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Heinsohn Still Alive!


Celtics fans can take a long, deep, sigh of relief this morning.

Despite last night's, shall we say, less-than-stellar officiating performance, Tommy Heinsohn has not gone to an early grave.  In fact, he's alive and well (albeit a bit angry), and stopped by the Dennis & Callahan show this morning to discuss last night's debauchery.

[Heinsohn] also talked about the league allowing Dwight Howard to get away
with throwing elbows and the need to rescind one of Kendrick Perkins'
technical fouls.

Heinsohn felt the officials were making poor calls on Wednesday
night, especially Ed F. Rush. "This guy has had no common
sense," Heinsohn said of Rush. "I don’t know why he’s still around.
He’s got a history. I’ve been watching the game all these years, I just
marvel at how they let him keep refereeing."

After Howard continued to catch Celtics players with elbows in Game
5, Heinsohn said the league isn't enforcing flagrant fouls on him. "One
thing that bothers me very, very much is this guy Howard belted [Kevin
Garnett] in the prior game three times, and they call a flagrant foul
after they review the film when this guy actually had three flagrant
fouls in this ballgame and nobody every called it," Heinsohn said. "So
somehow or another, they give him a little leeway, and last night was
another example of what he’s capable of doing."

As for the two technicals on Perkins, Heinsohn felt that it's
necessary for the league to rescind one. "Well, you might as well hand
the title to the Orlando Magic if they don’t, because we will have no
big guys potentially. We ought to get Eddie F. Rush to play center
against Howard and let Howard wrap him around."


You can find the full audio HERE.

I agree 100% on the elbows.  We can call them "incidental" as much as we want, and while he's not exactly head-hunting, he's throwing the 'bows with reckless abandon.  At some point the league has to step in and protect the players.

I can live with him swiping at Pierce and Rondo as they get knocked down penetrating — that's borderline dirty, but it's hard playoff basketball.  But the constant elbows are uncalled for.  One or two in a heated game are excusable, but after each rebound and hook shot is not.

Hopefully the scary Davis incident (even though that elbow appeared to actually be inadvertent) will force the league's hand.  You can't have basketball players stumbling around the court like a boxer that just took a right-hook to the dome.

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  • LarryLegend

    The play that PP got hurt too it almost looked like he grabbed his arm. I was watching it with my wife and even she thought he grabbed it.

  • AboveTheRim

    Fire the “career” refs and get new blood in there.
    Refs need to check their egos at the door. It’s not about them and they dictate the outcome of the game, not the players.
    Stern, you’re making a disgrace of the sport.
    …and put Scal or Shelden in to take out Howard. Guy needs to have his jaw realigned.

  • Greg

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the WNBA is best suited for you all. Your own players would laugh at some of the comments you clowns make. “Borderline dirty”? Are you serious dude? Paul Pierce rolls around like he just got shot then 1 minute later he’s fine. It really gets old and it’s even more disturbing that you people are the only people in the country that buy into their theatrics. YOU ARE SOFT AND SO IS YOUR TEAM! KEEP WHINING BUMS!

  • Cs girl

    Nice to see you’re sexist, too.

  • mollysdaddy

    There is no gray area with you is there? Haven’t you ever stubbed your toe and thought, “Holy shit, if I could cut off my foot right now, I just might do it”? Sometimes you get popped in just the right way and it hurts like hell. But if you’re fortunate, you’re not injured and it passes. I’m not saying this is what happened, or that Pierce has never overstated some pain, but cut the guy some slack.
    As for Howard and his elbows (and I can’t get over the fact we are talking about someone’s elbows again!!!) and such, something does need to be done about it. The guy isn’t swinging them around looking to clock someone, but Baby’s head had a right to that space. Howard’s elbow to the head by the book is a foul. When you grab a rebound and spin with your elbows out and hit someone, it’s a foul. When you go up to block a hot and come down with your hands on the shooter all the way to the floor, it’s a foul. Just because he’s a big guy, doesn’t mean his limbs should be allowed to strike other players.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Howard is a f#cking goon. Stop hiding from it greg. And for you to point the trmbling finger of blame towards pierce for whining? Apparently you like your magic game on the radio cause you can’t be watching..otherwise you’d see supergoon bitch and moans on every possession.
    You won a couple congrats. Live it up. Your team has Vince carter on the roster and it doesn’t get any softer than that, although shard is a close second.

  • thetitleisours

    I would like to see Davis come in with some headgear, ala Scal from last year.
    Either that or have Sheldon take a few of their players out lol

  • I love Tommy.

  • We’ll stop whining when you stop being delusional.

  • jhghjgj

    Greg…you are an idiot…move on please

  • thetitleisours
  • Frank

    Kevin McHale Clotheslines Kurt Rambis
    nuff said