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Choke on that, Orlando

Chuck - Red's Army May 28, 2010 Uncategorized 71 Comments on Choke on that, Orlando


We're baaaacck!!!

The Celtics finished off the Orlando Magic tonight 96-84 to advance to the NBA Finals for the second time in three years. A middle finger extended to all the media-types who fabricated paranoia among Boston fans.

It was a fantastic team effort.

Rajon Rondo dominated the 1st quarter – 12 of his 14 points. He was hindered by a sore back/hip after taking a hard fall late in the 1st. Rondo was the reason the Celtics built a 10 point lead.

Nate Robinson was white-hot in the 2nd quarter – 13 points. He also played stellar defense on Jameer Nelson.

Ray Allen's two early 3s in the 3rd quarter snuffed out any chances of a fade.

And the Truth. Paul Pierce was money all night long – 31 points, 13 REBOUNDS, 5 assists.

More to come…

Box score | Recap

"Nobody believed in this team, but we believed in our selves. Congrats to the Heat, Cavs and Magic, but we're going to the Finals" – Wyc Grousebeck.

"Kevin was a little amped to start the game. He turned into Bruce Lee… I'm not sure what that was all about," – Doc Rivers.

After the jump, photos from the game.





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  • Greg

    Wow, Celtics played out of their minds. That was a once in a lifetime game for you all. Nate Robinson? lol are you kidding me?
    Anyway, best of luck in the Finals. Beat LA please.

  • mikey

    Thanks Greg you are a good guy.
    Good luck and God Bless. Enjoy your summer and enjoy that great weather in Orlando. Orlando is awesome been there plenty of times. Go to Disneyworld!! and have fun enjoy yourself. You guys are a great team, always pulling for Orlando and Vince is a class act. If we aren’t there, we are rooting for you guys so you will be back.
    Thanks for the good sportsmanship.

  • Thanks man. Enjoyed your commentary on the site.

  • mikey

    and don’t worry we’ll take care of Phoenix for ya!!

  • Boston Man

    Nate Robinson? Doc Rivers told you so.

  • mikey

    2009-10 THE YEAR OF THE WINK!!

  • mikey

    Bring on the Suns!!
    Lakers can’t even get within 38 points of us, We want a challenge!!


    Quality headline!
    Finals baby!!!!
    I’d like to thank God for helping Nate win a game for us! Great job big fella!!!
    Props to Greg for showing –


    Haha Artest late to practise!!!

  • KY Celts fan

    Universal Studios, man. Much better than Disney World.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.



    And is it just me or did Doc Rivers have a great series?? I used to find myself saying why isn’t so and so in the game?? ALL THE TIME!!!
    Not any more – I thought he was proactive rather than reactive the whole series…. I know SVG has a whiney voice but he can coach and Doc outcoached him this series…big props to him…..

  • Being honest I didn’t expect to be here tonight talking about playing in the finals. I was worried about Miami and for much of game 1 in that series figured it would be as far as Boston got. Oh me of little faith 🙂
    Love the Green


    By the way did anyone else notice in the Pirnce of Persia promo it replayed how we won in 2008 and said we brought home title ’18’??????
    That’s a good omen 🙂

  • rod

    oh well it looks like the lakers will just have to sweep boston

  • I thought Vince Carter played one of his better games tonight though he wasn’t great still I love that picture. He looks scared to death.

  • JD

    Wow Maria Menounos is a goddess

  • Lee in Oregon

    Doc said Mate would matter at some point and he actually did….amazing.
    Would like to see Phoenix man up in game 6 and stretch that series.
    The main matchup is how Pierce does against ron-ron. He cant get pushed around. Rondo is gonna kill them. The bigs will have thier hands full though.
    Celtic pride is alive and well.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Right there with you, I gave up in the regular season with these guys and figured the Cavs would take it all. Never again.
    I see a pattern here:
    #1 team in the league, Cavs 4-2
    #2 team in the league, Magic 4-2
    #3 or #5 team in the league, 4-?
    We’ve knocked off 3 best players in the league, Wade, James and now Howard. I don’t think we will really fear an older KoMe. It’s great to bleed green right now!

