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The 2 Man Game at 9 with Paul Flannery & Chris Forsberg

There's a LOT to talk about after last night's game.

Yes… the officiating is one thing… but its not the ONLY thing.  So we're going to be focusing on some actual basketball tonight with two of Boston's best…'s Paul Flannery and, in his usual spot, ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg.

What can the C's do to stop Jameer Nelson?

Why has the offense suddenly looked like crap?

What the hell is wrong with Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo? 

Does Stan Van Gundy every wear anything besides that black crew-neck shirt?

You know.. important stuff.

Visit our show page at 9pm… and join in the fun.

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  • Frank

    Garnett has not had the fire he had in o8 all year long. Don’t know why, he just doesn’t seem to want it as bad.

  • Stan
  • mikey

    The league is worthless.
    Your trying to make people talk about basketball.
    Exactly when has any basketball been played this year?
    None at all.
    Total acting job by all these jerks and stuck up imbacels in this league.
    The league is dog crap.

  • If you don’t like it, why do you watch?
    I’ll be honest, your act is old. I thought you backed off all the “cheating” talk when the C’s won the Cavs series, but one poorly officiated game has brought it back.
    You’re a borderline spammer at this point. This is your last warning.

  • Eli

    Thank you for cracking down on these conspiracy theorists. So sick of people incapable of differentiating between incompetence and cheating.
    It makes us all look bad – and unfortunately the crazies are always the loudest because the only think they love more than theorizing about NBA referees is reading their comments online.

  • mikey

    How am I a spammer when other people talk about the same thing over and over again also?
    What about Greg the Orlando fan who comes in and makes sarcastic degrading remarks all the time to Celtics fans, are they spamming? I haven’t seen you respond to one comment yet by Greg, but they post the same thing over and over again also.
    If you read other people’s posts alot of them talk about the same thing over and over again, they may talk about the defense or offense or Rondo or Doc, but the point is is that they repeat alot of the same stuff over and over again. So what is the difference?
    Is talking about cheating or refs any different from talking about other aspects of the game?
    Also after last nights game I read comments by Doulbe Reppin B talkin about going crazy at the game or going to nba headquarters, but you don’t say anything to them. Why?
    The second I make a hypothetical situation like that I was immediatly warned, but when Double Reppin B does it you didn’t warn them.
    And when Greg the Orlando fan makes rude comments you don’t warn them either?
    So what is the difference from what they are doing to what I am doing?
    If you could answer those questions I would appreciate it.
    And you are saying if I don’t like it why do I watch?
    Very simple. Whether I watch the game or not the outcome is the same, so what does me watching the game have anything to do with it?

  • Damn it. I thought Red’s Army was one of the good guys. Clearly you’re in cahoots with Stern, now.
    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  • mikey

    Greg said in reply to mikey…
    Nate fouled Dwight on that you dumbass. If your team wasn’t filled with a bunch of pussies you could hang with the big boys. Unfortunately, that leaves the Redsarmy merryband of whiners to come out in full force. Dwight gets hammered on every damn play, half of which never gets called. Learn the game.
    Red’s Army:How is that comment supposed to be OK, but what I write is not? Greg is basically insulting the entire website so do they get warned?
    Double P Reppin the B said…
    I am so fucking mad about this game it’s not even funny. I want nothing more than to beat the Magic by 50 points on Friday in Boston and the fans charge the court when we win and trample the refs.
    Red’s Army:Remeber when I made a hypothetical situation of charging the court and you warned me?
    How is what Double P Reppin posted any different, but I don’t see a warning issued to them.
    The bottom line is that if you are issuing me warnings then issue other people warnings because they are posting the same exact things.
    Or don’t issue anybody warning.
    Either way be consistent and call it the same way for everyone.
    Hard to believe that I am the first person you want to single out when Greg the Orlando fan insulted everybody on the entire website.

  • mikey


  • mollysdaddy

    If I may, I think the point is that you comment so many times within a single post about the same thing. Maybe make your point and let it go. If you get a reply then back up your claim with additional information, not more anecdotes or just repeating your original “thought”.
    Seems more of an etiquette issue. Point out your theory, if it’s related to the post, and let it go. Preach on if you’re actually proven correct, but maybe just sum up more and more referencing your previous comment. We promise to remember what you’ve said previously, you don’t need to repeat repeat repeat.

