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10 things more important than the refs, and 1 thing to fear

All the talk about referees is boring a whole in my brain.  It WAS a story.  It's not anymore.  Here are 10 things just off the top of my head that are more important than the officials tonight.

  1. – Stopping Jameer Nelson
  2. – Preventing Dwight Howard from getting to the hoop
  3. – Rotating out on the shooters
  4. – Grabbing rebounds and starting breaks
  5. – Slowing down JJ Redick
  6. – Rajon Rondo dribble penetration
  7. – Ball movement on offense to get Ray and Paul open looks
  8. – Establishing KG and getting him better shots
  9. – Improved bench play, especially from Tony Allen
  10. – The health of Glen Davis/Rasheed Wallace

I only fear ONE thing from the refs… the dreaded "double technical".  If I'm a Magic player, I try to roll up on Perk every chance I get to frustrate him. 

A little nudge here… a little comment there… a tug of the jersey… a box out that lasts a second or two after the whistle blows.

All you need is to get Perk to lose his cool just once.  The refs in the NBA today… in general… are quick with the double-technical fouls.  It's a tool they have to try to keep control of things.  But if Orlando is looking ahead to a Game 7, their chances would improve with Perk out of the lineup.

So just watch for that.  It's the only thing I worry about.  Perk… play tough, but play smart, man.  You know what's up.

And if the C's do a few of those other 10 things… the refs won't matter at all.

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  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Yeah item one is huge..as long as it doesn’t get Rondo into foul trouble early which has a direct effect on item 6. Rondo gets very tenative when he’s in fould trouble. Pierce penetration will be just as important. I don’t think they will allow howard as much leeway as he got the other night. Get that big goon in foul trouble early and that will take the load off of Rondo covering nelson. Doc needs to up Nates minutes for this game as well.

  • Greg

    Red’s Army: You better hope you all win if you’re tired of hearing about the refs. I don’t group you with some of these others but it’s amazing to me how many Celtic fans blame the refs or there’s a “conspiracy theory” if the Celtics lose. But may the best team win…NO BLAMING REFS TONIGHT!!

  • Orb

    11. When you get all the way to the rim, put it in the bucket. There were at least 5 of those in the first half last game, all leading to Magic rebounds. Add to that Rondo’s 1 for 7 free throws to start the game, and they could’ve been up 5 at halftime.

  • DRJ

    Don’t wanna post too much. I do expect a win tonight.
    But it’s amazing to me that anyone could think that any team can do anything on the court that can make the refs not matter. If/when they decide to do it, nothing can stop them from taking over a game.
    But Callahan, McCutchen and Mauer are not of that ilk. NBA has had enough of the crap. We will have an LA-Boston Finals.

  • ncy

    12. Watch out for DH elbows and any unnecessary physical contact after whistle

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    We better hope we win? What the f#ck would we be hoping for? You suck as a troll, your taunts are busch league at best and frankly you make joseph the laker troll seem lucid. Get some game and then come back..you know..next year..there’s always next year..you’re from orlando you know that expression better than any of us.

  • Frank

    I think Superman’s new nickname should be “Elbows”

  • Greg

    Come back next year? You all will be irrelevant next year..no reason to. The dynasty in Orlando is only beginning.

  • XMan12

    If the refs are impartial no one will blame them win or lose. If they’re biased then yes, they will be blamed. Its only logical

  • I’d swap 2&3. Let Dwight go for 35. We stop Jameer and the 3’s and we’re good.
    I’d even go so far to say let the Beast go wild if they want to gamble for a Game 7. A limp Bynum/Gasol can be far easier to tame than DH in a game 7. So I’d rather have Perk go wild to win Game 6 and miss Game 1 than risk a Game 7 in Orlando.
    Lets hear it GARDEN!!!!

  • Notice a change in tone from our resident troll? he feels it’s over. I hope he’s right.

  • BTW we’ll know early. If the Magic have 25+ points after quarter one I’ll be worried.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    The most important thing to me is that C’s offense won’t be the crap we saw in game 5..
    I think both teams are playing decent D, the difference is in the offense and Orlando is shooting better than us.
    Go Celticssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikey

    Hey Red’s Army do you support Greg’s comment?
    Do you want anyone to respond to it?
    Do you like it?
    Let me know because I’ve never seen you once say anything to people who go onto this site to insult the people who are already on it.

