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The Finals have already been played… and you won’t like the result


The good folks at run a pretty cool site.  You can go there, run all sorts of simulations… past or present… and get some pretty fun results.

But I think their simulation machine is broken, because they just ran a sim of the 2010 NBA Finals… and they've got the Lakers winning in 7.  Here's how they see Game 1 going: 

For the second time this post-season, Pau Gasol came up clutch for the Lakers.

The Spaniard knocked down a game tying turnaround jumper at the
buzzer to send Game 1 to overtime Thursday night at the Staples Center.
Kobe Bryant took over from there, scoring nine points in OT to bail
out the Lakers and hand Los Angeles a 1-0 lead in the seven game series.

All five Celtic starters finished with double-digits as they
rallied to erase an eleven point halftime deficit.
Kendrick Perkins played like a man possessed,
scoring 17 points and ripping down 16 rebounds in the loss.

Bryant was the player of the game scoring 37 to go along with
seven rebounds.

Now I KNOW it's broken.  Gasol came up clutch?  Please.

The difference in this sim appears to be home court… with each team winning every game on its home floor.  

I, of course, think they're wrong about the result… simply because the Celtics are one hell of a road team.  But it's fun to see what this MIGHT play out like based on the simulations.

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    Well fellow leprachauns, I do believe the Lakers will win in 7 and I do share the simulations POV. I do believe my lakers will win games 1 and 2 with you leprachauns winning all 3 on your respective courts. Game 6 will be an overtime win for the Lakers and 7 will be a very close game with the Lakers pulling to a victory. Lakers in 7. However, I do not share the same view as the simulation did towards player’s stats.

  • Alex

    This is my prediction.
    Game 1 = Celtics
    Game 2 = Celtics
    Game 3 = Celtics
    Game 4 = Lakers
    Game 5 = Celtics

  • jared

    Simulate This—Celtics in 6.

  • ih8perk

    LOL, Gasol made a game winning, series ending shot against the OKC Thunder “Red’sArmy”, so If that isn’t clutch, please tell me what you constitute clutch as…

  • This simulation IS broken. There’s no way Perkins is gonna score 17 points and grab 16 rebounds in a single game DREAM ON. That’s more than 3 times what he is averaging this postseason! That will be his series total if and when he gets suspended for 1 technical foul. Those numbers look more like Bynum’s averages against Perkins this season. Yeah, yeah but Bynum’s hurt… check it out though; the Lakers’ injured center is still getting more points and rebounds than your healthy center. Realistically, the Lakers will win in either 5 or 6. Don’t deny that home court advantage is HUGE.

  • DRJ

    …or maybe LA wins game 3. You would not object, would you? 🙂

  • Jill

    celtics in 5… lakers will take either game 1, 2, or 3… celtics will take the rest

  • DRJ

    HCA has been meaningless to the Celtics this whole season, including the playoffs. Their record on the road was BETTER than their home record in the regular season – the first time in history that’s happened.
    Based on actual FACTS… I think it’s more reasonable to say that ‘you should not deny that HCA is meaningless’.

  • Thank god for these results. Now we don’t have to listen to laker fans complain that the simulation machine hates kobe.

  • Rodger

    cleaveland 61-21 gone.
    orlando 59-23 gone.
    l.a. 57-25 soon to be gone.

  • Rodger

    This team is a lot like the 68-69 team record wise they were 48-34 won game 7 in l.a was 55-27.
    Ballons stayed in the rafters parade cancelled all that good stuff.
    I would like to see us win at home but winning in la in game 6 or 7 works for me kobe and his buddies have a bad memory of being on the team bus waiting to leave sorry about the rock throwers.
    Now they can have a memory of losing on there home court and listing to the celtics celebrate in the visiting locker room.
    Just like the 68-69 celtics.

  • Alex

    Hmm, I really wouldn’t object. I just know we are going to lose ONE home game because the C’s have the tendency of screwing up at home. But I am definitely sure that the C’s will steal the TWO away games. I can definitely guarantee it.

