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Enemy Chatter: Vince Carter is being aggressive?

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Orlando.

So he's taking a beating, and the media are exploiting the usual talking
points about him: he's soft, he's not clutch, he's timid, he doesn't
have a "killer instinct." And, well, yeah, there's truth to some of
that, insofar as he's having a pretty terrible series, shooting 35.9%
from the floor for 13 points per game. But I don't have a problem with
his aggression in his series; I don't see him settling for too much.
Consider that his percentage of shot attempts at the basket area (28.1%)
in this series actually exceeds that figure from the regular season
(25.6%) and that his work in the pick-and-roll has led to 4 assists for 9
points, as well as 9 other looks for which his teammates did not reward
his unselfishness, per Synergy Sports Technology.

Orlando Pinstriped Post – VC will be OK

In other words…Vince Carter is being Vince Carter.

“I tell you what, Rasheed Wallace …. I mean, I want to say this in the
right way — I hate the guy. I mean, he never, ever — same thing when I
was in Miami — it’s like the guy never, ever has a bad game against the
team I coach, you know. So incredible. He’s playing extremely well.”

Orlando Sentinel – Stan Van Gundy hates Sheed

On Page 2, an Orlando writer blasts Perk and other NBA crybabies.

I certainly understand the logic about not wanting to see a key
player suspended because of a questionable technical foul, but Perkins
gets what he deserves. I wanted to see him get suspended just to teach
his obnoxious butt a lesson.

To me, at least, Perkins epitomizes one of the most unlikeable
aspects of the NBA — coaches and players who think every call against
them is the wrong one.

Perkins has the worst reputation in the league among officials. He
cries, whines and complains about every call. He is among the league
leaders in technical fouls most every year. He is the extreme example of
a mentality that permeates the NBA – a league where crabby
crybaby coaches and players cuss, complain, glare, grimace, beg and
plead — even when an official makes an obviously good call.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just Perkins. Dwight Howard of the
Magic is nearly as bad. And it gets tiresome and tedious watching guys
like Howard and Perkins go berserk everytime an official has the
audacity to make a call against them.

Orlando Sentinel – NBA should have sent message to Perk, other crybabies

I agree with Mike Bianchi. Perk's bitchiness is at an all-time high in the playoffs.

While the league rescinded one of his technical fouls from last night's game allowing him to play in Game 6, Perk is still one tech away from suspension. Should the Celtics advance, do you think he'll be able to control himself and avoid suspension in the Finals? I doubt it…

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  • I agree with Mike that it’s a gross characteristic. But why not DH? Because he’s a superstar. Not because Perk whines more. It’s the subjectivity and the inconsistency that irritates everyone.
    LBJ anyone? He’s the best and he whines the MOST

  • I agree that Perk and DH whine waaay too much. I don’t see how some of these guys who have played basketball most of their lives still can’t accept it when a foul is called on them. Deal with it. And move on.

  • Bitching about calls in the NBA is exactly like moving on screens, some get called for it (Perk), while other, more established players (Dwight, for example), not so much.

  • NineSevenEight

    So Bianchi would be fine if DH were T’d up on two ridiculous calls (ridiculous in the sense that even a non-NBA fan would agree, e.g. last night), ejected from a playoff game, and suspended the next game, right?
    No one’s denying that Perk whines a lot. But you can’t say “he had it coming to him” on those T’s from last night. If those were legitimate technical fouls and cheap shots committed by Perk, YES, he had it coming to him and no one would have a problem with it.
    It’s the fact that they were BEYOND bogus and impacted a team’s game plan. Not to say that the Celtics would have even won the game. I personally thought that after game 4 the Celtics would have to win in game 6.
    What happened last night appeared to be complete bias against him for that sole purpose that Bianchi states. People want to see Perk tossed out games, especially Magic fans who know that Perk can guard DH one on one. Why, because that foils the opponent’s strategy that, prior to game 4, was firing on all cylinders.
    Of course Bianchi was doing back flips after watching Perk get tossed. Anything, right or wrong, to give his team the clear advantage. That is the true reason people like Bianchi want impact players punished on reputation alone, not to “teach him a lesson” but to take advantage of a player’s rep.

  • Greg

    The problem is Perkins isn’t as half as good as he needs to be to whine as much as he does as Jon Barry said so eloquently on Jim Rome Show today.
    I will admit, I get annoyed by Dwight whining too but nobody in the league takes hits game after game like he does. He’s just a freak of nature that doesn’t know his own strength sometimes.

  • Oh so it’s Perks fault Rush is incompetent. I guess this is what’s called blame the victim.

  • Yup. Everything you said. You see if he worked for Boston media Bitchanchi would be a “homer”

  • Greg is GAY

    greg you are such an idiot…i cant wait to hear your bitchy “whine” after your ass gets pounded tomorrow night

  • rondo-is-love

    Perk had it coming.
    Did this guy NOT see Rashard Lewis complaining his ass off in Game 4? I mean really, if we’re going by how good a player is to get played favorite, Lewis shouldn’t be complaining at all in this series and neither should Carter. Where the hell have they been?
    It also leaves a horrible taste in my mouth when people talk about how poor little Dwighty takes hits and crap all the time. Doesn’t that apply to ALL centers? Imagine how many actually inadvertent and intentional elbows/hits Perk takes down low. Seriously, anyone who isn’t a Celtic fan doesn’t give him any credit for taking all that yet never hearing “Celtics should have Big 5.” He spent the entire season hearing about how the Celtics are changing from the Big 3 to the Big 4. Offensively, yeah, it might just be the Big 4, but basketball is about offense as well as defense. He has to be one of the most unselfish players on the team, never ever complaining about not getting enough shots or not getting enough help defending. This guy holds his goddamn own and he deserves way more credit than he gets. And because he does drive us absolutely nuts on the offensive end a lot of times, everyone (including the fans) tend to forget just how important this guy is to the C’s elite-status defense. He’s the core, and the fact that he can hold his own against guys that other dudes need doubling on is a huge, huge, huge asset to the defense.
    That guy is pretty much saying it’s perfectly fine that the refs make completely biased calls because of their personal dislike of certain players or their opinions about the skill of a player. His opinion would do a complete 180 if Howard was the one ejected during such a crucial time over something so ridiculously stupid. Does he not realize that refs are also human? Everyone is different. Some have a hotter temper and shorter fuse while others are passive and don’t have a temper at all. What if a ref called textbook techs and ticky-tack fouls on Howard just because he gets annoyed by his childish personality? Would he still say it’s okay? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

  • AP

    The Magic have turned out to be up to the task in terms of physicality with the Celts. As a result of this the Celts look tired and banged up (Rondo is proof of this.
    Needless to say, I am HOPEFUL that the Celts will have enough in the tank to get a W tomorrow so our guys can rest and nurse their wounds before the finals. In comparison, they should be a breeze as the remaining teams in the West are not really physical and/or bruisers.