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Can I punch Mike Bianchi in the face?


Via Mike Bianchi's column in the Orlando Sentinel:

You know how sports fans are – suspicious and superstitious. They're
already freaking out because the Bruins won two close games against the
Flyers to start the series, blew out the Flyers in Game 3 and then
couldn't finish them off in overtime in Game 4.

Sound familiar?

And you want to really drive Boston fans crazy? Remind them that the
Magic survived to win Game 4 in overtime only after
lost the ball between his legs and couldn't get off a final
shot in regulation.

Hmmm, a booted ball between the wickets?

Sound like anybody you know, Beantown?

Could that have been Paul Pierce's Bill Buckner moment?

Where's the panic? I don't feel it. Not one drop of it.

You know why panic is not prevalent in New England? Because our sports teams have DOMINATED for the past decade. Six world championships in 10 years. All that winning erased all the paranoia (and those tired Bill Buckner references, except from sports writers who have run out of ideas).

As for the Bruins, they were a soft, mediocre, injured-riddled team that was lucky to be one win away from the Conference Finals. The Celtics are the anti-Bruins.

The media obsession with Boston fans is driving me nuts. While Mike Bianchi is behind this pile of horse shit, our local media personalities are also contributing to the madness (Bob Ryan and Gary Washburn, to name a few).

I guess the only ones who can stop the madness are the Celtics.

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  • nick

    How do these so called “experts” and “journalists” get their jobs? What kinda requirments do they have to meet? Orlando hasn’t won anything yet as a matter of fact there still losing the series 3-2!! Am I missing something? How is a choke on the horizon when we have 2 games to win 1 oh and yeah thats right we won 2 in Orlando already so I dont see a game 7 as impossible as everyones saying if needed. No doubt theres a momentum shift but cmon guys KG p2 and rayray are pros they arent gonna just roll over, they hear all this garbage ESPN and non reputable journalists are saying thats why im calling a CELTS BLOWOUT TONIGHT.

  • nick

    Noone is giving PHX a shot and there down 3-2, how is Orlando getting so much credit?

  • Zauer

    I don’t thing there is the reason to panic. Screw this guy.
    Did u guys heard what Tim Donaghy said in interview with WEEI? Some interesting strong things. He said that when his book about League influencing games using refs came out some his friends read it but didnt buy it. And T.D. said that when he saw refs crew for game 5 he send an e-mail to one of these friends with something like “Watch game 5 and you will belevie in what i claim is true”. In this e-mail he predicted Boston early foul trouble and Orlando winning by above 10 points. Interesting… But what is optimistic, he said that it was only to make it longer series, because NBA loses milions of $ with all these quick series. But tonight refs will make calls in favor of Boston coz Stern of course wants Celtics-Lakers finals. He said that it’s clear Boston is better team that Orlando right now, but forcing game 7 is too dangerous, coz everything could happen. So he claims we win tonight, refs will let us play, and if something goes wrong they will even help us.
    We will find out. I think we win easyly and refs wont have to help us, they will just let us play. But maybe when Rasheed wont play and BB will still be affected by knock-out we get some help. I’ll be watching closely all calls because of pure curiosity.
    And one more thing, i wrote it before, but in heat of bitching after last game it could’ve beed forgotten. All you people who will attend the game please make GREEN HELL out there, it’s the only way we can help our team in case we have to play 5 vs 8. Destroy Howards confidence with constant booes and explode after every our basket.
    I’ll be watching it closely too!

  • Joe A

    Someone should remind Mike Bianchi that Orlando never won shit, and his lame, hacky articles aren’t going to change that. That being said, as long as the refs don’t try to interject themselves into the game like last time, I like our chances tonight.

  • Athanacropolis

    Someone should remind Mike Bianchi that Paul Pierce didn’t get a shot off at the end of the fourth quarter in game four because Jameer Nelson hip-checked him and didn’t get called for the foul. Not to take away from Orlando’s effort, which was strong and the real reason they won game four, but you can’t deny that non-call at the end. I don’t care if refs don’t like to blow the whistle at the end of games (which is stupid, but a topic for another time): Mr. Bianchi is a journalist; he should call it as it exists.
    Am I expecting too much from the journalistic profession?

  • RAS

    please punch him…When that mother fu**er mentioned Bill Buckner and compares Pierce to him, he deserves an ass kicking!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    All of this becomes so irrelavent, as well as the Orlando Magic franchise, after tonight. We will blow them out, they might even fire SVG cause he “can’t win the big game” and another organization goes under major reconstruction because of what the Celtics do, which is win
    You know whats going to be so funny? We kill the Heat in 1st round and Erik Spoelstra is replaced by Pat Riley, we murder the Cavs 2nd round, Mike Brown is gone, handle the Magic in ECF and SVG is searchin for a new job, then we beat LA in the FInals and Phil Jackson retires because they didn’t repeat as champions… hahah EVERY COACH will be gone after we are done with them

  • Remember the time the Magic went to the Finals and got embarrassed with the best center in the game, (Shaq)?
    Or was that last year with DH?
    Sound familiar?
    (I’m just mad we’re adding to his publicity by criticizing him)