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The illusion of momentum

“I don’t know if you
can say you have momentum when you’re down 3-2 going into their place,”
Van Gundy said after the game. “I still look at it like we’re climbing a
huge mountain.

“We are
playing better, but we’re going to have to go up there and play even
harder and even better in Game 6. I think momentum from game to game is
an overrated thing to begin with.”

Stan Van Gundy

I'll say one thing, listening to Stan's news conferences is certainly entertaining.

There's a misconception out there about momentum.  And there's a lot of talk using that misconception out there today.

Momentum, like Stan said, doesn't carry over from game to game.  Momentum is an intangible.  You can't see momentum.  You can't look at game film and break down "momentum."

Momentum is a feeling.  In individual games, momentum can be huge.  Momentum is a collective feeling that you can't be stopped, or your jumper is just wet, or your man simply won't score on you.  But once that final horn sounds, momentum goes on the ball rack and is locked up in the utility closet.

That's not to say that a couple of good games can't give the Magic confidence.  They should get credit for making adjustments that are working, and it's easier for them to pick up some momentum the next time around.  But let's not cheapen what the Magic have done… or look past what the Celtics deficiencies have become, by simply saying "whoa… the Magic REALLY have the momentum now."

Momentum dies when the lights go out, a players head hits the pillow, and he drifts off into whatever kind of sleep he gets after a game like Game 5.  Today, the Celtics will look in the mirror and come to realizations.  They will go to practice and work on problems.  They will go to bed and visualize Friday night.  All those things play into whatever "momentum" exists somewhere in the air between Amway and The Garden.

When the ball is tossed at 8:37 pm, Dwight Howard and Kendrick Perkins will leap off the floor to begin a new game… with new momentum… that is almost completely unrelated to what happened last night.

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  • Honestly Stan is just saying the smart thing, and in some ways sending his team a message not to relax…I dont exactly agree momentum is overrated, but oobviously execution is more important.
    Im a little worried because you can plain as day see the slippage in our play, and also some noticable injuries, but we are still in the driver seat

  • CoachBo

    Given how old, tired and inept we looked last night, were I Doc I’d seriously consider skipping practice today.
    With that said, Ron Jeremy – oops, Stan VG – is right about momentum. If we ever get back to playing defense, we’re going to be fine.

  • Momentum or no, the Magic have gained confidence when 3 days ago they had none.
    So the C’s and the Garden need to come out hot and chip away at that confidence, at the same time regaining ours. Agreed TTR, I’m a helluva lot more nervous than I was a few days ago, (rightfully so), though the C’s still hold the cards.
    CoachBo, I don’t think there is a practice scheduled today, just film but I could be wrong.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah I was under the impression Doc said they would not be practicing. Just getting rest to be ready for Friday nights game. It’s pretty simple in order to win game 6 we just need EFFORT. This team can beat anyone as long as they apply the effort needed. We have seen such a drop off in play because Game 4 they came out flat and over confident and the Magic were fighting for their lives. Game 5 we saw better effort but once the refs took over the game the effort began to slip again, as well as several injuries and some crazy shot making from the Magic 3s that really killed our effort. Game 6 will be different and I fully expect them to close it out in Boston.
    Magic will not hit those crazy 3s they were hitting last night at home, and you take away even 2 or 3 of those shots that Jameer and Redick hit last night and it’s a COMPLETELY different ball game. All the pressure is still on the Magic, they still cannot afford to lose a game. Remember that. Celtics show strong effort and confidence and this series is over no doubt.
    Celtics should still be able to draw a good amount of confidence from last night’s game. They were being robbed blind by the refs, couldn’t play their brand of basketball, starting center is thrown out in the 2nd, every big came down with an injury and the magic were hitting 3s lights out and yet still were right there in the 4th quarter to win this game. All THose things are prove good for the Celtics to win game 6

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I think we all kind of felt the Celtics had a chance to lose game 5 (just not how it went down) and come home and win game 6. And I still feel that way. We are the better team and we have the lead in this series.
    I hope someone just asks the Big 4, do you want to be the first team to lose a playoff series after being up 3-0 and be part of history that way? Or do you want to finish this serires and go on and make championship history? These guys are too prideful to be embarrassed and have this mark on their legacy.
    Perk WILL be back, the fans WILL be hyped, the refs BETTER give us some bullshit makeup calls, they WONT hit all those 3’s again and BBD can care less if he lost a few more brain cells.

  • rico
  • Right on. I think they worked hard to put themselves into at least a ‘steal this one’ position.
    Why do you say effort? It seems to me like they played their asses off last night but just couldn’t get on a roll, hit FT, etc.? It’s probably just semantic.