  • Alex

    If you consider that clutch, then ANYONE in the NBA can be clutch with a simple rebound and throw back into hoop to win the game.
    Gasol was there at the right place at the right time. If Gasol ever made a clutch jumpshot, then we are talking. Simple clutch layups (after a rebound) are as clutch as me beating a five year old in chess after giving away my queen and rooks on purpose.

  • CFH

    Agreed! Homecourt was ever so helpful to Orlando and Cleveland…
    Oh, wait. Nevermind.

  • Donald

    I also have the Celts in 5. However this is because I am going to Game 5. Since I saw them eliminate the Cavs, and Magic this post season I thinks it’s only fitting I get to watch them take the title too.

  • ih8perk


  • c’s eat dees

    lakers in 5… i cant wait for the celtic fans to play the ‘ we were just the 4th seed ” card when they lose.. dont worry fellow laker fans the celtics will go back to being a bottom feeder team in a year or two.

  • That website had Cavs over Blazers in the finals at the start of the playoffs…so let’s take them with a grain of salt.
    I say Celtics in six, with the C’s taking one in L.A., losing one at home, and finishing them off in Cali…

  • laker

    i wonder if they would have had the c’s winning in 6 what would this post be saying?

  • Hey if you wanna bring the regular season into this, then be my guest! “Based on actual FACTS” the Lakers were far superior to the Celtics in the regular season. In the post season (which is more relevant now), the Lakers are UNDEFEATED at home. You’re right that the Celtics are a very good road team, but perfect beats very good. And since you’re not so great at home, the Lakers have a very good chance of winning at least 1 of 3 in Boston. But even if they don’t, they still can win it all. The Celtics can’t say the same.

  • GoWyo

    When the Celtics knocked off the Magic, my intitial gut feeling regarding Celtics vs Lakers was Celtics in 6. I’m sticking with my gut.

  • KY Celts fan

    Both the Jazz and Phoenix are horrible road teams, so a perfect home-court means nothing. The Lakers also had a perfect home-court in ’08 going into the finals.
    Also the Lakers are only a .500 team on the road this postseason, and that’s playing against injury-ladden and crappy defense teams.
    The Lakers could not have had an easier playoffs to this point, and Celtics could not have had a harder one, and yet we dominated.

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    I too will be going to game 5. I saw them eliminate the magic this year and I was there for the title game in 2008. In other words, the celtics win championships in my presence. Lets make it happen, celts in 5.

  • DRJ

    The way it works is this: We can use the regular season if it establishes a FLOOR, not a ceiling. I.e., if they did well at something – anything – in the reg season, then logically they will be AT LEAST as good at that thing now, when they’ve so clearly and dramatically stepped up their game.
    So…. their excellent performance on the road is likely to continue, even improve now. But any poor performance – like, say, losing to the Lakers – doesn’t imply much about what’s coming, because they’re so much better now.
    Hope that computes for you. Basically what I’m saying is that we get to eat our cake and have it too.

  • Travis

    Celtics in 6. We will win game 1 or 2, and then lose game 5 at home, and finish it off in 6.

  • Hey, the computers never would have had the Celts getting out of the 2nd round. Can we agree that it doesn’t mean a thing?

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Celtics in 6. LA tooooooo soft, HCA has meant nothing so far, Celtics bench much stronger, LA sh#tty at defending the three point line, Boston tougher in the paint.

  • I’ll say it again since you’re all too dense to understand (or admit): home court advantage is HUGE. Teams with HCA win the series 79% of the time. The Celtics are not immune to stats just because you beat an underperforming Cavs team (where was Lebron?). Orlando buckles under pressure; The Lakers beat them in 5 games in the finals last year (it took you 6 this year in the semis). Lakers are now up 1-0 in this series going into our second home game in a row. Yeah we’re a .500 team on the road, but the truth is, we don’t even have to win 1 game on the road to win this series. That’s what home court advantage does for you. The Celtics, on the other hand, MUST win one away game (assuming they win all 3 games at home- unlikely).