  • mikey

    Yes I understand the point about repeating things I’m not supposed to do that, I get that. I’m not trying to repeat things I’m just trying to voice my opinion on what happened.
    However the way you respond, as many others have responded to me, you respond in the same way also.
    And you keep repeating the same things over and over again. You just keep telling me that I post too much. Well you are repeating the same thing also.
    It isn’t any different.

  • DRJ

    The problem is bilateral. Mikey does repeat too much (though his points are generally correct). On the other hand, too many people are too willing to accept the status quo — and DO NOT UNDERSTAND the full extent of what the refs actually did in game 5, and generally do when they are out to influence a game’s outcome.
    It’s never as simple as “Well, the refs sucked but the Cs sucked too.” What happens on one end DIRECTLY and DRAMATICALLY influences the other end, and the whole game.
    I understand it can smack of “whining” to talk about the refs. But where are the lines demarcating whining vs. placing one’s head in the sand vs. simply telling the truth?
    Here is an article that does an EXCELLENT job of detailing exactly what happened in game 5, when it happened, why it happened, and how each event caused the next event to occur:

  • DRJ

    I think it’s simply a matter of volume, so far as the blog is concerned. They don’t want it overwhelmed with ANY one guy’s posts, or any single point repeated over and over. Volume is the issue, I believe, NOT content. I believe.

  • mikey

    I apologize for that. I wasn’t sure if volume was the issue and I figured that if it was on the comments page you are allowed to make lots of posts.
    If not I totally understand and to be honest I’m not trying to type that much, I’m trying to show support for Perk and the Celtics. Like I said Game 4 Orlando won but I said myself I didn’t think the calls were that crazy.
    When Game 5 went to a whole new level, I just think it is best to have my perspective be included with other people’s also.

  • DRJ

    That was my impression. Your passion translates to a lot of lines posted, which then overwhelms the site and alerts the guys who run it. I think it’s that simple. (If not, I’m sure somebody will correct me.)

  • AMP

    I tend to like your first post, but the repeated posts make it all just noise. I just scroll to below your comments. I don’t think that is the affect you are looking for. The point is to have a discussion, so to encourage that, the moderators have to limit the noise. Keep on posting, just keep it interesting. We all will embrace quality and varying posts.

  • mikey

    I’m trying to do that.
    When I post, some people are insulting me and lying about what I posted and making up stuff.
    So obviously there are going to more posts by me.
    It is the same thing with Perkins and Gorat.
    Gorat knocks down Pierce after the whistle then he goes right behind Perk to “hear what Pierce was saying” which was his excuse. Then Perkins is the one who gets in trouble.
    Seems to be the same here. I’m stating the truth, then people get on my posts with insults and lies so naturally I respond.
    Half the posts wouldn’t be made if people weren’t insulting me and lying about what I posted. and 90% of the posts wouldn’t be made if the officials weren’t doing this.
    Rush makes more than just a “mistake” and he is the one in power. He controls people and tells them what to do AND profits off of it with his salary and his fame. Names like Crawford and Stern are now more popular than names like Magic and Bird. So when Rush does what he does, people like me are the ones made into scapegoats and I am the first one to be blamed, when I’m not the problem.
    That is why I don’t see myself doing anything wrong, although I do want to abide by the rules of the site, I don’t want people lying about what I posted.

  • Josh

    so the comment thread goes…mikey, mikey, mikey, drj, mikey, mikey, drj, drj, mikey, mikey, etc…
    no need to read the comments on this post…
    do us a favor and keep it to yourself. nobody cares after the 2nd post on the same article.
    reds- start removing posts if thats what it takes. its needed at this point to continue discussion.

  • Nickels


  • mikey

    Who is stopping you from continuing discussion?
    If you want to post with people go ahead, nobody is stopping you.
    I don’t prevent you from posting, that is what you have to understand. I’m not controlling anything you do.
    The site says make a comment so me and drj1 we make comments.
    Either you allow people to comment or you dont allow anyone to comment.
    If you want to pick and choose which posts you like or which posts you don’t like you can do that on the front page where you have articles. Nothing I post is on the 1st page. Nothing. Nobody is forcing you to read anything.
    Josh:you write the post like something me or drj1 do affects anything you write, but it doesn’t. Just like I want to write what I want to write, you can write what you want to write. I’m not asking you to refrain from posting. If you do that you to me you speak for yourself and others who feel the same way, you don’t speak for everyone.
    Josh if you want to post or continue discussion go ahead and feel free to do so. If I make a post it doesn’t mean I also prevent you from making a post so understand that.
    I’m typing. You’re typing.
    That’s how it goes.
    Nothing I type affects anything you type. And nothing I type has to be read by you. I don’t control anything you do.
    Its your life so enjoy it.

