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Magic is ready to play on Thursday

Magic Johnson is pretty fired up about the Finals.

Couldn't have said it any better myself.  Well… I could probably have delivered it a little more cleanly… but I mean the sentiment.

Via Lex

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  • Alex

    Magic is such an awesome guy. xD

  • Ajay

    Magic one of the greatest said it the best way possible. I don’t know if you guys seen this but this is a great montage by ESPN

  • Someone better tell Orlando and Greg they really did lose to the Celtics and they wont need to be ready to play anyone on Thursday.

  • This is amazing. I LOLed multiple times.

  • BRADinLA

    Dammit Magic, stop making me love a Laker so much.

  • DB

    As much as I’ve loathed the Lakers and most of their players my entire life, I’ve ALWAYS likes Magic, from my days watching him play when I was a kid in the 1980s to today. I always wanted the C’s to beat him, but I always RESPECTED him and admired him. And I dig him on TV, even though he’s not the most eloquent of speakers (hey, neither is Larry!).
    That being said…Celtics in 6! \m/

  • KB24lakerland

    Go Lakers! I hate the Celtics!! I hate Paul Pierce!!!! I hate Garnett and his wanna pretend to be hard and trying to intimidate people! All I gotta say to Garnet is ….. MAN PLEASE! Kobe is rolling into the Finals and knock you boys out so hard you wont wanna even say let alone think of another NBA Finals!!! Black Mamba rolling in with Big Bynum, my boy Big Ron Ron, and handle you boys. The only reason we only won 1 outta 2 games in the regular season is cause Kobe didnt play and that was only by 1 point! Them of NBA Finals…….. WELCOME TO THE LAKE SHOW! You scrubs are our guess disrespect us and get tossed off the show sooner then later as it is only inevitable!!! KB24 4 life!

  • Boston Man

    Can you repeat that in English, please?

  • Travis

    You only one the first game by 1 point with a lucky shot from Kobe at the end. This is a whole new team, whole new ball game, whole new level. Lakers haven’t seen nothing yet.

  • Wilt

    It aint luck when it happens six times in a season say queensbridge.

  • English has never been the strong suit of Laker fan.

  • Christopher

    Not to mention Rondo’s utter explosion this postseason. This post season team is different from the team that met with the Lakers on both occasion. Firing on all cylinders, which they are, I can’t feel better about them. Dare I say a five game series?

  • 34AtTheBuzzer

    Dude, did you mean to throw up in the comment box? What does “You scrubs are our guess disrespect us and get tossed off the show sooner than later as it is only inevitable!!!” mean??? I forgot from 2 years ago how awesome Laker fan comments are, although they seemed to disappear soon enough after game 6…