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Pierce: “I want to play against LA”

Pierce mvp 

"That's the natural mentality when you lose to a team in the
championship and then have a chance to play that team again," Pierce
said after Boston concluded a two-hour practice session at the Sports
Authority Training Center at HealthPoint. "That's natural and if I was
in [Kobe Bryant's] position, I'd probably feel the same way. I feel that
way, regardless. Even though we won [in 2008], I want to play against
L.A.; Go there and win a championship in my hometown again. The rivalry,
period… There's so many things that can motivate you being in the
Finals. You can put them all in a hat and pick one."

ESPN Boston:  C's wanted Lakers too

These guys know damn well what's at stake here. 

You can't put on these uniforms without feeling the rivalry.  You can't play in either town without knowing that if there's even the most remote possibility of a Celtics-Lakers Finals, that's what every fan will be pulling for deep down.

Pierce talks about winning the title in his home town… I'm thinking I want the celebration in Boston again.  As sweet as it would be to party in front of their home crowd… I still want it done on our turf.

As for the particulars of today's practice:  Rondo went most of the way… Sheed avoided contact… 'Quis is probably done for the series.

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  • MiddleFingerExtended

    ok im all over different celtics blog and all im hearing is “this is the last hurrah”… im i missing something here??? we’ve played lights out!!! why cant we keep the same core sprinkle in more youth… rest our core during the regular season and unleash them in the playoffs(the spurs have been doing that for a while)… everybody loves writing off the Cs for some reason…

  • Well… Ray may or may not be back.. and everyone will be a year older…
    So I can see why this MIGHT be the last go-round for these guys… but it’s not DEFINITELY the last time.
    If they do all come back next year… it’s gonna be a rough regular season. Just know that in advance.

  • Lex

    Kobe is scary, with his ability to drain turnarounds and fade-aways from deep. But I still trust P squared to outperform him when it counts.

  • DRJ

    If true, it’s too bad about Quis. I was thinking he’s the only one tall enough to properly guard Kobe, other than Paul (since Pose is not around). And he didn’t even hit anything very hard… just ribs… very strange that they call that a “concussion”, and then it turns out to be so serious. Something’s not right with that story, tho I’ve no idea what.

  • lakerfan707

    I cant wait for this, good luck to you beantown, but dont take this a$$ whoopin personally!!!

  • Agreed, very strange. You just don’t see/hear stories like that in NBA often, or if at all.