  • Larry Bird


  • Atlas-Shrugged

    Mikey, you talk too much. Reading some of these comment sections is like watching a TV Show with too many commercials. Your comments are frequently disruptive to the conversations at hand. I am sure Red’s Army sees it as bad for their business and I cannot blame them. I am sure most people accept your opinions, whether they agree with you or not. But they just think you talk too much.
    And please, do not respond to me. If you want to refute my point, do so by not responding.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    First off, I don’t see why I am being used as an example of someone “spamming” or making rude comments as Mikey has been showing me to be. I’ve been on this site a long time and have never caused disturbances so don’t draw me into your nonsense Mikey.
    The whole problem with you is that your just honestly pretty annoying. You post 700 times a thread, and its usually the SAME exact thing over and over and over again. And then you reply to every other persons’ comments with just some stupid 1 liner like “no your wrong” or “celtics are champions” its just so excessive and really annoying. Obviously if your running this website as Reds is doing, it gets obnoxious for one guy to be flooding the comments section and making it difficult to hold discussions. Thats the issue. Pretty simple stuff.
    So be advised and just make your comment and leave it at that until someone answers you, you SHOULD NOT BE FORCING YOUR OPINIONS on other people. There, does that help you understand?

  • CoachBo

    You think it’s bad with Mikey, you ought to see what the conspiracy theorists have done to Celtics Blog. Ruined it.

  • It’s very simple mikey…
    … every time you comment you say the same thing. “The refs cheat”. You’ve posted those stats that you say “prove” the cheating at least a dozen times in these playoffs and often in the same thread.
    We get it. You think they cheat. And while we think you’re wrong, we have let you stay because we don’t want to be the place that censors people who disagree with us. We get that we’re not always right. And we get that sometimes people just gotta vent.
    I didn’t even touch that game 5 postgame thread because after a game like that, people just needed to pop off. But now we’re trying to keep things in check.
    So I’m saying to you simply… cut the shit. We get that you think refs cheat. We get that you think every time the Celtics lose and the calls don’t go our way it’s fixed and we didn’t really lose. We get that you have pages of stats at the ready to cut and paste for the proof.
    We’ve all seen it. So now we’re saying stop it. You want to talk about the games like you have over the past couple of weeks… fine.
    But if the Celtics lose a game and the thread includes 15 replies from you that all say the same ridiculous thing, then you’re gone.
    Simple as that.

    I’m like Eddie F. Rush… tossing out techs and bouncing people for no damn reason.

  • mikey

    I don’t talk at all.
    It is typing words on a computer.
    So you’re post is wrong.

  • mikey

    I’m not forcing my opinions on anybody.
    Just simply typing comments.
    If you want to read them you can, if you don’t want to you don’t have to, that is your choice.

  • mikey

    No such thing as ruined it and no such thing with conspiracy either.
    This isn’t a conspiracy I’ve posted that enough times.
    A conspiracy involves politics and political parties. This is not political.

  • mikey

    The bottom line is I’m not doing anything different from anybody else.
    I’m just typing words in the post a comment section.
    If there is a limit to the amount of posts, then only 1 post per person should be allowed per article.
    It doesn’t say there is a limit on how much you can post.
    Some of you people just use me as an excuse for things not going as planned in a basketball game, or you use me an excuse for stopping you from posting.
    I don’t affect anything any of you do. Nothing.
    If you want to read the comments read them, if you don’t want to read the comments don’t read them.
    I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve never stopping anyone from posting and no comment has ever bothered me.
    You people really need to grow up.
    Either you can post, or you can’t post. If there are specific rules about posting too much then state them.
    You’re taking a problem that is league wide and has many many people discussing it and trying to use me as the cause of the problem.
    So whether I post or not, it doesn’t affect what any of you do, and it isn’t going to solve or fix the problem that the league has with how the games are called.
    Another thing I don’t understand is how a person who supposedly roots for another team, can insult people on this board, but that is supposed to be OK.
    That is what none of you address. You don’t address what other people post and what other people have posted, you just write about me, because you want to use me as a scapegoat and blame me for a problem I have absolutetly nothing to do with.
    I’m backing up Boston Celtics players plain and simple. That’s all I do.
    Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Rasheed Wallace, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen, Nate Robinson, Shelden Williams, Michael Finley, Marquis Daniels, Glen Davis, Brian Scalabrine, Doc Rivers, those are the people that I am supporting.
    Plain and simple.
    If you want to back up other people go ahead, if the site is more important to you than the team go ahead, I’m not going to lose sleep over it and I could honestly care less. I’ve posted it arleady, I could honestly care less about not being able to post. It just proves the point that I support the team.
    I’m just doing what I can to support the team.
    Thank You

