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This sums up Lakers fans nicely

Lakers fans

Nice thumb ring, dude.

This dude just creeps me out.  What's with the Gene Simmons thing he's trying to do as he says "LLLLLLLLAKERS"?  And of course he's got the "Hey look at me and how much money I make" jewelry on… with the shirt undone just enough to make sure you see it. 

And to cap it all off… he peers up to the jumbotron in hopes that he's on for everyone to see.

The only thing missing is licking his thumbs, smoothing out his eyebrows, and doing the shoot the camera with his thumb and forefinger thing.

Via Skeets

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  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    Isn’t that Kobe’s boyfriend?

  • The Jakester


  • Isn’t this the “Doin’ the bull dance, feelin’ the flow” guy?

  • Kevin Nealon? No

  • G4L

    This is good stuff!

  • umad

    oh u mad cuz im stylin on u

  • thetitleisours

    Ah LA, the City of fake boobs, poor people buying rich cars and starving, water bars, and all style over substance. Where it is better to try and impress than actually be impressive

  • jared

    Wow. This guy is so LA. Trust me, ive had the misfortune of spending a couple of weeks there. My lungs are still recovering from the smog. A city of fakes and phonies, a place where everyone wants to be a “star” and will do whatever it takes to get there. Which is funny to me, they all want to be in the movies, but Ive seen like 5 good movies in the last 10 years. Go figure.
    I give LA a 10 on the sleaze-scale.

  • thetitleisours

    It is a big disappointment to visit there. You would think it is all glamorous and it is actually kind of dirty, like where they have the walk of fame

  • Danno

    Men who wear visible jewelery beyond a wedding ring – faggots.

  • wow

  • DB

    Does anyone doubt this guy touches 5-yr old boys’ pee-pees in his spare time?
    What an MF creep!

  • maccattax

    theres no difference between him and the shirtless fan or fan who paints his face


    That’s gold!!!


    Hollinger – Kobe cannot be stopped…..on espn insider – I’m not paying to read that crap sorry but that’s the headline!!!

  • rondo killa

    boston the only town where if your afro-american with money… you play for the pats,celtics or red soxs

  • Green8Teen

    Why would any rich person choose to live in Boston, other than if they have roots here? I guess I just don’t understand what your trying to say…

  • That’s true. Boston is the only town that an Afro-American can play for either the Patriots, Celtics or Red Sox . Dipshit.

  • rondo killa

    just defending l.a… i rather have that clown reping l.a ..than be in that kkk city they call boston

  • Surely there must be one literate Laker fan.

  • JD

    kkk city even if it is home to the first franchise to draft a black player, and have a black coach? not to mention the basketball team is entirely african american save for one redhead. c’mon man.

  • just imagine your sister bringing home this guy for the holidays…..

  • KY Celts fan

    It does look like him though. I did a double take.

  • KY Celts fan

    I used to live in LA. The city itself is actually very clean. It’s just the people that are dirty.

  • KY Celts fan

    I think Hollinger’s picks have proven that his little number machine doesn’t mean dick.

  • KY Celts fan

    Remind me, which city does Donald Sterling live in?

  • rondo killa

    some boston is not an racist city??
    ladies lets not fool oursevles

  • I love LA

    Let’s not generalize here.
    That guy has douche written all over him, but he doesn’t represent the real Laker fans
    I’m sure I can speak for both Lakers and Celtics fans when I say we both equally respect the love we have for our teams, but we equally share animosity for one another as well. 🙂
    This guy doesn’t rep all of LA’s Fans. The real ones are the ones losing their voices up in the 300’s section.
    Really excited for Thursday,
    -A Laker fan

  • KY Celts fan

    Respect that.


    More gold!
    U think that guy is saying ‘Lickers’?

  • lainok

    As a life long die hard laker fan, every time I watch a game, I see that douche sitting there. And I just wish the team would revoke his season pass. The way people see my teams fans is bad enough, with out that guy having to be front and center for the world to see. Just button your fucking shirt, and take off your sun glasses. You’re inside. The only one who can do that is Jack. How would you guys feel if the guy with season celtics tickets that was always on t.v. was a drunk red head that was always throwing shit and getting in fights? It doesn’t really help the way people see you guys already.

  • thetitleisours

    They forget WHICH city had the LA riots !!!!!!!!
    Looks like LA is the racist city lol

  • thetitleisours

    Faker trolls come in and call Boston racist and WHICH city had the LA riots? hmmm?

  • No one recognizes “playing to the camera” on this web site? Really?
    And look at all the L.A. bashing, as if Boston is the pinnacle of “modern metropolis.”
    Boston has pollution (nice river you can’t swim in – I’ve never seen water that color, not even in the L.A. river. Boston has the APCC.), plenty of crime, race issues, political corruption, abusive cops, ghetto areas, and people who are as genuine as Kansas City clam chowder. I know. I lived there.
    I won’t be so ignorant or arrogant as to say, “I had the misfortune of being there…” I love Boston, but it’s no better than L.A.
    Why are we even talking about the cities? I thought this was a site dedicated to basketball.

  • thetitleisours

    Reginald Denny and Rodney King come to mind dude? LA is more racists by far
    And the Clippers owner? hmmm?