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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics lost more than a game

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“They really have [stolen the
momentum],’’ coach Doc Rivers said. “They stole [Game 4] in Boston,
which we had a chance to close out but didn’t do it. They played better
than us tonight, no excuses. We’re just going to get on the plane and
hopefully everybody gets their rest, and we’ll show up and be ready at
our place. We need to win one game. And let’s hope it’s the next one.’’

But it won’t be up to Rivers. The fate of
this season is on the players. The Magic weren’t as mentally weak as
they appeared in Game 3, and maybe the Celtics weren’t as strong. Their
strength will be further tested with how they respond from this jarring
turn of events.

A lot will
be determined today. Davis and Daniels will have to pass neurological
tests in order to be cleared to play. The NBA will review Perkins’s
technicals — both called by much-maligned Eddie F. Rush — and could
rescind one or both, allowing Perkins to play.

Globe – These blows shifted the momentum

Anyone else still as confident as me? The Celtics will close out this series on Friday night… provided they have enough bodies.

The league says it plans to review both of Perk's technical fouls and have a decision by this afternoon. I'd be stunned if one wasn't rescinded (which still means Perk needs to be on his best behavior for the remainder of the playoffs).

As far as Glen Davis:

"I'm all right," Davis said emphatically as he stormed past cameras en
route for the exit. "I'll be back next game. [Expletive]. That's all you
need to print."

Concussions are tricky. We might not know about Davis' status for Game 6 until late Friday. He also lost a tooth from the elbow.

Rasheed Wallace tweaked his back. I'm guessing he'll be ready to go.

Why am I confident? The Magic still need TWO more wins. And the Celtics look pretty pissed off right now.

On Page 2, JJ Redick says the Magic have "figured out" the Celtics.

"Just another great effort, and obviously offensively we were a lot
better," Redick said. "We've played the last six quarters very well
offensively; we've pretty much figured out what works against them and
what doesn't, so that makes a huge difference."

Orlando had its best 3-point shooting game of the series, going
13-for-25, with
leading a more balanced attack than the Magic had in any of
the first four games with 24 points
. Dwight
added 21 points, 10 rebounds and five blocks, even knocking
down half his free throws when the Celtics began intentionally fouling
him with about seven minutes left in a last-ditch effort to climb back.

ESPN – Whole new series: Magic take Game 5

I'd like to think the Magic success over the past two games is more about effort than scheme. Sure, they have become more effective getting Dwight Howard the ball in pick-and-rolls, but like Doc has said repeatedly, they aren't doing anything different.

The rest of the links:

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  • CFH

    If the Celtics are half as pissed off as I still am, they’ll be fine.
    Unless of course the referees decide to throw KG out for cursing under his breath, throw Rondo out for being on the cover of SI, throw Pierce out for having his headband on crooked, and throw Ray out for using too many big words in his post-game interview. All of this is entirely possible.

  • Little home cooking did well for the Magic. You got everyone hitting everything and the C’s just couldn’t make a break for themselves.
    Let’s hope some Beantown home cooking on a Friday night is what we need to get a good start and shift the momentum back to the green.

  • mollysdaddy

    Well, that was a ton of fun turning on the game at 12:30 last night. What a turd the officials turned. I am furious at the refs for this game, but honestly, Boston does not look the same since they went up 3-0. No spark, none of that stellar hustle we all raved about. I have to say it seems Orlando is dictating the play now. Hats off to them for turning the tables when I truly thought Boston had it all. We talk of the toughness of the team, I haven’t seen that toughness since game three.

  • Zauer

    I’m pretty confident we’ll close it out at home. Guys are pissed it’s obvious and i think it’s good thing. Perks T’s will be rescinded for sure (at least 1) so he plays and Glenns concussions were caused by elbow hit so it’s like being knocked out in box, you’re all right after some time. It’s not like these Scal was battling. So he plays too. I think guys showed up for the game, started strong and all that crazy stuff + Orlando lucky threes like from Nelson and RedDick frustrated them. I’m just saying i’m confident and i expect great effort in next game.
    One more thing.
    I live in Europe so there’s not much i can do but you ppl from Boston make sure there will be GREEN HELL on Friday, no mater if we lead or we are behind, constant cheers and booes. Refs clearly cheated, but bitching about them wont help. Save your anger and frustration for game 6, go out there and help our team!

