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Life on the road… and what Rondo is like

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Last night we had WEEI's Paul Flannery and ESPN's Chris Forsberg on The 2 Man game. 

It started with Flannery running down all of the injury updates and generally dropping a lot of knowledge on how the C's can finish this thing off tonight.  Then his new partner in crime, Forsberg, showed up at 9:30 and they just took the show over with great stories about life on the road covering the C's… some of which apparently involves 11 am burritos in Akron, Ohio. 

Then they got into some of the quirks of Rajon Rondo… and a lot of stuff in response to the question "is there ANYTHING common about Rajon Rondo."

The simple answer is no.  The fantastic answers and insight are in the show.  If you missed it, you gotta listen.  And watch for these two guys to partner up and create the best radio show in town.

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  • sanabeans

    I listened to the show this morning. Flannery and Forsberg are awesome, loved the stuff on Rondo.

  • sanabeans

    Flanns & Forsberg do need their own show!

  • They so totally do. I need to be in on that too.