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Predictions Are Out: With Two More Converts

The 2010 NBA Finals: Where Celtics vs. Lakers Part XII Happens.  ESPN has already posted their "Expert Predicitons," and it looks like the Celtics have converted two more analysts to their green religion.  Amazingly, one of them is native LA writer J.A. Adande.  The other is Chris Sheridan who has had a first hand witnessed account of the C's execution of the Heat, Magic and Cavs. Nobody is picking this series to go less than 6 games, which means everyone is expecting a series for the ages.  The only problem is that we all have to wait five more days for the war to begin.


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  • greenbeand

    celts raise banner 18 in 4

  • rondo-is-love

    It’s funny that of all the experts, Adande has converted because he picked Magic in 5 last time. I think Legler has more faith in the C’s than the other ESPN guys who make those predictions. In 2008, he was the only one to predict a Celtics win (he said they’d win in 7). Hollinger and Stein picked Lakers in 5 that year. Hollinger has been dead wrong about the C’s this postseason… probably because he goes by regular season stats a lot.
    Let’s go C’s!

  • Atlas Shrugged

    The Big 4 have never won a series on the road. 0-7 in road close out games over three years if I am counting correctly. That will likely need to change as it would seem unlikley to finish this series in 4-5.
    The Lakers have won their last 5 series on the road. Denver, Orlando, Oklahoma,Utah and Phoenix. All road close outs.

  • andrew nelson

    Celtics will take it in 5 or 6. They are on a mission. they will be focused and ready to go. Lakers are a flashy team just like 2008. nothing has changed. We will see how tough pau is. Pau Gasoft!!!

  • PaulPierce34

    In 2008, the Celtics won game 6 at the Palace at Auburn Hills in Detroit to clinch the Eastern Conference championship, but nice try.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    If Gasoft does not get a double technical with Perkins, he should give his salary back. Hopefully for the Lakers it is in Game 2 so that Perkins misses the first game in Boston.

  • Alex

    You actually believe Gasoft has the balls to mess with Perkins? Even if Gasoft tried to mess with Perkins, Perk will just laugh in amusement.

  • Atlas Shruggs

    Perkins laughs? I think smiling is a pre-requisite to laughing.

  • srm90

    Keep in mind that Hollinger picked the Celtics at first than immediately changed his pick to the Lakers, so his pick doesn’t count.

  • Lisa

    Celtics in 7!! Maybe even 6! But I sorta wanna win that trophy on their court for their fans to watch! The Celtics are hungry and underestimated, we got this!

  • Sal

    I think this setup kills the Celtics, because they play their 3 home games in a row and we all know how prone they are to the occasional home no-show. They absolutely have to win one of the first two in Los Angeles, then grab two out of the three in Boston, then get it done in 6 or 7 in L.A. If they can steal game 1 and Perk gets the tech we’re all expecting him to get then, I’d be thrilled with that result.

  • 2008 ECF was won in Detroit
    Edit: already pointed out

  • KY Celts fan

    I’m pretty surprised by Adande, considering what a Kobe ball-choker he is. It would be like Fordsberg picking the Lakers.
    The only pick I’m looking at is Obama’s. His sports picks have been the kiss of death this year, and he picked the Lakers.

  • Uncle Leo

    What are you guys, amateurs? Adande is clearly pulling off quite a clever reverse jinx. As for Hollinger, him picking the Lakers is a good sign.

  • srm90

    He picked the Celtics first, then switched it. In my book, that’s picking the Celtics ;).

  • Nora

    Kind of wished they all picked Lakers…we know what happened last time. Oh well, they will still win.

  • Travis

    So called experts… Ha Jalen has been dead wrong all playoffs on predictions. He’s predicted every team but the Celtics to win. He’s doing it again. I like our chances. Celtics over Fakers in 6.

  • Add Charley Rosen for those picking the lakers. He’s got them in six.

  • Coma

    What were Obama’s picks this year so far?