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Doc: “You feel a responsibiity [to beat LA]”

This rivalry — what does it mean to you?

It means a lot. I know the history. I love the history of the game.
To be part of it is huge for me, personally. But you feel a
responsibility. You don’t want them to beat you. And that’s just the
bottom line. Let’s say you were playing Phoenix. You still would want to
win the world championship, obviously. But you’re playing the Lakers,
and it’s like you’re thinking more about you want to beat them and less
about wanting to win the title. And that’s probably good.

WEEI: Rivers on D&C: "You feel a responsibility" to beat LA

I like the turn Doc is making.

It started with the trophy ceremony after beating Orlando when he said "This starting 5 has never lost a series… EVER."

Doc went from a "I believe in these guys" kinda "rah rah" guy… to a "Hey, everyone… we're here to kick your asses.  Who wants some of this?" kinda guy.

He no longer seems to be saying things like "We CAN do it".  He's saying things like "We WILL  do it."  Like this:

I know we did, we thought, “Let’s get back to them.” I think they
thought the same way; at least, that’s what I’m hearing now. It’s
happened, and we’ll be ready for it.

This is what makes him such a good coach.  He can sense what the team needs and he's now making the subtle shift. He's now leading this team into a streetfight.  No more canned crap.  He's rolling up his sleeves and leading his team into battle.  

If the Celtics are going to win this series, they're going to have to impose their wills on these pretty boys from LA.  They're going to have to beat them up… make them spend an extra 15 minutes soaking in the hot tub… make them feel the games the next morning.

The Celtics need to be the bruisers from Beantown… bullying the Lakers into submission.  Doc's starting to subtly adopt that attitude.  And I love it.

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  • Champ

    Yeah great coach, and the Celtics are so hard!! So tough, not soft. Lakers are soft, Celtics are not.
    Hey did you guys hear the news? Lakers are soft. Celtics are Hard.
    Oh, I’ve got a great story here…
    Did you hear how the Lakers are so soft and the Celtics are not soft? Great story, let’s write this again and again.
    Oh, I almost forgot, did all of you Sully O’Flinegan’s hear the latest news about the Finals?
    The Celtics are tough and not soft, while the Lakers are soft and not tough. Did you hear about this yet?

  • Sarcasm aside….
    … it’s true

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I didn’t have to HEAR about it, I can SEE it on the court. I SAW it in 2008 and I SEE it in 2010.


    Doc knows this team is gonna win. He KNOWS it – must be a great feeling after all the crap he’s dealt with this season….

  • ducksawce

    OOH!!..and Kobe “wants revenge”…the Lakers “want revenge” after their spanking in 2008!!
    “Kobe won’t let them lose”…”everyone knows he’s no Lebron…he won’t give up!”…
    Yeah, spare the sarcasm and drop the act…your Lakers are as likely to be able to cope with the Celtics’ physicality as the city of LA is to get rid of smog-shine.
    The point is this…the Celtics have PROVEN to be able to dominate the Lakers before with their defense and physicality…what have the Lakers shown to have done in proving to anybody that they can counter with anything but their typically finesse-oriented offense (a great one at that I must admit)?
    What…Ron Artest? You think HE is going to change things…good luck Plastic LA

  • jared

    Reading stuff like this makes me kind of upset Doc might leave after the season. He deserves a ton of credit for whats going on with the club.