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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celts are Eastern Conference Champs


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“They made us both look bad,’’ said Van Gundy. “Cleveland was upset
because they didn’t play well. We’re upset because we didn’t play well.
But they’re just playing very well to go through two series like that.
No. 1, they will get down and dirty on defense. No. 2, they are a very
unselfish team on offense.’’

Globe – With their pedigree, it was a matter of time

Well, I'll be darned. Those gray beards in the green uniforms who
frustrated us with their inconsistent play from November to April are
four wins away from Banner 18.

How great is that quote from SVG? It sums up this team perfectly.

Doc Rivers deserves a ton of credit. Aside from the obvious move of preparing Nate Robinson to play last night, he pushed the right buttons all season long. Remember the "practice hard, play less minutes" strategy at the end of the regular season?

“I had seen unhealthy, and
we were .500 unhealthy … We only had one shot at this.”

“I thought it was the right plan, but it didn’t look right because we
were losing,” Rivers said. “But guys were resting and conditioning, and I
thought that was the only chance we had.”

Yahoo! – Rivers plan leads Celtics to Finals

While he couldn't convince the media, he did convince his players they could achieve this.

On the injury front, Doc said he thinks Rondo will be fine, yet he's concerned about Rasheed's back spasms. I'm sure 5 full days off will cure most of this team's aches and pains.

On Page 2, kudos to Nate Robinson but the night belonged to Paul Pierce.

Pierce poured in a game-high 31 points on 9-of-15 shooting with 13
rebounds and 5 assists over 44:53. He erupted for 11 points in the third
quarter, getting to the line for six freebies — all of which he made
— while helping the Celtics build a 21-point cushion and coast to the
finish line of the series.

But it was Pierce's work on the glass that really stood out to the
coaching staff.

"The rebounding — I said it earlier, if you want to see how Paul
Pierce is playing, go to the rebound numbers," said Celtics coach
. "If those numbers are high, that means he's playing well."

ESPN Boston – Postgame notes

It was a money performance by a money player. In his column this morning (see link on Page 1) Bob Ryan compared Pierce to Bird and Havlicek. He was right on.

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  • Ohio Celtic and family are – and have been – manning Fort Ever Green for the Celtics for the past 30 years, and here we go…I’d love to beat LA, but I’d love to hoist Banner 18 even more, I don’t care who we have to beat. If we play defense like we are capable of doing, NO ONE can beat us. ESPN and their ilk don’t seem to know what true defense means…they seem to think that because LA has a couple of bigs, that means they play defense, when in reality ONLY Boston plays a true team defense. Whats more, the boys take pride in defense. Can’t wait until Thursday

  • mollysdaddy

    I thought Pierce was setting the tone last night too. One play in the second quarter he took a spill above the three point line on a loose ball on defense. He popped right up ran the floor and got that great pass from Rondo for the lay in. Energy, determination and leadership, he was the captain all night.
    Did you hear Wyc just after the buzzer? He sought out Rondo, “I’m so proud of you!” How awesome is that?

  • green8teen

    i heard that too, was nice to see and hear. rondo kinda looked dis-interested in it too, hah. probably not, but just what i thought.

  • Mollysdaddy

    That is just how Rondo looks. Sometimes I wonder if he tortures mice at home. The dude just never seems to show much emotion.

  • DRJ

    I’ve been REALLY wondering if he will keep it up when the Cs win the championship. I mean… he HAS to let it go then! I mean… even KG…….


    I hope we play the Lakers. They’re a 6 man team and Bynum is gimpy – no way they get 4 games from us. The suns are deeeeep and as much as I think our D can shut down their pick and roll to some degree with their bench they can win games…