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On to the next one: The Lakers

Lakers fans wanted us…

They got us.

It's officially Celtics vs. Lakers.  Game 1 is June 3rd.

I'm way too pumped for this already.

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  • Paul Pierce is a DoucheBag

    Lakers will sweep!
    Thank you
    God Bless

  • How many times have we been swept now in these playoffs? This 4 by my count.

  • Zach

    At least “Paul Pierce is a DoucheBag” is polite!
    Good luck not losing your first 2 games on your floor, hehe.

  • There’s always at least one that comes in and does the “my team in 4″…. “you got lucky, my team in 5″…. “that’s shit, my team in 6″…. “don’t let us win one, my team in 7″… “Oh ok… good series. Congrats”

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Are we gonna win it on our court or theirs this time? I was at game 5 in 2008 and they came close, but it was nice for them to get it done at home (BY 39!) I kind of hope it will get to game 6 so I can see them beat the Flakers in person this time.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I cannot wait. Lakers are in for a RUDE awakening they don’t play defense out in the western conference like we do here

  • Leo

    Even as a Lakers fan, I understand how difficult this series will be to win. Hopefully, the Lakers can protect their home court, and play well on the road. Hopefully, Kobe guards Rondo and Artest does a good job on Pierce. We’ll see what happens.

  • LA has to win the first two. Do that and get one in Boston and you are set. Hopefully (for us) Boston gets one or both of the first 2.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Im predicting we take one of the first two, then drop one of the 3 at home, then close it out in the staples center in 6
    Kobe is gonna put up one hell of a fight, we can allow Kobe to get his if we keep them off the boards and keep Gasol in check. If KG, Perk, and Rasheed keep Gasol in check we will handle these guys

  • Lee in Oregon

    Celts are gonna smother them with D like they havmt seen in 2 years.
    Jay Z should move on to the next one cause that shit is weak……”wearin white boat shoes”? What the hell happened to “stayin humble, stayin hungry, treatin every project like it’s your 1st”?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    and I need to talk about this whole “Kobe guarding Rondo” thing… Lakers fans seem to believe this is the answer. If fisher is out there we WILL find him and exploit him. Just like Mo Williams in the cavs series. Do people forget that if Fish isn’t guarding rondo then he has to check Ray Allen, who can still completely light it up and has an endless motor. Kobe cannot check Rondo the whole game because he’ll have NO energy to score 30+ a game on top of that.
    The only difference between the Celtics and the rest of the league –> Our starting Five has NO weak link defensively. What other elite team in the NBA can say that? We are the best at exploiting matchups we like and Fish cannot check Rondo.
    Rondo is Finals MVP!!

  • Atlas Shrugged

    This is going to be awesome. Congrats to Celtics fans for being involved in whats to come. Wow. I like both team’s chances.
    Lakers Fans Worldwide.

  • srm90

    Boy oh boy do the Lakers and Celtics have a FIGHT on their hands. This is going to be a tough series. The games are going to get very physical, and that Celtics defense is going to be tough to penetrate. KG may not be the DPOY he was in 2008, and Allen and Pierce may be older, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that defense. If anything it’s gotten better. The Lakers are little more prepared this time around, they’ve got much Finals experience under their belt, but underestimating this team would be a big mistake. I’m looking very forward to this matchup and I hope that this time my Lakers can come through. May the best team win.

  • Jason

    Fakers against elite D = FAIL
    Rondo-roam strategy = FAIL
    Fisher defending anyone = FAIL
    Fakers bench = FAIL
    Celtics in 5.

  • Travis

    I really believe the Magic was the toughest team to overcome. They are one of the better defensive teams in the league, and we already took care of them. KOBE YOU AINT GO NO D. Celtics in 6.

  • Nick

    Hallelujah. We finally get to put it on these Purple and Gold fagets. I just need to know there recipe for stopping Rondo? NOBODY on the team can guard him..Including Kobe, and if they really think Kobe can guard him than wow this thing is already over. Cleveland learned the hard way what happens when you start mixing and matching by putting Parker on Rondo and Mo on Ray Allen. It gives us an advantage at multiple spots. And all of the bafoons out there who think Ron Artest covers Pierce good, go get some stats you fucking retards, even when Artest was in his Prime he couldn’t handle my man PP, now Artest is old and washed up, Count on him being in foul trouble CONSTANTLY and not even being a factor in the series. By the way besides Lamar Odom who doesn’t count because he plays 36 minutes per game, who is on LA,s bench??? Vujacic, Brown, Farmar? A bunch of hyb rid guards who aren’t particulary any good anyways. I just feel like this is going to be very much like the Clevend series. And for all of the Pau Gasol supporters, we have 4 guys coming to fucking torture you EVERY SINGLE Game. There is just no way we can lose this barring an injury. Kobe likes to impose his will on series and grind his teeth like the fucking pussy that he is,well against Utah and Phoenix there is nobody to push him back. We Paul and Ray. I’ve always argued Pierce is better than Kobe, and been laughed at, now I want 2 know what happens when they meet 2 times in the prime of their careers and Pierce wins both times? Then what will motherfuckers say?

