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Your Morning Dump… Where they gotta stop Jameer

Rondo nelson

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

In Orlando's two wins, Nelson's ability to come up with
clutch shots captures your attention.

But it was his ability to
beat Rondo off the dribble via one staggered screen after another, that
opened things up for the entire Orlando roster.

"They got a lot
of good players, don't get me wrong," C's Tony Allen said. "But Jameer
is the one that kind of creates a lot of what they do. He's the point
guard. That's his job. We have to do a better job on trying to limit
some of the things he likes to do."

CSNNE: Game 6 Key: Point Differential

So many people are saying so many things about how Dwight Howard has stepped up.  The numbers certainly show he's had some monster games, but those games, at least offensively, are a direct result of Jameer Nelson's penetration and pick-and-roll play.

In the first 3 games, the Magic were content to pull a page out of Mike Brown's oh-so-successful playbook and post Dwight Howard… and subsequently watch him get muscled around by Kendrick Perkins.  In games 4 and 5, Jameer has been getting around the corner and past the Celtics guards.

That means the big have to step up and stop him, because he's good enough to stop and pop and hit a few shots.  But, he's also good enough to find open guys, especially Howard rolling towards the rim. 

So do you want to stop Dwight Howard?  Do you want to get hands back in the faces of shooters? 

Then you stop Jameer Nelson from turning those corners.  You fight through the picks… You show as he comes off them and drive him away from the lane… and you rotate to make sure there are no options for him.

Stop Jameer Nelson… stop the Magic.

On Page 2… Borges calls for a Rambis moment

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dwight herald

Since the officials have decided to leave it up to the players then
it is time for the Rambis-ing of Howard. All Celtics fans remember Game 4
of the 1984 NBA Finals when Kevin McHale took down Kurt Rambis on a
breakaway as if he was in the calf-roping competition at the National
Finals Rodeo. Rambis got up spoiling for a fight but his team didn’t,
and what had once seemed like a Lakers blowout turned out to be a
Celtics victory. They tied the series at 2 and ended up winning it in
seven games.

At the time, Cedric Maxwell explained what resulted when he said,
“Before Kevin McHale hit Kurt Rambis, the Lakers were just running
across the street whenever they wanted. Now they stop at the corner,
push the button, wait for the light and look both ways.”

Now it’s Howard’s turn to learn physical play is a two-way street.
It’s time for him to eat some bloody chicklets.

Herald: Beat 'em to the punch, Celtics

I'm sure a lot of people have the intial reaction of "HELL YEAH!!  LET'S GO GET HIIIIIIIMMMMMMM!!!!!!!"

But this ain't 1984.  They just booted Kendrick Perkins for a little outburst and his hand slipping off Paul Pierce.

I'm pretty sure that Ron Borges saw the opportunity to write something that people will latch on to… that idiot bloggers like me will post and rant over… just for the effect of it.  I'm pretty sure if you pressed him on it, he wouldn't wholeheartedly support a full-speed sickle of Dwight Howard.

And he wouldn't because if the Celtics did, whomever did it would get tossed… and suspended for at least one game, maybe more.  Just like all the talk about the Celtics collapsing like the Bruins… this ain't hockey either.  You can't just go drop the gloves, sit for a few minutes and come back.  

So let's pretend that the Celtics did it… exacted some revenge… take Howard out… and go on to win.

Will the satisfaction of blood-lust be worth putting ourselves at the competitive disadvantage in the NBA Finals?  No, it wouldn't.

Nice little conversation piece there, Ron.  Congrats on the attention.  But let's not delude ourselves to think that this NBA is the same as that NBA. In this NBA, what Borges is calling for is as much suicide as it is homicide.

Thanks KWAPT for the photo

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  • larry

    we wouldn’t even be talking about this..had we put them away when we had the chance..

  • NineSevenEight

    Rondo needs to take it right at Jameer and create some contact. Get the Magic into foul trouble, which is something they’ve seemed to avoid (especially Dwight) for the better part of the series. It’s worked for the Magic the last two games, it can do the same for the Celtics.

  • Definitely need to to slow down Jameer, he’s been the reason they’re open for 3’s and dunks.. no question. Adjust on the double screen on Rondo.
    Borges is lame. That ad is so lame. DH can score another 30 and block 5, but if we shut down Nelson it’s over.

  • Greg

    I solid pick and roll game is almost impossible to stop, especially if you have as many weapons on the court as we put out there. As quick as Jameer is, someone is going to get broken down…someone will get the open look. This was Turk’s role last year, and I remember the Cavs saying the same thing for 6 games…”gotta stop the pick n roll, gotta stop the pick n roll”. Granted your defense is better than the Cavs, but the point is, you can know it’s coming all game long, but your best chance is to hope we’re cold from behind the arc because we know we’ll get good looks.

  • Greg

    And by the way, if the Celtic’s focus is on taking Dwight out for an inadvertent elbow to BBD, I LOVE our chances.

