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Some Afternoon Video Delight

In anticipation of tonight’s Game 5 between the Celtics and Magic, here are a couple of fun videos ease the tension a bit.  In the first clip, we see just how Glen Davis is continually displaying his improv skills at any given time during a game.  Apparently burying mini-leaning jumpers prompts him to lick his chops:

How could anyone possibly NOT love this second clip of Ray Allen’s mom cheering him on?  After Ray drills a huge pair of threes, his mom emphatically proclaims: ‘That’s what I’m talkin about!”

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  • jared

    When Glen plays as well as he has in these playoffs, its really hard not to love the guy. He has earned my respect, after losing it earlier in the season.

  • JD

    Big Baby’s celebrations are so effing weird!

  • Hopefully we can win it in game 5. Just wanted to say but game 4, late in the 4th q and during ot we couldve won easily. i dont understand why the truth kept getting the ball. he obv. didnt have his shot going on. ray ray shot 3 threes to keep the C’s in. They should of kept passing it to him also because magics were setting plays to stop pierce from scoring. Hopefully today doc would make the right decisions on who gets the ball

  • mikey

    That face by Glen Davis is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. its not even close.