  • JD

    Should be interesting. Tables are set, both teams healthy, both teams get equal rest. Arguably the best coaches in the game going against eachother. The best player versus the best core of players (Big 4, if you wanna call em that). Most polished offensive team versus the most tenacious defensive team. Should be awesome. A few things to look for:
    Will Paul be able to take over like he did in 08 and steal Kobe’s thunder? OR…
    Will Rondo be the guy who takes over more often? Which leads to the obvious…
    Is Rondo’s improvement going to be enough to cover up the Big 3’s aging. Paul and Ray are still more than capable players and can put up some big performances, but KG worries me after those last few games in Orlando, especially going against Pau Gasol. And back to Rondo, I’m guessing the Lakers will employ the strategy of Kobe roaming and helping on defense. Obviously Rondo is better at dealing with that now, but when the ball is out of his hands, will it still hurt the offense? because he still isn’t a threat as a jump shooter. But I think Rondo will have a big series if the Lakers just dismiss him offensively like they did in 08 (I think Rondo is having a big series no matter what the Lakers do, actually.)
    One thing is guaranteed: this is gonna be fun.

  • you think you’re too fired up now? watch magic talkin about the matchup on sportscenter haha. the man is SO pumped seems like he wants to suit up and get on the floor for this one. gotta love the passion! cant wait.


    You green bastards have a fight on your hands. Sorry, this isnt the same team in 08 you played. You surely WONT have your way like in 08. Im not saying Lakers sweep or anything, im going Lakers in 6.
    Last year was retribution, this year, its REVENGE

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This is exactly how I see it going too. Maybe Fakers even win game 6 too, and then we take it in game 7 along with all their fans hearts.

  • Angrey Turk aka ssshady35

    I can’t wait to see what the ESPN “experts” are going to choose. I got the Celtics in 6 again just like in 08. Good luck Celts!!

  • Angrey Turk aka ssshady35

    Shows what a jack ass you are, you go from Fakers sweep to Fakers in 6. I got the Celts in 6 just like in 08 your team has NO bench and the starters can’t go 48 min a game against our D!! Go Celtics!

  • Uncle Leo

    Have the Lakers gotten better or do they still rely on Kobe more than ever? Is Rondo a legit superstar? Have the celtics aged too much since they won the last time? Did the suns do the Lakers a favor by playing so much zone? So many questions will be answered can’t wait.
    Can’t see this series not going 7.

  • oooP

    lakers have gotten better without a doubt. kobe is more efficient, bynum can contribute, artest can check paul pierce. should be an interesting series, lakers in 7 😉


    Bugger me Adande picked us!!!!
    I am calmed by the fact Legler has us and Stein has the Lakers – AND so does Abbott…
    Actually now I’m worried Adande picked us – his picks are atrocious!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I was watching WF game 6 last night, and I was kind of shocked: no D at all from anyone, like it was a friendly game. Wow.

  • DRJ

    Yeah.. thanks for the link… I’m happy they’re STILL the underdogs. This was a close one, tho!

  • DRJ

    Don’t expect too much from Paul offensively… this isn’t gonna be his series. Rondo should have a field day, every game. Ray should shine. KG, Sheed, even Baby… should all do well offensively. The one thing they gotta figure out is who’s gonna cover Kobe.

  • Boston Man

    Ledger <3

  • Boston Man

    no homer


    Shows how much of a half minded dumbass you are. I NEVER said Lakers SWEEP. I said “Im not saying lakers sweep or anything….” You need to learn to read dumbass.


    May i also add….FEAR LA. FEAR LA.

  • Sean

    There you go! the moment we all have been waiting for, a Lakers and Celtics finals.
    I read all of the comments above and most of them do not make any sense at all. All the comments contain hate without reason or logic. Anyway my analysis for the finals are very simple…
    The team that plays harder than the other will win, as for which team is better?
    You just cannot clearly put one team above the other, their are a lot of similar things that both the teams are doing well, such as defense and rebounding. offense comes and goes, we shouldnt be bothered about it. Both teams will manage it.
    Lakers homecourt doesnt matter, neither does Celtics road to the finals in which They beat Cavs and Magic. Props to the Celtics for doing it, but in the finals both teams deserve to be there and the team that plays with more…
    1. poise
    2. energy
    3. heart
    4. hussle
    …will win, It should be exciting to watch, lots of nerve wrecking moments will be their, to best teams playing against eachother.
    Im a lakers fan and i have utmost respect for Celtics, the way they are playing, with heart, and energy, its awesome to see. Clearly the best team in the East and obviously lakers have once again showed they are best from the West.
    KG is back
    Rondo the best point guard by faaaaar in the NBA
    Sheed is playing championship ball
    you guys are in great form and rhythm. Hopefully it will be a good series and the best team will prevail and lift the title.
    As for the lakers, well they have showed for the second year running that they are one of the best in rebounding, blocks, poise, energy and hustle. They play with heart and have to give you guys credit for teaching the lakers that championships arent wont on offense and props to the lakers for taking that in their system and winning a championship, now we are back in the Finals for the third straight year.
    Overall both teams have the same idea on how to win and they play according to it that is DEFENSE.
    Props to your team for shutting everyone up and playing like champions which you guys definitely are, and well lakers times and again show what they are so it should be exciting.
    Let the Best team win and both sets of fans should show magnanimity in victory and respect for the opposing team in failure.
    Lets GO Lakers!


    Quality from a Lakers fan…u have no chance of fans showing respect though!!! 😉

  • larry

    sean, you hit the nail on the head.!you outlined four good points..poise..energy..heart..hustle..and don’t forget determination..gut’s..focus..energy..all the qualities of the celtics..