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Krypto-Nate Challenges Superman

Nate Robinson came out of nowhere last night and put on a scintillating performance to help the Celtics punch their ticket to the NBA Finals.  While he drilled threes and played excellent defense, this one play in particular stood out.  Nate was clearly thinking he was still in the dunk contest as he tried to jam it over Dwight Howard.  Howard planted him on the attempt, but the sheer fact that Nate had the balls to even challenge him was quite impressive.  Watch below:

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  • Alex

    If Nate dunked that ball on Howard, I would have shut the TV and went to sleep. Stunned out of my damn mind.

  • MiddleFingerExtended

    the league really needs to crack down on howard for the elbows and two arm swipes like in the video

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Yeah, I actually likes Howard before this series, but no more. He’s dirty, and I don’t mind if your dirty if you claim it (i.e. Lambeer, Artest, etc.) but don’t come in smiling and dancing and then throw some sneaky elbows, and try and fool the fans and refs. That thing he was doing to KG in game 6 is a martial arts move, “eagle claw”, and it sucks. Im glad KG tried to hack his arm off.

  • I bleed green in L.A.


  • Jason

    Can someone clarify the rules for me. If I stand still in the circle and body someone, it’s a foul. But if I jump straight up and bump, it’s not? The ref indicated it was only a foul because Howard brought his hands down. And Howard does this ALL THE TIME without getting called. He even did to LeBron last postseason for no foul. So I can’t bump or body or impede you down low, but if I throw myself in air and knock you on your ass, that’s ok? Is this really the rules or just Howard rules?

  • Diogenes

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  • The Jakester

    Nate must have huge balls.