any particular person. We’re going to be us
and if that’s physical, that’s what we’re going to be.”

WEEI – Doc says Cs are just going to be us

On Page 2, updates on the injuries.

“Rondo felt pretty good, he went 75-80 percent of practice,” said
Rivers. “Rasheed is not right yet, he did the skeleton offense stuff,
but other than that, we didn’t allow any contact. So if we have a
concern right now with anybody, [Wallace] would be the only one.”

Rivers noted that Marquis
, who suffered a concussion in Game 5 against Orlando, will
remain sidelined indefinitely. That means Brian
, who ran through drills with the second team at the end
of Monday’s practice, will likely be active for at least the start of
the Finals and possibly the entire series.

“Marquis is out,” said
Rivers. “I don’t know if it’s the whole Finals, but right now he’s out.”

Center Kendrick
was still sporting tape over his sprained right wrist, but
participated fully, as did Tony
, who continues to nurse a sore ankle after twisting it in Game
2 against the Magic.

ESPN Boston – Rivers: Rondo felt pretty good

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  • SydneyCeltic

    You call him Zen Master, I call him Yeti. Either way, he’s a giant tool.

  • Lex

    Er, um, does the mistress forget the tackle odom laid on jesus?
    F the mistress, and, while I’m taking the time to post, F kobe!

  • He does this all the time. It’s like he’s entertaining himself being coy. And he may be talking to his team, though he’s also trying to make an impression on the officials too, no question in my mind.

  • The Jakester

    That Phil Jackson guy is one strange man.

  • Mr West

    He actually has a good point about the flagrant fouls…the longer you are in, the more penalized u are…that should be either erased, or started over, maybe no more than 3 per series

  • larry

    what’s going to happen, is ron artest is going to be the lakers response to boston being physical.!!he’s going to slap,bite,kick,pull hair, and do what ever the refs let him get away with.!!really, what kind of dumb ass pulls another players shorts down.?during a game.!!i just hope perk can keep it under control, i just don’t have a lot of faith that he can, the c’s need to keep pushing the ball up the court so the lakers can’t set up their defense..and make bynum move..

  • mollysdaddy

    Does anyone know? The play Jackson was talking about, Howard had his hand on KG’s hip area. Two times KG hit (and we all know I mean hit) it away. Was Howard squeezing his Roy Hobbs injury or something. If KG just wanted him off I’m sure he would have gone with a forearm or something. The way it played out my impression was he was hurting him.
    I’m not trying to start another DH is dirty thread here, just curious about if KG said anything after.

  • BringBackVitaly for #18

    Howard’s HGH hands were squeezing KG’s ribs. has to be one of the oldest tricks in the book of dirty plays.
    howard got away with it and with a ref staring right at them too.
    i’m all for dirty basketball, but screw phil jackson for saying this is an example of the celtics “smackdown” mentality.

  • mollysdaddy

    Sorry, umm Potapenko?
    Thanks for the insight.

  • thetitleisours

    Head games



  • ih8perk

    It was a disgusting foul, how could any person think otherwise?

  • He’s gonna have a great view from his high-chair of the Celtics beating him again.