  • mikey

    Too many of you are pessimistic and negative while I am optomistic and positive.
    All season long I have not insulted one Celtics player once, yet have been banned and warned many times.
    So what am I doing wrong?
    You want people to “discuss”, but you don’t want them to post too often. All you want is simple 3 sentence post that doesn’t say anything. How can you really discuss if you only have 100 words to do so?
    If you want to ban or warn me I’ll tell you one thing. If your not Danny Ainge I don’t give a crap. That is who I take orders from. If Danny isn’t telling me what to do I’m not listening to them.
    And again you keep blaming me, but you don’t adress the issue of others who post in a similar manner to what you don’t want me doing. You don’t address them. You only address me. When others make stupid comments you turn away and act like it is not there. The second I make a comment though you are always there to respond.
    You clearly have a double standard.
    You judge me one way, and judge others another way. What I am not allowed to do, others are.
    Plain and simple.
    I know you are Celtics fans and root for the Celtics and the championship will mean more to you then it will to me. However you take a problem that is league wide and act like I am the one to blame, when I have no impact on the game.
    All season long the Celtics have been disrespected. For an example go to sbnation power rankings and read the comments that I posted ALL SEASON LONG. This guy ranked the Cavs #1 ALL SEASON LONG, and had the Celtics anywhere from #10 to #12 for the remainder of the season, and I told them ALL SEASON LONG, its not the right thing to do, because the stats don’t back it up.
    Same thing with Celticsblog. They tried to blame me for a problem that is league wide. I know those guys don’t like what is going on in some of the games either. So they use that frustration on me, when I have nothing to do with it.
    That is what people are doing here also. Taking their frustration out on me when things don’t go how they want them to.
    When I first came to this site, about 2 months ago, I noticed how there were Laker and other fan trolls getting the last comment in and insulting Red’s Army posters. So I backed you guys up and told them a thing or too. I was the one backing you guys up, I was the one backing up the Celtics. Nobody else really. Drj1 does it right and that is close to about it. Me and Dr1 have been the only Celtics internet fans all season long who have used logic and stats to back up the fact that the team is winning the title. I know because I have checked other websites. The Celtics don’t really have many internet fans. The Lakers have thousands of little computer nerds making comments all the time. The Celtics don’t have that. Maybe most of the Celtics fans are older than could be the reason.
    The fact remains that if what I post affects you, you are just a negative person. Because what people post does not affect me. I may respond but at the end of the day could care less.
    That is what some of you should understand. I back up my people plain and simple and if others who aren’t any of those people start telling me things I could care less.
    You’re not Kevin Garnett or Pierce or any other Celtics player, so I could care less.
    Those are the guys that I support and root for.
    The reason why what I do what I do is simple. Others do similiar things and get away with it, or others do similair things to spread negativity and insult others. So I take a different approach to neutralize that.
    Somebody like CoachBo I’ll tell you straight up. You think talking about refs “ruined” Celticsblog as you say. However you fail to note the thousands if not tens of thousands of times so called Celtics fans insulted and degraded Celtics players. So if you want to fix the problem, correct the main problem.
    The main problem is people who insult and degrade Celtics players or fans. I’m doing my best to neutralize that. If that isn’t your main issue, and you want to attack me, before them, you are just a hypocrite.
    I don’t want to read Celtics players or fans being insulted anywhere especially on a what is supposed to be a Celtics site. So that issue is #1. The refs issue is #2.
    Don’t go around trying to talk all big and tough about #2 when you blatantly ignore #1.

  • josh

    your posts are 53 fucking paragraphs. I’m not about to read more than 2 sentences because you are a broken record. repetitive crap that makes me bored with any of the remaining comments in the thread because you have hijacked it. post a comment and leave it at that. i want differing opinions…not your drivel…
    i’m done.

  • mikey

    Have a nice day.