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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics needed a timeout


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“It was a pick-and-roll, me and Ray Allen, and I just pretty much
screwed it up, turned the ball over,’’ Pierce said. “That’s all it is, I
couldn’t get the final shot. That’s no excuse, we still had
opportunities in overtime and didn’t take advantage of them.’’

After making 6 of his 8 shots in the first half, Pierce was just 5 for
17 following intermission, with many of his late misses coming up
short. Nobody played more minutes (46) than Pierce, but he wasn’t
blaming fatigue.

Globe – In end, Pierce disappointed

Pierce might not admit fatigue was a factor, but it was… for the whole team. And that's why Doc should have called a timeout before the final shot. Give your guys a moment to catch their breath and focus.

During the post game press conference, Doc criticized his players' spacing on the floor for the final play. A problem which likely wouldn't have occurred had a timeout been called. And yes, I realize it's not Doc's style to call TOs in that situation. Why let the defense set when you are running a simple iso or pick-and-roll play? But the Celtics played out-of-sync for most of the game. With a trip to the Finals on the line, they could have used 20 or 60 seconds to regroup.

I'm not blaming Doc for this loss (that's on the players for not defending Jameer Nelson), but he didn't put his team in the best position to win the game at the end.

I'm already seeing a lot of overreaction from the media. Suddenly the Celtics flaws have been exposed, the Magic are back in the series and the pressure is on the guys in green. Bull sh-t.

On Page 2, the Hornets are preparing an offer for Tom Thibodeau.

assistant Tom Thibodeau has emerged as the frontrunner for
the New
Orleans Hornets
’ coaching job and an offer could be forthcoming in
the near future, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Hornets are moving toward formulating an offer for Thibodeau and
don’t want to risk losing him to another team with a coaching vacancy.

It’s unclear whether Thibodeau would immediately accept an offer or
wait for the chance to meet with the Bulls once the Celtics eliminate
the Orlando
in the Eastern Conference finals.

Even with the future of Celtics coach Doc Rivers uncertain, sources
say Thibodeau has been given no assurances he would be a strong
candidate to replace him. Rivers has been contemplating leaving the
Celtics with a year left on his contract and return home to Orlando to
spend more time with his family.

Yahoo! Sports

Worst case scenario is that Thibs signs with another team while Doc is mulling his future with the Celtics. Unless Danny Ainge knows that Rivers is coming back. Or its possible that Danny doesn't see Thibs as head coaching material?

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  • Donald

    Doc should have called a timeout but I 100% blame Pierce for this loss. He came out hot and then decided to revert back to pre 2007 Pierce and tried to take this game over himself. His ego got in the way with him saying “I’m going to be the hero”. The Celtics fire on all cylinders when the ball is not in his hand but their best play makers hands which is Rondo. That last possession was so pathetic. If I’m Ray Allen I’m pissed this morning. Your the best shooter on this team who is lighting it up but Pierce (who is 2nd to TA in worst ball handling skills on this team) f’s it up. Why do they never run a play for Allen at the end of games? From the 3rd quarter on he forced everything. This is why he will never (in my mind) be one of the top 10 Celtics in my mind. Because none of the Celtics greats would be that selfish with a big game on the line.

  • NineSevenEight

    Agree 100% on the TO with 15 seconds left to potentially earn the ECF title on your home floor. Celtics played so disjointed all game, with the game on the line and a golden opportunity you HAVE to call a timeout and go over strategy/execution. I don’t care what advantage the Magic would have had by subbing. Doc has been a master at drawing up plays out of timeouts.
    The loss bothers me particularly because I feel like they really let the Magic off the hook on the final possession.
    The Celtics basically had no one on their A game, save for Pierce in the first half and they still had the opportunity to close it out. He was 5-17 FG in the second half, which is obviously not what you want.
    Tony Allen seemed to be pouting and gambling on defense all game, Sheed was off, KG was too passive and always seemed to be in a switch with Howard, Perk was completely lost and stuck guarding everyone else not named Howard. Michael Finley hasn’t made a shot since Game 1 or 2 against Cleveland, Nate Robinson hasn’t attempted a shot other than in garbage time. It seemed like no one wanted to shoot the ball.
    I know the Magic only scored 36 points in the second, but I really felt like the defense was way off. So many open looks for the Magic, so many dunks for Howard. I dunno.
    Baby, first-half Pierce, and second-half Ray were the only players who showed up.
    I give the Celtics credit for their overall play in the playoffs, they really have put their money where their mouth is. Maybe I’m a little too greedy for wanting them to close it out in floor. Seriously, if anyone would have told me going into these playoffs that they would be up 3-1 against the Magic in the ECFs, I’m not sure I would believe them. But they are.
    EVERYONE needs to step up their game in Orlando or we’ll be seeing a Game 6, which is my gut feeling even though I hate the thought.
    PS. I wish Dwight Howard would stop with the “I want to Thank God” speeches after wins. This isn’t the Grammys, God had nothing to do with the Magic win (although that bank shot three was something). God is not a Magic fan just like he’s not a Celtic fan. God doesn’t enter your body when you’re intentionally swinging your elbows at opponent’s heads, raking players across the face, or getting cheap shots in when you drag players to the floor. Keep Him out of the discussion, it’s basketball–not church.

