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Your Morning Dump… Where the hate is beginning to flow

Every morning, we compile the links of the
day and dump them
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

We begin with two storylines, premises, really, that you must
understand up front:

1)  The Celtics cry. They cry more than Best Actress winners at the
Oscars. They cry like every game is a wedding. Every time a call goes
against them, there will be more tears than Kleenex can handle. They cry
even after they have to dial 911 to mop up some fallen opponent who's
been mugged and beaten within an inch of his life.

2)  The Celtics also foul. They foul on every play. They foul
everyone, from stars to scrubs. They foul as a strategy. They foul as a
style. They foul as a tradition. They foul hard and they foul
incessantly. They foul just for the fun of fouling. They probably foul
their own bus driver on the way to the arena.

LA Times:  Ted Green: Your guide to hating the Celtics

This thing goes on to hate on almost every Celtics on the crew individually. 

Typical LA… can't say much good about their own team, so they're going to launch into the hate right away. 

That's alright… when the Celtics go in an take Game 1, the hate will be turned in on their own team… because that's how LA rolls.  They are as fickle a bunch as you'll find.  They can play great for 47 minutes but if they lag off just a little, the fans will turn on them in the final 60 seconds.

Most Lakers fans don't go to the games for the game.  They go to be seen.  If the Clippers magically got good, they'd be wearing red and blue in a blink.  They'll go wherever the stars go with a script or headshot at the ready hoping for that break to make it big. 

I'll bet most of them couldn't name 3 Celtics if they were looking at the team photo.  I'll bet most of them wouldn't even recognize Sasha Vujacic if the passed them on Rodeo Drive because he's just "beneath" them. 

Win a game in LA, and the sky will start to fall.  Win Game 1 in LA and people will start to burn the car flags they just bought.  Sure, their 5 actually hardcore fans will show faith, but the rest of their bandwagon, front-running losers will just freshen up their spray tans, put on a Dodgers jersey, and move on.

….. see.  We can do hate here too.  That's just a warm up.  Morning shoot-around, if you will.  This will be fun.  Thanks KWAPT for the link.

UPDATE:  In my morning haze, I completely missed this disgusting line about Paul Pierce:

By the way, Pierce's idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting
stabbed. Good times!

If you're offended by jokes about someone nearly being stabbed to death for no good reason… then you can write a letter to the editor of the LA Times.  Chuck has posted the address in the comments.  Keep it professional and classy.  Don't stoop to this jerk's level.

On Page 2: This might be Doc's best job yet

“First, he’s in charge of the team, and everyone knows that,” Ainge
said. “Second, he knows them. He knows their personalities, tendencies,
and that’s a great advantage for a coach. You can’t have that by
coaching them for one year – especially in the pressure cooker that we
were in this season.”

One byproduct from that pressure cooker is more fodder for the
argument that Rivers is at his best handling veterans. Ainge wants to
amend that perception.

“No two veteran teams and no two young teams are alike,” the general
manager said. “Some young players find it hard to pay attention, and the
same is true with some vets. This team is different from ’86, or the
Phoenix Suns team I played on.

“But it’s Doc’s personality and leadership that demand the following
he has now. That’s his greatest strength.”

Herald: Doc Rivers answers call to duty

We're starting to hear story after story about the job Doc Rivers has done this year.  It's getting more impressive each time I read about it.

Doc is in a tough spot with all of these veterans.  And not just veterans… because it's not like he's got a bunch of Shane Battier's or Grant Hill's on the squad… big-time Hall of Fame type players.  These are guys with huge egos… who all think the team needs them in the game and the ball in their hands to win. 

Yet Doc manages it all to perfection.  He gives them enough leash to be free… but he pulls on it just enough for them to know who's in charge.

I've said it before… Doc is the perfect coach for this team.  He just works. 

Let's hope he works well enough to lead the C's on another duck boat parade.

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  • CFH

    That Ted Green essay is actually funny… until he starts making stabbing jokes. Actual life and death and sports life and death are different. Did he also approve of Jazz fans taunting Derek Fisher about his sick kid?

  • BigMck

    That line about Pierce was disgusting. Here’s my letter to the Times editors and Ted Green:
    To Mr. Green and the editorial staff at the LA Times,
    I was appalled with the following line in Mr. Green’s column “Your guide for hating the Boston Celtics:”
    “By the way, Pierce’s idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times! ”
    Paul Pierce was the victim of a brutal assault ten years ago. In fact, he was nearly killed. To make light of this experience is crude, crass and disgusting.
    Pierce deserves an apology from Mr. Green and the Times editorial board.

  • BigMck
  • BigMck

    Doesn’t look like Green has an email address with the Times. He’s a producer with KTLA.
    All the other emails should work.

  • Hi everybody,
    I’m an italian celtic’s fan and I just want to ask you when are they going to start selling the tickets for game 3/4. I’m asking you because I would like to come to Bean Town and enjoy the finals. On they send me to “ticketmaster”, but they are not selling them. When are they going to start selling tickets? Is there anybody who can help me?
    Thanks and let’s go CELTICS, beat LA!!
    p.s. I’m sorry to write stuff like this on this web site but I need some information about tickets!

  • Alex

    I sent a complaint email to those email addresses, BigMck. That line really bothered me and I told them to stay classy.

  • Hah. Maybe if the LA Times was this brutal on Shaq and Kobe 10 years ago during their prolonged soap opera the lakers might have won a couple more championships.

  • Acerbus: will be releasing a “limited” number of tickets this Wednesday, 6/2/10 @ 11am EST. Log on to to buy. That is your best bet. Buying through a broker is going to be very expensive. Right now, balcony seats are averaging $400 a pop. Good luck my man.