  • NineSevenEight

    Sure, the have it all figured out.
    1.Have the refs in your back pocket for Game 5…Check
    2.Continue having Dwight lock his elbows and flail out on the way down from every shot…Check
    3.Take out all the Celtics big men…Check
    4.Wash, rinse, repeat.
    I personally thought the Celtics were a long shot to win this game going in, what I didn’t expect was for them not even to be ALLOWED the opportunity to compete. The Celtics certainly didn’t do themselves any favors not closing out the three last night, but despite the hot shooting, Game 5 was very similar to Game 4. Celtics were still only down by single digits, even cut it to six at times WITHOUT Perk. The Magic didn’t blow it open until the last five minutes when we could have used Perk’s presence to keep Howard corralled instead of having to run multiple guys at Magic players.
    What happened to Perk last night was criminal. And we’ll get the same old song and dance this afternoon like we did about DH’s upgraded flagrant after the fact. We all know Perk is playing tomorrow. How did that help the Celtics in Game 5, again?
    But what really makes me the most disappointed is Doc. Since Game 4 not calling the timeout when you have the rare opportunity to sweep an ECF and you don’t even want to talk it over because of personnel? WHAT?! That possession was for the SERIES. Yes, it’s up to the players to execute. But why not give the guys a breather and a chance to make sure everyone is on the same page?
    Game 5 was more of the same for me. I would expect a coach in the ECF playoffs to lose a gasket had one of their mainstays on defense been tossed on three bogus calls. I didn’t see Doc bat an eyelash other than to call Rasheed into the game. Perk played 16 minutes. 16! Then he said he could tell Rush regretted the call. HUH? SO HOW DOES THAT DO THE CELTICS ANY FAVORS?
    Then Doc capped off the night by taking another dig at Big Baby joking about him being delirious to begin with. The guy who was cold clocked, lost two teeth, and TRIED TO STAND UP AND RUN THE COURT FOR HIS TEAM. That was one of the scariest moments of the night and I don’t blame Doc for screaming at Baby to get up because he didn’t see what happened. But still digging at him in the media? What exactly does BBD have to do to get out of Doc’s dog house from the hand incident? All I’ve seen throughout this series is a kid put his body on the line, hustle, get rebounds, hit jumpers and play D. He gets knocked out and DELIRIOUS is the word Doc chooses to describe him? Certainly not the “togetherness” mentality.
    Doc, to me, seems like he has one foot in the retirement home.

  • CFH

    Agree with most of that, but I didn’t take that comment about Baby passing a concussion test as him being in the doghouse– Doc ALWAYS makes that joke when one of his players gets hit on the head, be it Scal or Baby or whomever.
    One of Doc’s great skills is charming the media and the league office, and that includes trotting out his old joke instead of howling for the refs’ blood.

  • NineSevenEight

    Who cares about the media and the league office? They got screwed by the league last night. When’s the last time a STARTER got booted from a playoff game in the second quarter? Not only that, but on such blatantly egregious calls? He should be praising Baby for trying to get up and run down the other end of the floor.
    If I’m understanding it correctly, we’re all under the impression that Sheed dogged the regular season. Doc never once opened his mouth other than to say “Sheed needs to play better.” I don’t care that he’s a vet. Baby gives his body up every time he takes the floor, which is not something a lot of players do. I just think Doc should lay off with the jokes especially after the Celtics just lost two straight and are on the verge of immortalizing themselves in the record books for all the wrong reasons…with the help of Eddie F. Rush of course.

  • CFH

    It’s his job to care about the media and the league office because they affect what happens going forward. Doc’s using the catch more flies with honey than vinegar tactic– hoping that the media will shut up about information that could damage the team if it’s public because Doc is such a darn nice guy and all. It might not turn out to be the best tactic, but it’s a valid one he chose for a valid reason.
    He may also feel that the team as so worked up already that someone needs to be lighthearted and calm… and he’s historically good at those judgment calls.
    I also hate that Sheed doesn’t get called out for his laziness, but that’s a problem I have with Sheed, not a problem I have with Doc. Sheed doesn’t get called because he doesn’t listen anyway… all telling Sheed to behave himself does is make a bad situation worse. Baby gets talked to because Baby listens.
    One little way Doc supported him publicly: ownership decreed that he had to be called Glen, and Doc continued to call him Baby in public and even told reporters who said “Big Baby– I mean, Glen” that they could call him Baby becuase he does.

  • NineSevenEight

    It’s a sad state when coaches have to pander to the media and to the league to catch a fair break in the next game. Last night’s performance by Joey and Eddie are an indictment on the league.
    To target a guy because of reputation means obvious BIAS. What’s worse is that opposing fans say, well Perk got what was coming to him. Huh? Helping a teammate up and playing defense on Howard gets him two techs that HE DESERVES?? Last night Perk had every right to be upset. And what did he do KNOWING HIS TECH SITUATION? He walked away. And what did that get him? The same old result.
    Dwight, Jameer, and Vince have all done their fair share of complaining. Never would any of them be ejected. Dwight had TWO fouls called on him last night. It’s funny, the first two series he’s in foul trouble, against Boston his locked elbows have free reign.
    Let’s not forget it took a complete meltdown and finger pointing at the refs from Lebron to warrant just one tech.
    Win or lose, last night was a joke.

  • CFH

    It’s hard to describe how awful the Perk thing was. He did everything he was supposed to do, as hard as that is for him, and the referees punished him and his teammates just the same as if he had done what he wanted to do in the first place. The officials have all the power, Perk has none, and what he actually does or doesn’t do doesn’t matter.
    There’s enough of that brand of injustice in the real world… I don’t want it in my basketball games.