  • NineSevenEight

    Agreed. I think Pierce tried to carry this team wayyy too much in the second. No doubt about it, he was the reason the game was close going into the half, but he didn’t have much left in the second half. It took 25 shots for him to score 32 points–not a good percentage. Ray Allen needed more touches throughout the game I thought.
    It’s funny because the Celtics beat themselves with their own game plan that they use against Kobe, Lebron, etc. “Let them go off, we’ll shut everyone else down.”

  • mollysdaddy

    Sorry, but I disagree with your first half assessment of Pierce. I’m not sure he played that much different in the second half. The only thing that changed is that the shots weren’t going in. He was forcing the issue in the first half, taking ISO’s, dribbling to find his spot but he was getting a little deeper then. In the second half he just wasn’t as efficient at scoring (lots of front rim misses). Sure you can blame him just the same if you like, just wanted to give my 2 cents on what I thought was his style for the entire game.
    P.S. I am so proud that pretty much no one is blaming the refs for this one.

  • so lets seee….fatigue is becoming an issue
    hmmm… if this is this the case, could that have been the start of the biggest choke in NBA history? lets hope not, but it was eerily similar to the bruins game 4 overtime loss when they were up 3-0….weird

  • Totally agreed. I think Ray Ray needed about 10 more touches, and PP needed about 5 fewer.

  • This was blatantly a fatigue issue. Pierce missed his last few shots SHORT. Line was perfect, length was off. His legs had gone for the last few minutes

  • Nix the Bruins comparison. It was cliche before it even happened.
    The C’s played hard and came up short. It happens. I think the Magic have a great shot going back to Orlando on short rest. The next game will say a lot about whether this was a blip or a symptom

  • Danno

    Fatigue was an issue, definitely.
    but it wasn’t game fatigue. it was “I’m really tired of Bob Delaney and Scott foster giving all the calls to Orlando, and letting Howard continue to elbow, punch, scrape, and push everyone in the paint.”
    KG getting scraped across the eyes, and then getting a tech instead of Howard being called was the game changer. It’s not the volume of calls a team gets. It’s the timeliness, and circumstances.
    It’s too bad. Officiating in the playoffs to this point had been pretty good/even.
    I knew before the game even started though that with Delaney and Foster in the stripes, we would have to crush them by 20+ to win, otherwise they were going to hand it to Orlando like a pacifier to a crying baby. and they did.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Yeah fatigue was an issue. It would be for any team that plays like crap most of the game and then has to claw its way back in the final miutes. And for the record RUINS if you didn’t think rondo looked gassed you weren’t watching the same game.
    You guys can lay it on Pierce if you want, he did try too much ISO late in the game. But if your in his shoes…..KG isn’t shooting well at that point, Rondo is completely tenative for whatever reason, they know your looking for Ray outside the arc, may as well work your shot and try to draw a foul. Pierce provided most of the offense last night and was aggresive on the boards. I have no problem with him.
    The headline of this post laid the blame where it belonged..on Doc. He has struggled (and for the some extent gotten better) with knowing when to call time out. You had them on the ropes Doc, call time out let your players get set and get a breath to go knock them out. In post game Doc bitched at pierce and everyone else for not being where they should have been. I realize he was probably to busy popcorn to notice, but they had just expended a sh#t load of energy getting the stop. So yeah you guys are right fatigue was a factor and Doc should have known better.
    With that out of my system, F#CK the magic, overated clowns and choke artists…CELTICS IN 5.

  • Mollysdaddy

    The only awful officiating that stood out for me last night was when Perk hacked the crap out of Carter going for a dunk. He missed the ball entirely and got nothing but wrist, lucky us on that one. The other was why Barnes didn’t get a tech when he kept touching KG which is what pissed KG off into pushing his hands off him (that’s why he got the tech, wasn’t it?). Barnes had no reason to follow a back pedaling KG repeatedly putting his hands on him. If staring down a player after a dunk can be a tech, then that should be as well.

  • Travis

    Another bad call was Nelson getting the foul call I believe in the fourth quarter when he was clearly never touched and it was just a good block by baby. That really hurt us… I blame this game on Doc though, a timeout with 15 seconds to go was definitely needed.

  • Ace-One

    Yeah, fatigue definitely played a big role at the end and in OT. Pierce was front-rimming all his jumpers.
    KG started off great (5-5 FG, 4-4 FT), but then hit nothing in the home stretch (7 straight misses). People are saying maybe he was too wound up after the technical, but most of his misses were “good misses” to my eye. And fatigue might have hurt him too. He played more minutes than he has all playoffs (b/c of OT), and he had to do a lot of guarding of Dwight, which certainly can be draining.

  • DRJ

    There was a lot of bad officiating last night. Saying it wasn’t the refs’ fault that they lost is not the same as saying the refs were good, or decent, or acceptable, or even bad. They were awful. About par for the course.

  • AboveTheRim

    haha, you’re God is not a Magic fan reminds me of the Celtics commercials in the early 2000s on FSN where God IS a Celtics fan: