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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo got his ass kicked

Rondo on the floor 2

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics had done a phenomenal job defending the pick-and-roll
through the first three games of the series, but the Magic added a layer
on Monday by often having a second screener waiting for Rondo after
Nelson ran the initial pick-and-roll with Dwight

That left Rondo, who Celtics coach Doc
said after the game had already complained of fatigue early
on, running into wall after wall. With little more than a minute
remaining in the first half, Rondo retreated to the locker room with
strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo for what the team dubbed
muscle spasms

"They ran double pick on the strong side," he explained. "We really
didn't do a good job on that. We didn't see it coming, but once we saw
it, we didn't do a good job of coming in and sinking on the big man. We
either fouled somebody or they scored it every time down. It's an
adjustment we're gonna have to make in practice and see if we can do

Rivers noted that it's not just on Rondo to fight through the screens,
but a team effort to deny the play.

"They do it every game, that's nothing new," said Rivers. "We've done a
pretty good job up until [Monday]. It's not just Rondo, though. He has
to fight through them better and get into the body better. But our bigs
have to show better."

ESPN Boston: C's can't get picked apart again

What Doc said there was what I was talking about yesterday when I mentioned the pick-and-roll defense.  When the pick is set, the big has to step out so the point guard using the pick sees a big Celtics jersey rather than the open floor.  This way, he has to take a big, looping route rather than turning the corner. 

Just watch the first 12 seconds of this play:

Dwight comes up and hits Rondo with a screen.  Perk actually stays low on that and leaves it up to Rondo to fight over the top of the pick.  That may simply be the C's strategy on Howard so he doesn't get a clear path to the basket.  Rondo does fine getting over that, but then Rashard Lewis steps up and sets the second pick… and KG does a bad job of showing on Nelson. 

Again, Nelson needs to see that Celtics logo, and KG needs to really ride him out.  KG actually got into Rondo's way, springing Jameer and setting up that drive and dish for 3.  Barnes missed, but the Magic ultimately got an alley oop.

Rondo, meanwhile, take a Howard tree trunk leg to the hip, a screen from Lewis and an inadvertent bump from KG… all on one play.  That type of thing happened over, and over, and over again in Game 4.  It's no wonder he went into the locker room early with "muscle spasms" in his leg.  He probably kept getting whacked in that same leg (on more than a few illegal Dwight Howard screens) in all these picks.

So those screens did more than just spring a bunch of the Magic for a lot of open shots… they kicked Rajon Rondo's ass and slowed him down.  Slow down Rondo, and you slow down the Celtics transition game.  Slow down the transition game, and the Celtics loose opportunities to let cold shooters heat up. 

Rondo's had a day to rest his bumps and bruises.  The Celtics have had a day to figure out how to keep him from getting popped twice every time down.  Making that one adjustment ends this series tonight for the C's.

On Page 2:Thibs has a job offer… or maybe he doesn't.

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The New
Orleans Hornets
made a formal offer Tuesday to Boston Celtics
assistant coach Tom Thibodeau to fill their coaching vacancy, according
to sources with knowledge of the talks.

Yet it was not
immediately known how soon Thibodeau will make a decision on the
Hornets' offer, with the Celtics heading to Orlando for Wednesday's Game
5 against the Magic and with at least two teams — Chicago and New
Jersey — also considering Boston's defensive guru for their coaching

ESPN: Sources: Thibodeau offered Hornets job

Hornets general manager Jeff Bower says the club has yet to make a
formal offer to any candidate for its open coaching job.

Bower says the team has had
discussions with many impressive candidates and will issue an official
update when the process is over and an agreement has been reached. He
says any other information should be considered unreliable.

A person familiar with the process told
The Associated Press on Monday on condition of anonymity that Boston
assistant Tom Thibodeau is the Hornets' leading candidate.

Globe (AP): Hornets GM: No coaching offers on table yet

Can we just say "Congrats Thibs" and move on?

He's gonna get the job.  And he deserves the job.  And once the Celtics win the championship, he can take the job.

Good for you, Thibs.  This is going to make next year very interesting.  And we wondered about Doc's coaching future before?

If the C's win it all, and Doc can go out a champion… and with the knowledge that the Celtics will very likely bring mostly the same team back, which would probably mean another rocky regular season next season… and now without one of his main guys….

…. are the stars really aligning for Doc to leave after this season?

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  • The Jakester

    It’s make me sick that after Orlando’s sole victory, the media has suddenly started with this “It’s a series now” crap. I can’t recall the last time a team has been up 3-0, and subsequently dropped the 4th game, and in doing so triggered a slew of doubt-laden responses concerning the dominating team. Suddenly the C’s have revealed all their inherent “flaws”. They’ve been owning the Magic and they lose one and the whole media goes crazy. It makes nauseous.