  • CoachBo

    While I’d like to drop a well-placed elbow on Eddie F. Rush’s dome myself, some of you guys are totally whiffing on the sudden and dramatic drop-off in the C’s execution at both ends of the floor.
    Doc is worrying about what he can worry about – two really poor performances on the offensive end, and about six quarters of defense that couldn’t stop five old women with walkers.
    When Nelson loses free rein to go where he wants on the floor when he wants, when someone besides Nate Robinson actually fights through a screen, when someone gets in the passing lane on a roll, when the ball movement returns and when someone actually checks a Magic player off the defensive glass, you’ll be amazed how small a factor the officials will become.
    Joey and Rush were horrible last night.
    But so were the Celtics, whose execution at both ends has dropped off the face of the Earth. That has to change, or this great franchise is going to wear one of the great chokes in pro sports history around its neck.

  • AboveTheRIm

    Two things:
    1) Fans in attendance for Game 6 must not let the Refs get away with this. Let the “Bullshit” chants reign deafening blows upon Stern’s broadcast threatening advertisers and the telecast.
    2) Tell Stern what you think of his assault on the integrity of the game:

  • Alex

    Where is the damn effort from the Celtics…
    They just look tired out all of a sudden. And I sort of have to blame Doc Rivers with all the minutes that he’s been giving to Rajon Rondo. Rondo looks exhausted and there is no way in hell Rondo can play 40+ minutes while dodging the many pick and rolls that the Magic have been doing.
    If we lose the next game, we lose the series and unfortunately become the first NBA team to lose with a 3-0 series. Funny thing is, you can expect the media to bring up the Bruins about this as well. The Boston teams choking big time when the headlights are strongest. The Patriots, the Bruins, and now, possibly the Celtics.

  • Robby C

    From my experience playing ball, it is difficult to focus on the game plan and execute when you KNOW the refs are against you and the fix is in. It gets in your head and you start wondering if what you thought was normal play is now going to be called a foul and it messes with your flow. I’ve had to take myself out of games because my head wasn’t in it any more. Its frustrating to say the least. I’d hope professional players have the mental fortitude to not let something like that affect them, but I saw it in the Celtics last night when they realized that it was 5 on 8 instead of 5 on 5. I’ve also been on the other side and noticed the refs totally dogging the other team and taking them out of it. The Magic probably noticed it too and decided to stomp on their throats.

  • DRJ

    To Coach Bo, and others who think/say that the Cs “have lost it”, and/or were outplayed by the Magic in Game 5 — this is what you are missing:
    The Celtics’ game plan for the Magic has been the same from the beginning, and must be the same through to the end: they MUST be able to guard Howard with ONE defender, and have everyone else deal with the rest of the Magic team, 4 on 4. The moment Perk was thrown out, with Sheed already saddled with 3 early fouls — the result was written on the wall. Sheed’s game had to change dramatically and immediately, of course. And once Baby got taken out, there really was NOBODY left to handle Howard except Sheed. All this, but especially Perk’s techs, completely DESTROYED the Celtics’ key plan for beating the Magic.
    The refs’ behavior had effects that reached a LOT FURTHER than the the obvious stuff on the surface. In fact, it changed the entire complexion of the game for the Cs. As it turned out, it was a deadly blow. And might be again.
    Because of course, the same logic also applies to Game 6… the only difference is that Sheed will start with 6 fouls. It will help if Baby is able to play. But if Perk is not — that will be ANOTHER HUGE BLOW to the Celtics.
    You cannot overstate the significance of the horrible officiating in game 5. Do not for a second believe that the Magic “outplayed” the Celtics — unless you are also taking into full account the devastating effect of losing Perk.
    I believe Baby will be back on Friday, as his concussion looked very low grade. Hopefully Sheed too. But the most important is Perk — he has to be back, or our problem will be serious.

  • GoWyo

    I gave up on the NBA as legitimate in 2002 when the league and their hired guns allowed the Lakers to beat the Kings in one of the most unfairly reffed games I have ever seen. I started watching again in 2008 when the Celtics made it back to the finals. Wish now that I hadn’t. Just based on the BS that continues in the NBA, not for a dislike of the Celtics. I’ll always bleed green.
    Last night and game 4 were two of the most blatant, obvious efforts I have seen to extend a series. Howard should have picked up 3 flagrants in game 4. Upgrading a foul to a flagrant or rescinding a technical after the fact doesn’t help when a non-call flagrant actually would have changed the outcome of game 4. Stern sees dollar signs and nothing else. He has run the NBA with his own agenda for far too long. Time for him to go and let somebody with some integrity take over.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Excellent post, you hit every point that mattered. If Howard is allowed get away with yet another flagrent foul on Pierce surely the league should resend both techs on Perk. But then fair really doesn’t come inot play with stu and stern.


    I tell u what – The big 3 better show up in Game 6. 11-33 is horrendous. The Magic are living with KG shooting open jumpers – I dunno what he’s shooting in this series but it’s awful. Ray was also shite and the pathetic effort by Pierce to jack up a 3 at the end of the 3rd summed him up…
    Yes the refs torched us but the Big 3 didn’t show up.