  • Rodger

    So If and when the celtics win do you become a laker fan next.
    And start saying we need to do this which boat are you on greg it appears to me your a fan of anyone but boston.
    And have you figured out how to add yet I still like your comment how pierce gets more calls then anybody but dwights taking 400 more free throws during the regular season I wonder If you ever watched a NBA game because your knowledge of basketball history is non existent.

  • Rodger

    Tonight’s zebra’s Monty McCutchen Mike Callahan Ken Mauer
    Mauers trouble.
    I Think stern wants two 7 game series.

  • You can find “trouble” in every crew. we need to get past the refs and the Stern conspiracies

  • CoachBo

    And focused on the issues that have arisen in our play.
    And no, the pick and roll is not impossible to stop – if the defender being picked is smart and gives great effort through the screens and the blitzer retains flexibility to get into the passing lanes.
    We can – and must – do a more intelligent job and give more effort defending the screen and roll.

  • CoachBo

    We have done a terrible job against a very pedestrian screen and roll game, and we’re not keeping Jameer in front of us at all.

  • Danno

    Borges in the Herald is calling for a “Rambis” on Howard.
    I fully agree.
    Doc – sit Marquis. Activate Scal.
    Sweep the Leg.

  • Rodger

    You can beat the system Bostons proven It.
    But both series will go seven games unless otherwise stated.
    The leauge is in a communist state If you complain about anything they will send you a form letter.
    There no touching davuid stern someone needs to start calling your congressmen.
    But i still bealive you can beat the fix but its not easy.

  • Zauer

    Did u guys heard what Tim Donaghy said in interview with WEEI? Some interesting strong things. He said that when his book about League influencing games using refs came out some his friends read it but didnt buy it. And T.D. said that when he saw refs crew for game 5 he send an e-mail to one of these friends with something like “Watch game 5 and you will belevie in what i claim is true”. In this e-mail he predicted Boston early foul trouble and Orlando winning by above 10 points. Interesting… But what is optimistic, he said that it was only to make it longer series, because NBA loses milions of $ with all these quick series. But tonight refs will make calls in favor of Boston coz Stern of course wants Celtics-Lakers finals. He said that it’s clear Boston is better team that Orlando right now, but forcing game 7 is too dangerous, coz everything could happen. So he claims we win tonight, refs will let us play, and if something goes wrong they will even help us.
    We will find out. I think we win easyly and refs wont have to help us, they will just let us play. But maybe when Rasheed wont play and BB will still be affected by knock-out we get some help. I’ll be watching closely all calls because of pure curiosity.
    And one more thing, i wrote it before, but in heat of bitching after last game it could’ve beed forgotten. All you people who will attend the game please make GREEN HELL out there, it’s the only way we can help our team in case we have to play 5 vs 8. Destroy Howards confidence with constant booes and explode after every our basket.
    I’ll be watching it closely too!

  • mollysdaddy

    Boston simply has to play its game. Hard tenacious defense straight through to the defensive rebound. Then push the ball in transition, move the ball in the half court game, ride out the hot hand.

  • Greg

    I’m a 100% Magic fan. IF the Celtics win, I will pull for the Celtics over the Suns or Lakers. I like Doc.
    And hey Einstein, the reason Dwight takes more free throws is because teams intentionally foul him on a consistent basis. Learn what you’re talking about. Pierce goes to the line because he flops 75% of the time.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    I agree, its SCALLY TIME!!!!!

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Look we all can stipulate that david stern is 10 pounds of sh#t stuffed in a 5 pound bag. Calling your congressman won’t do much. If you want rid of stern you need to call wyc, mark cuban (although I think he’s already there) paul allen and the rest of the owners. He works for them and until they’ve collectively had enough he’s not going anywhere. I share your frustration jesus I’M FROM SEATTLE no one has gotten the no lube, no reach around harder than this town from stern. But he doesn’t work for the fan’s rodger, he work’s for the owners – only they could get rid of him.
    On the bright side, don’t be suprised if you see a “make up” game from the refs tonight the league has taken alot of sh#t in the last 24 hours over the scandal in orlando.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Wrong…PP goes to the line because people bite on his fakes and he forces the issue by initiating contact on his drives.
    On said drives he’ll look for contact to the detriment of his own shot btw. Often Pierce could adjust his shot for an easier lay up but goes for contact and often misses and then no call from the refs.
    As crafty as the guy is sometimes I’d rather he make a shot instead of trying to draw so many fouls. It does make him the very definition of a scorer though.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Ray Ray is due for a big game. KG will come out of his slump. This IS their game seven with the benefit of ANOTHER game seven should it come to that. If the zebras let Perk battle DH then the C’s got this.
    I also feel Doc should play Nate some opposite J Williams he was pretty disruptive in short time last game. The PG’s must FC press Orlando’s ball handlers so they have less time to execute their offense. Longer possessions equal fewer possessions for the Magic and one reason for their victories has been pace.