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Bynum has a lot of fluid drained from knee


Via the LA Times:

Lakers center Andrew Bynum had a substantial amount
of fluid drained from his right knee Monday, according to a team

Bynum had almost 2 1/2 ounces removed, after being slowed by torn
cartilage in the knee for a little more than a month, an injury that has
limited his time and effectiveness on the court.

Undergoing the procedure was a last resort, Bynum said.

"I didn't want to," he said. "I'm the one who had been fighting it
the whole time. But it just got to a point where the swelling was just
staying there…"

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  • Tollbooth Willie

    When’s he going to get it drained from his brain?

  • ih8perk

    When’s Perkins going to drain anything other than an open dunk?

  • kgh8ter

    when is garnett going to be called for an illegal screen?

  • Paul

    You guys have to see this! Ron Artest pulling Paul’s shorts down!


    Who’s stealing my name????

  • KY Celts fan

    Trolls. If you rub the jewel on their belly, you’re allowed to make a wish that they’ll go away.

  • 00dc2

    looks like he’s going to have some fluid drained from something else

  • maccattax

    celtics fans are idiots …. you guys are the only fans who never take blame for a loss.. from the kg didnt elbow q rich .. to the dwight is the dirtiest player in the league(have ya heard of kg?) when/if lakers beat you guys the the”we wernt suppose to be here” story is going to come out.. one more thing.. how fawndo makes u guys better when yall havent been a bad team in 3 years??
    p.s the celtics have only be a factor 3 years of my 20years watching the nba

  • Champ

    Actually, they have only been relevant 2 out of the last 20 years.
    Making it to the Finals = Relevant
    Winning it all = Most Relevant
    Anything else = Not Relevant

  • Where did anyone in this thread make an excuse for past losses or set up excuses for future losses? If you’re a laker fan (and I say if because of your ‘when/if lakers win. . .’ comment – most laker fans are too arrogant to even consider losing is a possibility) I find it ironic that you post this in a thread about Andrew Bynum.

  • maccattax

    im a laker fan.. but i do know a game still has to be played.. most lakers fans are arrogant because winning is the only option . the “new”lakers are like the yankees-cowboys lakers & celtics in the 80’s spoiled in the spoils of winning.. to anwser your othe question im new to this format of debating sports forgive me if im in the wrong forum