  • 34AtTheBuzzer

    I won’t let you off the hook as easily as MIkey. You’re team is a joke. Dwight Howard needs his clock cleaned. You go another season minus a championship. I wish you could experience for a moment the pride I feel when I look at the 17 banners hanging from the rafters, or when I see old replays of Bird stealing the inbounds pass and DJ laying it in to beat the Pistons. The Boston Celtics are THE NBA monarchy. Like I said before, save your shit-talk for when your team actually accomplishes something, douchebag.

  • One last thing Arms Howard won a little bit of respect back from me tonight. Oh I still think he’s a dirty SOB but unlike most of his team-mates he came to play tonight. Funny for somebody who had figured us out JJ sure didn’t do a whole lot tonight.

  • DRJ

    I’m a little surprised Greg didn’t come back with Magic in 8 or something….
    We’re gonna be fully healthy in a week… Lakers are bruised, and still fighting, and in any case, we got their number. Cs in 5?

  • Greg

    lol, well fortunately I don’t get pride from looking at banners that other men accomplished. Wow, get a life. It’s a basketball game played by other men moron. It’s one thing to be a fan, it’s another to live vicariously through a freakin sports team. You sound like you need a woman…cause I gaurantee you Bird doesn’t give 2 shits about you. But hey, glad Bird stealing the ball gives you pride.


    If the Lakers get there i think we win as we’re a deep team – The Lakers basically have 6 players. Brown might give them one good game but really there’s nothing outside the top 6. We have Nate as our 9th/10th/11th man who won us a game today….
    Are the Lkers (if they get there) gonna win 4 games against us with 6 players???
    If we rebound the ball like we did against the Cavs/Magic we win banner 18….

  • greenbeand

    what do wade, queen james, and super hero have in common?

  • Scott

    I wanna marry Maria Menounos

  • NineSevenEight

    Impressive win. Celtics have put their money where their mouths have been all post season.

  • 34AtTheBuzzer

    Hahahahaha!!!!!! You’re a douchebag, Greg! You don’t understand pride in the accomplishments of other men because the other men you cheer for can’t get the job done! “Bird doesn’t give two shits about you” is awesome!!! By the way, it’s *guarantee*, douchebag…

  • Greg

    I don’t think you get the point. Even if the Magic won 10 titles in a row, I wouldn’t get any pride from that. Sure, as a fan, I’d be happy…but at the end of the day, it’s other men playing basketball. Who really cares? You care more about it than they do. Which is really sad. Work on accomplishing something in your own life. Stop priding yourself on guys that don’t care about you bum. Nothing worse than grown men living their lives through other grown men (assuming you’re a grown man? or woman?) Pathetic..


    who?? I just got someone to google….

  • kate

    I remember distinctly saying, “these Celtics are NOT a championship team.” I was SO wrong….but so were the commentators on the major network. Those guys wrote the Celtics off a long time ago. They glorified Dawayne and King James…they love love love Kobe…I would give anything to see Stevie Nash playing against the Celtics. Thanks for proving me wrong Celtics!!! Keep on keepin’ on!!

  • Greg

    You bet, I’ve enjoyed stirring the hornets nest a little bit. Keeps it entertaining.. You all do run a good site so keep up the good work and I’m sure I’ll be back next year shall we meet again.

  • green8teen

    nah you still sound way more pathetic.

  • green8teen

    “I’ll be back next year shall we meet again.”
    you talking about yourself or the magic here? because as you adamantly pointed out a few minutes ago, its “other men playing basketball”


    U know u don’t believe that. How will the Lakers (who aren’t there yet) gonna sweep Boston with 6 players??

  • the-facts

    paul pierce is a warrior. one of the best celtics of all time. fans don’t appreciate him enough in this town. he battles with injuries all season long and the playoffs, he never made any excused. he just go out on the court and play his heart out for this team. but as a big celtics fan for over 20 years, i just wanna say thanks paul for taking us to the final again. go celtics bring home banner 18th. i’ll see you at the parade.