  • kg

    That was a blatant moving screen by Lewis in that vid.

  • I don’t blame rondo for being exhausted. fighting over double picks all night wears you out enough let alone when they are both moving screens as well. Dwights in the clip above was bad but Rashards was a joke dude is basically walking in front of rondo.

  • 00dc2


  • Rodger

    Lets hope we can do this in 6 cause the fix is in again tonight.
    We had one bad ref in last game making sure we didnt win.
    Tonight we gotta deal with 3 of the worst refs in the leauge Joe Crawford Eddie F. Rush & Tom Washington.
    I said last night if phoenix won boston will lose. If lakers would have won boston wins it will be a la boston series sterns just trying to make some money.
    Too many sweeps and 5 game series this year.
    I’m not blaming the whole loss on the refs.
    Cause we did enough ourselfs to lose but they didnt help any look at last nightS la phoenix game I think theres a 20 free throw differnce.
    Dwight howards is a dirty player he should have got at least 2 flagrents in that game thrown out and suspened for tonight at least lebrons just a cry baby dwights both a cry baby slash dirty elbow throwing mf.
    Boston gotta beat 8 guys tonight keep there heads in the game ignore the calls and they got a chance.

  • Rodger

    Quick predection your gonna see a lot of free throws my guess orlando 35-40 boston 15-20.

  • Greg

    Make that one adjustment and you win? lol, wow..come on man..look, I often respect your analysis and often times you make good points and run a good website here (why else would I keep coming back?) but that comment is absurd. Like the Magic will just come and have the exact same gameplan anticipating the Celtics making no adjustments? You almost make it sound like you all just have to show up and you win. That crash back down to earth is going to really hurt.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    It’s funny, I don’t know who I’m going to miss more if they leave; Doc or Thibs.

  • larry

    it’s sounds far fetched..and you sound crazy.!!but, i agree with you 100%.!!

  • rondo-is-love

    That’s exactly what I was about to say!
    Truthfully, though, if you watch Lewis closely, a lot of his screens are moving screens.
    I wonder how Thibodeau is gonna counter this one.

  • Jason

    A lot? ALLLLLLL! And he’s been called for how many this series? Or Howard? And how many for Perk? Exactly.
    And don’t start on the techs. Howard whacks KG in the face, KG gets a tech. Celts would have won and clinched in regulation.

  • Josh

    Why wouldn’t Thibodeau just take over coaching the Celtics if Doc leaves? I’d just assume the team would want him in Doc’s absence.
    Does he have to accept these coaching offers before the playoffs end?

  • mollysdaddy

    I know the media is saying some teams will be drafting without a head coach, so I’m not sure there is an NBA rule about deadlines for signing coaches. The way they come and go it would seem there aren’t any rules when it comes to employing coaches.

  • Uncle Leo

    Actually, it’s only a moving screen if he starts moving after contact is made, which he doesn’t. If anything it’s a foul on rondo for trying to run over Lewis when he saw Garnett in his way.

  • mollysdaddy

    You are right in that the Magic should come to the game with some minor tweaks to their game. Maybe a fall back plan for when Boston shows the double screen isn’t going to be as effective. But to be fair, it took three games for you guys to figure that out, why would you assume another gem of an idea is waiting in the wings. The double pick was the entire key for game 4. Shut that down and you’re back to games 1-3 when Boston controlled the entire game. Hell game 4 was completely winnable for Boston even with the effectiveness of that scheme.
    The Magic are a really good team, and they may yet have fight in them, but this series has only shown that the Celtics are over powering the Magic at nearly every step. I hope it is a hard fought 48 and not another epic submission like the Cleveland series was.
    “Real teams play in June.”

  • tim still

    i said that right after the game all rashard lewis and diwght howard do is set moving picks and all dwight howard does on offense and desfense is sit in the key i copunted at least 5 times when theyre should have been a defensive 3 secodns and some poeple can say that doesnt matter but in all relaity when u try and drive to the hoop and dwight howard is in the middle every single time it will affect not only a players shot but also a players descion to actually go to the basket hard and take a shot

  • DRJ

    For the record, about 80% of all picks set in the NBA are technically illegal. Perk, for example, only rarely does it legally. The refs can call it pretty much WHENEVER they feel like it. Nobody knows what criteria they use to decide when to make the call.

  • The Jakester

    Everyone is guilty of moving screens in th nba. It’s one of those things that simply isn’t called. btw, your namesake is a frequent culprit of the moving screen, but It’s expectedly never called.