  • mikey

    Hey Red’s army do you support Greg’s comment?
    Apparently so, because you never tell them anything, you only want to blame me.

  • mikey

    To Red’s army. You’re not addressing the issue of Greg the Orlando troll.
    That is why you have no business adresssing what I do.
    You have no right to tell me what to do when you don’t make any attempt to tell Greg what to do.
    That is issue #1.
    Issue #1 is insulting Celtics players and fans which somebody like Greg does.
    You keep focusing on #2 which is mikey and the calls in the ball game.
    You have no right to tell #2 what to do if you do not make the same statement to #1.

  • mikey

    If I read one more comment from Greg and do not read a response from the webmaster, and if I read another response to me before I read a response to Greg all you are doing is proving the point that you do not do what you are supposed to do.

  • 34AtTheBuzzer

    Dude, chill out…

  • mikey

    Who me or Greg?
    Are you telling Greg to chill out?
    They are the ones insulting you, not me.

  • AMP

    Seriously, calm down. I want you to stay around. When you post, ask yourself Does this add to the conversation?
    The guys who run this site provide the best content and entice the best conversation. Not only that, they are extremely generous to run this site for us. I believe they have commented to Greg and other “trolls”. Nonetheless, your repetitive comments are not contributing to the conversations that stem from the posts. We all know that you think the refs are crap. What do you want us to do? Comment every time you cut and paste from your spreadsheet? What do you want Red’s Army to do? Have you as a guest blogger? Frankly, there is far more interesting things to talk about in regards to the Celtics.

  • AMP

    Also, they have no obligation to answer to you. Their obligation is to this site and the content and discussions.

  • mikey

    You don’t have to do anything that is the point.
    Red’s army doesn’t have to do anything that is the point.
    If I go to a Celtics site and read comments by trolls insulting the Celtics players or fans then I should be allowed to post about what I want to post about, because apparently they can post about what they want to post about.
    If it is a Celtics site and I root for the Celtics and support the Celtics if I am going to get banned then so should Greg and trolls who root for other teams and go to this site to insult our people.
    That is what I am posting about.
    You can ban me, no problem, just ban Greg and trolls from other teams, so even if I can’t post I can still go to the site and read the writings of Celtics fans and people who appreciate the game.
    You have written what do you want Red’s Army and others to do, and I responded nothing. Do nothing. And if you do nothing you certainly aren’t going to be telling me what to do. I don’t want negative responses to my posts, because all my posts back up the Celtics team.
    You all bring it upon yourselves. If you respond positively or don’t respond at all nothing happens. It is only when you respond negatively do you add to the problem that you think exists.
    I’ve said this a million times. I wish everyone the best. I don’t degrade people. Yes I criticize the refs because of the position they are in and how everybody backs down to them.
    If Greg can post, I can post.
    It is very simple.
    And what Greg posts doesn’t bother me. It only bothers me that people think that I am more of a problem than they are. At least I support the team and that should be what is most important.

  • mikey

    Yes, they don’t have any obligation to answer me. So if you have nothing nice to post, don’t answer me. If they don’t have any obligation to answer me, then nothing I write should bother them.
    Again you have to click on the link that says comments to read anything I post. Nothing I write is on the front page. Nothing. I am nothing but a side show, but you want to make me into the main attraction which I am not. I am just a normal person making comments on the link that says make comments. I’m not publishing anything, not making money, and have no relationship with anyone in the league. I just watch the games, because millions of other people do so. And whether I watch or not, millions of others will. So if anything I am concerned that certain people are being taken advantage of.
    That is where Kevin Garnett is added to the discussion. He does the same thing. He joined the Celtics to support and stand up for the guys he believes have been getting a bad rap and he resurrected the franchise. I am doing the same thing to a much much lesser extent.
    My responses are in regards to trolls from other teams disrespecting and insulting Celtics fans and refs who disrespect and insult Celtics players.
    Plain and simple=I shouldn’t be getting responses from people who run a website about the Celtics when I go to the website and read comments by trolls from other teams that uses foul language and other methods to demean any Celtics players or fans.