  • 34AtTheBuzzer

    Greg, even if the Magic won 15 titles in a row, you wouldn’t get any pride from that because they would still have 2 less than the Celtics (currently). That’s understandable. The difference between being a fan of an unaccomplished team and being a Celtics fan is vast. I don’t expect you to get it. I enjoy reading your sad attempts to shame me! “Assuming you’re a grown man? or woman? Pathetic…”!!! “Work on accomplishing something in your own life.”!!! You’re right, Greg. My entire day consists of jerking off to a poster of Paul Pierce, watching highlights of the 2008 NBA finals and memorizing the stat lines of former players!!! “Who really cares?” Trolls!!!


    Who’s gonna do the Experts ‘WRONG’ pic??? U doing the honours DrJ???
    I see the Suns stuffed us twice in the regular season so we’ll be written off again whoever we play in the finals – AWESOME!!!

  • Tony Allen’s Lawyer

    Just wanted to say that i was at this game tonight and the garden was out of control. despite the refs and all the bullshit, this team came together and got it done. so proud of this squad, banner 18 here we come.

  • GREAT night at the Garden! Sat with Celtics fans that drove up from NY & Florida for Game 6. Awesome people. We heckled Magic fans, cheered for our C’s ’til our lungs bled and rocked that f***ing building. STELLAR effort Celtic fans that were there tonight. Doc said Nate would “win a game for us” and man did he ever. And don’t forget Baby-he didn’t have a huge scoring night, but his 7 boards and extreme hustle and determination kept the C’s fired-up too. SO proud of these guys to get so far after all the doubters, fairweather fans, age jokes and general hate. And Rondo gets all the press for his slick moves and sick passes, but that kid is tough as nails. Most other players, including big men, would have had to go to the bench or locker room after that fall he took. But that kid got up and kept going. Soldier. Rondo is a mother f***ing soldier.
    But we ARE NOT DONE CelticNation. We still have alot of work to do. Let’s bring Banner18 home and show the West why we are the mother fu**ing 17-time World Champion Boston Celtics! Ubuntu.

  • DRJ
  • One thing Arms said in the press conference that was dead on. Every game this series was decided in the first quarter.


    Some of us in New Zealand subliminally live our dreams through u going to these games!!! U lucky bastard!!! Thanks for the descriptions…


    Quality DrJ – you’re solid – like Ray from the line…
    Let it be known Kenny Smith picked C’s in 6and so did I!

  • mikey

    Glen Davis=Lick your chops

  • mikey

    Yeah but girls don’t want to marry anybody so just go to the club instead.

  • mikey

    1st Quarter=Garnett puts his foot down

  • mikey

    watching the replay now on the tape delay feed (Just like 1980-81!!!)
    Celtics are winning 55-41

  • mikey

    Greg I know what you are talking about and you’re right.
    It doesn’t make sense to get pride out of something that other people accomplished.
    And you are correct they don’t techinically know who you are.
    These guys on the Celtics though are different. They play the game the right way. They’re not idiots like most millionaires. I don’t live my life through them. I back them up. It is different. When they win, I win because I know what they go through, because I know what it is like to get criticized and degraded for the wrong reasons.
    I’ve watched all season long as the 2009-10 Celtics team was direspected by all the people who have power and control over the game. I’ve commented all season long on various sites backing up the team over and over again when nobody else did.
    That is what Wyc said “Nobody believed in this team, we believed in ourselves”. He’s correct to a certain extent. Because the experts, the TV stations and the people who the public watches and listens to on the TV, computer and internet they all picked against the Celtics, only a very few amount of fans who are not in the public spotlight believed the team would win.
    Out of all those fans, nobody got banned more times than me for sticking up for this team. So I’m not living my life through these people. I’m actually on the team. Not in the way you may think, but when they win I win because I know we are winning over people who do things the wrong way.
    The 2009-10 nba season was handled the wrong way by the media. Instead of giving the people who deserved the recognition the spotlight and mainly 4 people we are talking about KG, Pierce, Ray & Sheed 4 Hall of Famers. Instead of giving them their recognition the media focused on the downfall of people who are actually quite young at 32-35 years of age. They tried to make it like us we are getting older and weaker not living our lives in our prime. And it moved its focus on the one man me everything person of LeBron. That was wrong what the media did. It was wrong to rank the Celtics in the 6-12 range in the power rankings all year, and it was wrong how the experts picked.
    Now that the Celtics won we won LeBron over, we won Wade over, and hopefully we will win over Howard also. We also changed all the people who doubted the Celtics, which is a good thing because we are basically saying this:If you are 32-35 years old you are not old and you can still be who you want yourself to be. Last year LeBron was supposed to be the greatest person in the world who backs down to no one and disrespects his opponents by walking off because “he doesn’t do it that way”
    Now because of the Celtics LeBron changed. Now he shakes hands, now he respects his opponents. It is a good thing when the Celtics win.
    So when the Celtics win we are all champions. Everybody.
    Now all that is left is to punish Kobe or enjoy a great season with Stat & Nash and the bench of the Phoenix Suns.
    After the Celtics win the title, everybody will be better off. They just don’t want to admit it, because they don’t really know who they want to be.
    I already know what it is like. Just go to sbnation power rankings and read the comment section its all there.