  • Tickets are going to be hard to get, you can go to other websites like and They’re going to be expensive and they are going to sell fast. Nella bocca del lupo.

  • mollysdaddy

    Funny how the ownership of how the “big three” have been able to play together and keep their alpha dog mentality in check has changed. Two years ago we were praising the actual players for having the will, desire and ability to change their respective games to fit together, to win. Now we have stories about how were it not for Doc, maybe they wouldn’t have been able to do it.
    Not criticizing anyone, just curious about how and when the thinking changed on this.

  • BeAtLa

    It’s interesting, because last I checked, Kobe’s idea of a good time is rape…
    I guess he probably forgot about that one.

  • I was looking at that website. I didn’t know if that was safe enough and I couldn’t understand why they were not selling them on the official web site!!
    So if I find a ticket there is ok? Are they gonna send it home or I can purchase it when, I hope, I’ll be in Beantown?
    I’m sorry if I’m asking you all this questions, the fact is that i really want to came and support the C’s but I’ll not book the flight if I’m not sure to have at least a ticket for a game!! Thank you for your support!!

  • Thank you…the fact is that I want to be sure to have at least one ticket for a game before booking the flight to Beantown. I’m going to try with and Do you know how they works?
    Thanks for your support…

  • CityofAngeles

    The contents of this article prove how little you really know about Los Angeles. The simple notice that you think that there aren’t any fans over here in LA and we just parade around to Lakers games as like a social event is so far from the truth… And about if the Clippers began to win, we would sport their colors..Ha ha. Next time before you try to trash talk, at least try to be more accurate. That is not even considered a team over here. Just keep it up, the Lakers are pissed and we are going to get you. Dont worry, the Black Mamba is coming.

  • I’ve used those sites before for selling tickets so I’m guessing that they probably have the tickets listed before the team because they are coming from season ticket holders and are not the standard general admission tickets posted for the public.
    You might be able to buy them and pick them up at the garden but it depends on the seller. It’s a tough thing to pull off, but the websites are legit if you want to try.

  • Section328

    you are such a dork, get off our website. .500 finals record, ’nuff said.

  • Thank you…I tried it but by now they only send it home and they are not going to send it out of the US. I found another web site, and this one is sending it even to Italy, the only problem is that the tickets are going to arrive the day I’m suppose to live to Boston. I think my only chance to get a ticket is the 6/2/10 on the Celtics website.
    I case I can’t make it make same noise even for me. The Bank North Garden has to rock all night long!!

  • Section328

    Here was my letter to LA…
    Dear LA Times,
    I think it shows an incredible lack of class to put something into print that makes light of the attack on Paul Pierce that almost took his life. That’s beyond sports, that is horrible. I would hope that a newspaper would never be so disrespectful to a native son as you were to Mr. Pierce. Ted Green should be ashamed as should whoever had final say on it being seen by the public. Removing the piece is step one, issuing an official apology is step two.

  • Well, I know quite a bit about Los Angeles so let me share a story. Born and raised there, I finished high school in the mid 90’s. Not the best of times for your team (nor ours). During that time all my friends knew I was a Celtic fan but none of them cared about basketball. In winter of 99 (PJ’s first year) I came home to find those same friends had become passionate fans. I even remember mentioning the lakers/Celtics rivalry to one (who was head to toe in laker gear) and him asking “what laker/celtic rivalry?”.
    No doubt the laker fans are passionate about their team but they do disappear during the tough times. Jerry Buss knows this which is why he’s willing to spend on superstars and big time coaches.

  • Kevin M

    Get fucked. You’re all a bunch of spineless pussies.
    -Clippers fan

  • Ace and StubHub both have systems where you can pick your ticket up day of the game near the Garden. But.. both are ticket brokers so they will assess fees. If you can get yourself a ticket through the Celtics website, it will be significantly less expensive. Get at me on Twitter if you want to talk more about tickets.

  • SorryMan

    You could not be farther from the truth, want me to name all the celtics i know? Sure: Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rondo, Perkins, Marquis Daniels, Tony Allen, Nate Robinson, Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis, not going to lie, thats all I know…
    Before you dismiss all Laker fans as a specific type of a flamboyant, trivial, marginal fan, please remember that what you’re doing is stereotyping, and I sure am above stereotyping ALL Celtic fans. Think before you post.

  • You don’t know Brian Scalabrine?

  • I wrote you on Twitter, it’s the first time I used it (always used Facebook). By the way I’m “Cerbys 86″…

  • SydneyCeltic

    Late to the game (sue me, I was sleeping-stupid reversed days/nights) but I sent an email to the LA Times and tried to post a comment on the column itself.
    I *love* what I’m hearing about Doc at the moment. It’s just making me love him and this team more and more and more.

  • JD

    I’m so sorry for your condition. I hear “Clippers fan” happens to be one of the most debilitating and insufferable diseases known to man.

  • SorryMan

    Haha ok you got me there, and I just remembered you guys signed Michael Finley, but hey, isn’t that pretty good for a guy who “couldn’t name 3 Celtics if they were looking at the team photo” I’d say 10 is good enough considering I named all the rotation players + some

  • CityofAngels

    Its funny because your fans must be the same way because I remember a certain night at the Garden when YOUR fans chanted MVP for the same guy they now hate. Its pretty ironic how “prideful” boston got after the Big Three.

  • What’s even funnier is that OUR fans doing that were wearing laker gear. Or do you think maybe, just maybe those were laker fans in attendance?

  • mikey

    Dude that is the most played out line.
    Nobody cares.
    So it was 2006 and a few people in TD Bank north chanted mvp for kobe.
    Whoooopidy doo.