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Sheed’s on the floor

Via Gary Dzen

Rasheed Wallace just stepped onto the parquet for warm-ups in his
trademark cut-off sweatpants. Wallace is just taking jump shots both
from a static position and on the move. That's a good sign for a player
suffering from back pain. Wallace made so many shots in his early
warm-up that he let out a "woooooo" corresponding to how good he felt
about his jumper.

Good sign… but still nothing official. 

Shoot that sucker full of pain killers and send him out there.  We need him. 

Did I just say that about Sheed?  Yep, I did.  He is, after all, averaging more points per game in this series (10.8) than KG (10.4).

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  • mikey

    Big Sheed have some

  • Rodger

    I’m gonna miss you greg orlando who.