  • Orlando loses 🙂

  • ShawnCVD

    This is why Mikey should never be banned. +1

  • ShawnCVD

    +1 x 1000

  • SydneyCeltic

    My internet crashed and burned right at the end of the game, so I’m only now catching up on the stuff I missed immediately after but man! WHAT A GAME! We were cheering and shouting the entire time and I’m pretty sure my neighbours hate me for disrupting their quiet Saturday morning.
    Everyone at the Garden should be damn well proud of themselves. We guys were insanely loud. Awesome.
    On Monday I’m putting in leave at work… No way am I going to be to concentrate while the games are on.

  • ShawnCVD

    Four more to go!
    Congrats to Orlando for making a series of it. Lesser teams would have rolled over. The best upgrade that could be made by the Magic this summer would be Howard learning a post move or two.
    Loved the sense of urgency this team had tonight. And that crowd was just incredible. The cheering translated very well on TV.
    The Nate trade worked out after all! He’ll also get burn in the next round! Win us another Nate!
    Thursday starts the final chapter for the Celtics charge for banner 18. Take it guys !

  • SydneyCeltic

    You guys, not we guys …obviously.

  • DRJ


  • DRJ

    Well done, Mikey.

  • DRJ

    You really and truly want to have your cake after you eat it. You cannot ridicule fans for being fans, and then continue to come here…. as a fan.

  • DRJ

    Cs will be looking for scoring from other guys besides Paul. Same as in the Cavs series, where Paul was covered by LBJ.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I appreciated your low tone throughout the series, I didn’t even ever considered you as an annoying, stupid troll. Let’s stick to it. But please don’t try to minimize NOW that you lost the importance and the beauty of a passion for a team or for whatever somebody might consider important: a passion is a passion, and it’s the same exact reason you came here and exposed yourself against a whole blog. It’s called “pride”.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Hey Red’s Army, we want the “wrong” list of the (so called) analysists!!!! : )
    I love Boston, I love the Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Welcome Inferno, comment whatever you like just like Greg did for Orlando!
    Having people so confident is good luck for us..
    Ciao bello!

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    Greg, from 10:30 to 12:18+ you spent time posting comments on a Boston Celtics fan site…it would seem to me that someone with so much to accomplish in their own life would not have time for such nonsense. You are a jackass!

  • Rush

    they never learn.

  • It's my pleasure man & I'm glad you enjoy them! I am fortunate enough to be able to go to some games & if anything I share makes other Celtics fans happy, that is awesome! Also, not sure if you know, but Perk's Dad lives in New Zealand and has for years.


    Wow! Had no idea! Where’d u get that from?? South Island i hope I’d go watch games with him!!

  • I met him last season after a game. K.Perkins Sr played professionally in Europe & New Zealand & liked it so much he settled down there. He resides in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • My bad-his name is Kenneth Perkins. Here's a link to an interview w/him:


    Holy crap – Kenny Perkins! Of course – Wellington Saints legend!!! Thanks man! That was a head spin!!!

  • well put mikey. awesome

  • Doc… hilarious that played out