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Rondo being Rondo

RedsArmyAdmin May 28, 2010 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Rondo being Rondo

Rondo back

Slam's Lang Whitaker sat down with Rajon Rondo after Game 2 of the Cavs series… and got an interview that really shed some light on how unique Rondo is not only as a player… but as a person. 

My big takeaway from the limited excerpts that were released... is that he never watched the NBA as kid.

Had you ever been to an NBA game as a fan before you actually played in a game?

My first NBA game as a fan was a Miami Heat game in the Playoffs in 2006, right before I came to the League. Derek Anderson invited me to a game. It wasn’t the Finals — they did win it that year — but it was the Playoffs. I didn’t watch the NBA until maybe my freshman year of college, because I was trying to get there. It just wasn’t interesting to me.

It’s always funny to hear guys who grew up watching it. Guys your age, their favorite player of all time will be someone who played in the early ‘90s.

Yeah, I don’t know any of those guys. KG always gets on me about that, and the older guys on my team. I mean, I’ve never even seen Jordan play, really. I just didn’t watch it.

So you’d never really seen Kevin play.

Never seen Kevin play.

He never saw KG play before playing with him?  I don't know why I still can't believe him.  The full interview with Rajon will be in the next issue of SLAM… which comes out next week

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  • Love him

  • Alex

    Rasheed Wallace is going to be out for Game 5. Can’t believe I’m saying this but… SHIT.

  • Alex

    Game 6*

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    who reported this?

  • Jason

    That was a freaking awesome interview. Damn, Rondo’s awesome. Love his attitude, every aspect of it. He’s humble about fame and at the same time cocky and determined to kick your ass all over the floor. Perfect.

  • Alex


  • d

    Anyone looking for a boneheaded reporter trying to make a name for himself with a ridiculous article to get them fired up for game 6?
    Well, look no further…

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    What planet is Rondo from? He’s out of this world on the court and in life in general.
    Shake’em up tonight, Shakes!!